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I Miss the Color of Black & White

Written By: Teresa Hendricks

(chorus paragraph below)
I miss the color of black and white
of times we shared along the night.
When holding you it felt so right
I miss the color of black and white.

The nights are long, the days are short.
And all at once, there was no more.
We walked along each others path.
The memories of love, you made me laugh.

Breaking through the pain of loss
the heart grows weak without a cause.
I search inside remembering when
the pictures of you are fading dim.

(sing chorus)

Watching the movies tonight
takes me to a place that felt so right.
Looking at this old black and white
I held you right there by my side.

You left so sudden, with no goodbyes
I’ll remember you in our children’s eyes.
They look at your photo, and hold it tight
and know you’ll always be their guiding light.

(sing chorus)

I miss your touch, I miss it the most
our souls heartbeat is felt so close.
Like ocean’s waves, a constant guide.
My love for you remains alive.

(sing chorus)