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London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band R&B Soul


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"Days Ahead Press Review"

Teressa Edwards is a singer-songwriter who was born in Trinidad and began her singing career with her local gospel choir. By the age of 16 she was touring the Caribbean islands as part of the gospel choir, developing her voice along the way. After sufferening the heartache of the loss of her mother Teressa decided to follow her dream in becoming an internationally known soul and R&B singer, she relocated to the UK and set about trying to achieve her musical goals. Days Ahead is the second full-length release and it should help raise the profile of this extradionairy artist.

The album opens with the brilliant No More, a wonderfully laidback introduction to Teressa's unique talent. The instrumentation is subtle yet full of groove, whilst the vocals are an intoxicating mixture of soulful croon and spoken word, Teressa takes the opportunity to reveal who she is, where she's from and some of the pain she's suffered whilst simultaneously seducing the listener with her gorgeous and passionate vocal abilities.

Sun Is Gonna Shine takes the opening tracks heartache and offers up salvation in the shape of an upbeat infectious jazzy number that speaks of triumph over tragedy, whilst the instrumentation creates a bouncy, contagious summery groove that's just perfect for those hot sweaty R&B club dancefloors.

The album continues with a mix of smooth seductive love songs such as the delicate I Love You and the sultry piano led Making Love. The likes of Work It Out adds a hip-hop influence to the mix with a male rap vocal adding to the vibe, whilst harmonised vocals on the likes of A Girl Like Me and the final track Days Ahead nod at Teressa's gsopel background. Dance With Me and Sun Of A Bitch show a harder, stronger side to Teressa, the beats on the former hit hard and have a certain club element to them, whilst the lyrics on the latter are biting and pull no punches.

Perhaps my only criticism of this album would be that at sixteen songs and at almost an hour the album feels a little too long and though there's evidence of variation my mind did begin to wonder a little on a couple of tracks on here.

Teressa Edwards possesses a keen ear for a catchy chorus and there's no doubting her vocal abilities, she wears her heart on her sleeve and fills her album with with real passion and desire, there's plenty to suggest that Teressa could well become a household name before long. - RHYTHM & BOOZE REVIEW

"Days Ahead Press Review"

Slick, soulful and moody; Teressa Edwards' new album, 'Days Ahead' is all that and more. With just tiny hints of Gospel, R&B songstress Edwards kicks out some hot grooves as she glides her way effortlessly through a massive sixteen tracks of captivating and catchy songs.

There's some pretty hard-hitting lyrics tucked away inside Teressa Edwards' take on soulful and emotional Ramp;B. Writing from the heart, Edwards seems to be getting a few very intimate things out into the open here and she puts her songs across with un-hidden emotion but also with grace and delicate attitude. Without doubt Edwards performs with genuine feeling and sentimentality; something she seems able to do without ever sounding self-indulgent or even the slightest bit flippant.

'Days Ahead' seems to be a positive and focused attempt to move on from trying and disturbing times into a new era full of optimism and hope. Edwards delivers her smooth songs with a natural ease made possible by her 'heart on the sleeve' approach. Great arrangements and often innovative instrumentation helps Edwards to add warmth to the slick vocal dynamics within her performance and allow her to really get into her groove. As the album unfolds it becomes pretty compulsive listening; Edwards' ability to play with dynamics and mix it up becomes more and more apparent - strong in all aspects of music-making and at times pretty unique, Teressa Edwards sounds like one clever lady!

If soulful R&B is 'up your street', Teressa Edwards' 'Days Ahead' should prove to be more than just adequate aural entertainment for your days or nights. 'Days Ahead' sits snugly within its genre but 'rings a few changes' as it goes - a cool but catchy, easy on the ear and superbly rounded album. - TOXIC PETE REVIEW

"Days Ahead Press Review"

Trinidad-born UK-based Teressa Edwards new album Days Ahead is a collection of r’n’b/pop songs with enough gospel and soul influences to save it from being run-of-the-mill. While some of the songs are a little typical of the current crop of r’n’b singers around at the moment, Teressa’s stunning voice is enough to make this album stand out. Much of the album is slick and catchy and Teressa’s natural ability is evident throughout.

Occasionally it becomes a little too Americanised (not a bad thing, if you are actually American!) and forgetful but on the whole Teressa Edwards has the talent and the vocals to become a major player in the r’n’b genre. - MUSIC-NEWS.COM REVIEW

"Days Ahead Press Review"

Teressa Edwards’s second album showcases a voice that is genuinely like no other, which is why this album is very good.

Although the songs are fairly basic and akin to other contemporary RnB singers, her voice places the album on a much higher plain than many of her bland contemporaries.
While in her vocals she exhibits the depth of gospel and the strength of a true Motown soul singer, Edwards experiments with a variety of musical styles: in particular adding funk to RnB and soul, done with a delicate touch that invades the authenticity of neither genre. For every slow track there is a fast-paced funky number ready to light up summer barbecues everywhere.

