Terese Taylor

Terese Taylor


Americana roots rock with a blues rock flair.


"Deliciously miserable music..." ~ the NYTimes

"One of San Francisco's local treasures." ~ V.Vale, RE/Search

"Why aren't you guys famous?" - Kristen Hersh

San Francisco, CA-based singer/songwriter Terese Taylor has shared stages with The Quails, Boyskout, Penelope Houston (the avengers), Kristen Hersh's 50 Foot Wave, Jane Siberry, The Samples and many others. She sings with the moody passion of Polly Jean Harvey but plays her guitar with the dust-strewn roar of Neil Young and the ominous drone of the Velvet Underground. Alternating between loud and soft dynamics, Taylor is a folk artist at heart but with a bluesman’s flair for midnight-moon storytelling and the raw power of punk. The disparate elements combine for an emotionally charged and stunningly gritty take on contemporary indie rock.

Revealing influences such as the Pixies, Patti Smith, and Throwing Muses, Taylor is currently receiving critical acclaim for new album Investigationship. Taylor’s downbeat, brittle guitars convey the tortured feelings of her characters, whether it’s the hollow soul of “Doesn’t Shine” or the damaged psyche of “Had a Heart.” At some points Taylor’s stream-of-consciousness lyrics can be compared to the frenzied prose of Kurt Cobain. Taylor was born in Buffalo, New York. She was a regular at the Buffalo club circuit before relocating to Albuquerque, New Mexico and then to San Francisco, where she currently resides.



Drug Problem

Written By: Terese Taylor

It's enough to have
A discount and a half
From overly sensitive
All I have to do
Is show up and work hard
Punch a friend's timecard
Dial zero and watch

(chorus)A tiny daily death of a scrawny little kid
Practice now for dead
edema of the head
A tiny daily death of a scrawny little kid
Practice now for dead
See ankles twist and drag

Turn my body off to make this thing work, when I see my pretty girl
Am I good? Am I good? Am I good enough?
(repeat chorus)
Am I good? Am I good enough?

Doesn't Shine

Written By: Terese Taylor

My shine doesn't shine like a shine should
got the timbre, the nails of a piece of plywood
i knew since i was two supposed to be good
but my shine doesn't take to polish or love
i don't shine
went down to the river sarah to
wash me clean
met with jesus, satan they were one in the same
they claimed to own me
said, "your dusty shine's mine."
so i surrendered at sarah's river
yeah i ended my time
i don't shine
for what it's worth
i was struck blind


(2006) Good Luck Investigationship
(2003) The Cryingness of Your Crying When You Cry
(1999) The Clothes We Wore Before We Were Married

Openmouthmedia Breast Cancer Compilation 'By My Grave' March 2007
Buzzlighter #4/ShutEyeRecords'Goats for Daddy'
AntiFolk Anti-Up magazine comp#2/'I'm Here'

Other Projects:
(2000)'I Ain't Got No Home'-backing vox/Tony Furtado Band
(2000)'Weather Changer Girl'-ld gtr/Lisa Dewey
(2002)'Sweet Freak' gtr,accordian,backing vox/Jen Faith
(2006)'Rehearsing For Life'-backing vox/The Samples

Set List

Our average set is 45 minutes. I frequently play solo sets as well.