Teresa Inês

Teresa Inês

 Lynn, Massachusetts, USA

Intense atmosphere created by the mixture of various Brazilian music styles and Jazz. Teresa Ines beautiful vocals captivates the audience and creates an intimate yet energetic evening. ***************************************** A VIDEO CLIP IS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. IT CAN BE SENT BY EMAIL.


Teresa Ines, who was named a great Latin diva by the Boston Globe newspaper started her career in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where a rich blend of African and Portuguese-derived styles, such as the earthy, percussive samba and its jazzier, coolly intellectual cousin, bossa nova, are constantly fusing, branching out and evolving.

After being awarded with a scholarship to attend the famed Berklee School of Music she moved to Boston and became“ the most well-known Brazilian vocalist” on New England’s scene (World Rhythm) . During the last 10 years, Ines has taken the music of her country throughout the United States, Europe and South America. In 2003, Ines was invited to be the open act for the Bossa Nova Master João Gilberto concert in Boston and to sing at the “40 years of Bossa Nova” event sponsored by the Brazilian Consulate. Ines has grafted specific American jazz influences onto her inclusive yet eclectic vocabulary of Brazilian melodies and rhythms. Her warmly crooning voice with its clarinet-like overtones, which has been compared to that of her great countrywoman, Nana Caymmi, is further enhanced by sophisticated phrasing, an elegant delivery and a magnetically charismatic, unselfconsciously sensual stage presence.

As a bandleader, Ines has been able to tailor her arrangements to the exact timbre of her voice. Her band, which typically features a piano, woodwinds, guitar, bass and drum kit, plus Brazilian percussion like the pandeiro and berimbau , intuitively shadows her vocals through quicksilver runs, smoldering torchers and languid balladry. The ensemble’s membership hails from all over South and North America and their fierce chops and cosmopolitan outlook provide a perfect showcase for Ines’ own tropical city-girl roots.

Her newest CD, Ave Rara (Rare Bird), is accompanied by a fine group of musicians and offers a selection of yearning, soulful songs like the title tune, which was composed by Edu Lobo & Aldir Blanc and demonstrates a mellow yet upbeat aspect of Ines’ personality. Another highlight is her funky arrangement of Tuaregue e Nagô by composer Lenine. Among Ines’ own compositions, Cores Frias, is couched in a classic bossa nova style, while Com Sabor, her thoughtful portrait of the warmth of a woman’s heart, is sung over a lush string quartet. A lyrical choro called Marambaia displays her virtuosity and elegance while Pra que discutir com Madame, a classic song by the renowned bossa nova maestro João Gilberto, is given a more lively and playful reading.

Ines’ live shows are a richly staged cornucopia of spirited Brazilian sexiness, soul, saudade (loosely, homesick languor), humor and unashamed emotion. Her beauty, passion and beguiling gentleness can chill out a blazing summer afternoon or illuminate the darkest, bitterest winter night. Since the mid-90s, Ines has sung lead with the cream of Boston’s Brazilian jazz groups including Brasileirinho and Zabumbatuq. With theTeresa Ines Quintet, she has performed at Ryles and the Regattabar and headlined at the Cafe Teatro Series at the Villa Victoria Cultural Center, First Night Boston, and the Cambridge River Festival. Ines’s international bookings have taken her to Brazil, Suriname and throughout Europe.


Cores Frias

Written By: Teresa Ines

Cores Frias e luz
e voce minha cruz
arrastando em mim
uma desilusao

eu nao posso esquecer
e fiquei sem saber
tudo o que havia nos seus olhos

e a cahma que se pos em mim
me fez chorar
me fez sofrer
eu nem sei
so sei que me deixou
so sei que me deixou
so sei que me deixou
tao triste

COLD COLORS (English translation)
cold colors in a ray of light
and you, like a cross
bring to me disillusion
I can’t forget
and was left without knowing
all that was in your eyes

and a flame burnt in me
it made me cry
it made me suffer
I don’t even know
I just know that it left me
I just know that it left me
just know that it left me
so sad

Meu Menino

Written By: Teresa Ines

(dedicated to my son)

Um sonho me foi dado
ter voce sempre ao meu lado
o meu amor voce roubou
e fezorotar em mim
toda essa felicidade
e uma vontade de ser e de sentir

sentir voce
e toda paz do seu viver
sentir voce
o meu amor

nao consigo esperar
ver voce sempre a brincar
do meu lado enfim
sorrindo sim
amor em mim me dando
uma gostosa vontade
de ter saudade ate voce nascer

quero te ver
quero poder beijar voce
eu quero ver
a sua luz

eu quero ver voce
brincar, sorrir
sem se machucar
cair, pular
morrer de rir

A dream has been granted to me
to have you beside me
you have stolen all my love
and given me this desire to be
and to feel

to feel you
and all the peace of your being
to feel you
my love

I can't wait to see you
playing close to me
my love for you
gives me the sensation
of missing you
before you are evn born

I want to see you
I want to be able to kiss you
I want to see
your light

Flor e Estrela/ Flower and Star

Written By: Teresa Ines

eu sou uma florzinha
brotando no jardim
crescendo todo dia
com o sol dentro de mim
Ah ia ah ia ...

eu sou uma estrelinha
brilhando sem parar
e brilho sempre assim
no ceu e no mar
Ah ia ah ia ...

eu sou um passarinho
meu nome e beija-flor
e todos me dao carinho
me chamam de amor
Ah ia ah ia ...

agora e de noitinha
e o dia escureceu
mamae ta tao cansada
e tambem...


I am a little flower
blossominmg in the garden
growing up everyday
filled up with the sun
Ah ia ah ia ...

I am a little star
shining brightly
I shine on and on
in the sky and on the sea
Ah ia ah ia ...

I am a little bird
my name is hummingbird
everybody holds me dear
they call me love
Ah ia ah ia ...

It is already night
and the day has ended
mom is so tired
and also...
fell asleep


ZABUMBATUQ - (1996) This album is a funky collection of original songs by Jairzinho, Leo Cioglia, Teresa Ines and more.

"LIVE IN BOSTON" (1999) - This album brings to the listener the audacious approach of a live recording. Includes well-known classic Bossa Nova and Samba songs by the Masters Tom Jobim and Paulinho da Viola as well as the contemporary Lenine. The performances are a strong representation of the Brazilian Jazz idiom.

"AVE RARA" (2004) - This album showcases Teresa Ines as songwriter and also includes some fresh yet traditional reinterpretations of Jobim’s and classic Choro songs.

"MOTHER EARTH LULLABY" This album is a compilation of lullabies from around the world and showcases Teresa Ines lullaby 'Flor e estrela", released by the record label Ellipsis arts

Set List

Repertory includes originals and reinterpretations of Brazilian music classics such as "Agua de Beber" & "Chega de Saudade".
Typically we do two 50 minute sets, between 7 and 12 songs per set.
The songs included are by great Brazilian songwriters like Tom Jobim, Djavan, and João Bosco. The show features also originals in various styles such as Brazilian jazz, Bossa Nova, Baiao and Samba. The group has a solid ensemble sound in every single arrangement.