Highlights include, ‘Hypnotised’, a groove classic, the title track, which is sexy, sassy, sure to get heads nodding, and ‘No More’, certain to become her signature tune, in which she sings, in true soul diva style, about how negative experiences can be turned into uplifting and life-affirming things. - TOUR DATES.CO.UK REVIEW

"Days Ahead Press Review"

Teressa Edwards was born and raised in Trinidad but now resides in England. Her My Space page states that this is both her debut and second album so I’m a little confused! Whatever the case may be ‘Days Ahead’ is a solid R&B/soul set which showcases Tersessa’s sweet honey voice perfectly. She particularly shines on the nu-soul orientated tracks ‘No More’ and the title track, a simple but effective mellow groove with warm key chords. - UK VIBE.ORG

"Days Ahead Press Review"

Compared to Jill Scott, Adrianna Evans and Anastasia. Teressa's vocals invoke her passion for singing. Using inspiration from her gospel heritage she meets music halfway, driving home her considerable talent for song writing to bring out meaningful messages that inspires and touches the heart.

Her second album 'Days Ahead' has got a feel good vibe to it which is what RnB albums are all about. With a set of soulful and classy mix of tracks that will leave you listening from track 1 till the very end, 'Days Ahead' is the album to look out for!

1. For those readers that doesn't know about Teressa Edwards, give us a bit of information about your musical background!

My mom was very much into opera singing before I was born as well as one of my uncles on my dad's side who sang with an opera choir in the Caribbean called the Lydian singers, when I was born, both my parents got baptized into the seventh day Adventist faith where my mom switched her interest to the gospel choir. I have been singing in that choir since I could remember. I toured with the choir everywhere and it was more of a lifestyle then than something I loved to do. My mom then passed away when I was 15 and there was no one to book shows for me or push my singing as she did. That's when I realized how much a part of my life music was, so I decided to form a school choir at the school I was attending where I formed and thought the choir and organized shows for the choir as well. So that has lead me to where I am now!

2. So how are things going for you at the moment?

Well so far things are going pretty good, I have recently signed to one of Britain's top managers Mick Garbutt of lucid pure. We are pushing to release a single off the album in March of 2007. Apart from that I've had the opportunity to work with some really good producers in London and the USA and I'm currently working on a few remixes with top performers in the industry.

3. Your new album 'Days Ahead', what was the idea behind this album and what are we gonna expect from it?

Actually I didn't come up with the name days ahead until I recorded the last track on the album called Days Ahead. I really didn't know where I was going with this album to be honest. I wrote what I felt, what I had experienced and what I've seen other people experience!, but when I came up with that track I knew that it would be the name of the album, the album talks about past experiences good and bad, regrets, finding new experiences, and having to let go of old attachments to fully enjoy the future. So the last track days ahead was a reassurance track speaking to folks who had experience the things I had and giving the strength to dig deep to find the courage or to find what ever gives them hope to push forward to days ahead. So as to what is to be expected from this album, as my second album it's very personal and exposes me alot as a person and I think it's a good thing because people on the outside could see and know that even someone like me experiences and goes through the same things that they do.

4. You grew up performing with your mum in her gospel choir as well as touring the islands of the Caribbean to teach others how to sing. Would you say this has greatly influenced you sound?

Most definitely as well as my cultural background despite the belief of what alot of people on the outside may think because I don't sound as a typical Caribbean artist would sound according to stereotype. But the Caribbean has proven I think their diversity in performance in all arts just as they diverse in culture. Other things that influenced my sound are growing up listening to artists like Whitney Houston, Shaka khan, prince and Michael Jackson who also can I point out, all started off in church as I did but yet very different and unique sounds, also the UK's culture has influenced my music as well.
5. With the success of your first album, has this created anymore music ventures for you?

I don't think that my first album recorded was that much of a success, simply because I did not officially release it, I only performed it around wales where I was based, but it did open doors where I could have gotten much needed advice from a profound executive from Sony BMG Mr Rob Stringer, where he was able to point me in the right direction and also put me in contact with the right people to help make this album go in the right direction.

6. what has been the biggest highlight of your career?

I'm really proud that i got to perform my country's national anthem at a friendly soccer match between Iceland and Trinidad and Tobago where our prime minister and vice president of Fifa, who is from Tobago attended. The atmosphere was amazing having qualified for the world cup. After singing the anthem I went up into the box area and the prime minister came out and hugged me so tight with tears in his eyes, and told me that no-one has ever sung the anthem with that much conviction and passion. I was overwhelmed yet humbled to see the effect that my voice or the way I sang the anthem had on everyone. It was definitely the most amazing feeling ever and I pray to God that I can continue doing what i do.

7. Who would you like to work with and why?

I would love to work with Prince, throughout the years he has changed but yet still kept his unique sound the same. He has grown with the industry and up to this day can turn out with hits like working up a black sweat, that's my jam lol. Prince he is one of my idols and I look up to him and strive to last as long as he has and even longer in this industry.

8. With the rise of British RnB artist, such as Corinne Bailey Rai, Jamelia and Joss Stone, do you think you will be entering into some tough competition?

As a performer and when I get signed to a label I would say yes cause the industry is more or less all about the figures you pull in. As an artist I believe that I can bring something unique and different to the table just as each of them has already done. There is room in the industry for each of us and I believe that it's up to the public or those listening in to decide on how you are received. They are great artist and hopefully one day I can work along side them.

9. What are your plans for 2007?

Well I wanna release my self to the world, hopefully I can get to work with top people in the industry. But my main objective is to get my out there to be heard and appreciated and hopefully change some lives.

10. Any shout outs?

I wanna shout out my producers who I've worked with over the years, thank you for believing in me. To Mr Stringer, thank you for setting me on the right course to my manager for believing in me and all my family and friends I wanna say u guys have been there for me through out
everything and shout out to my fans and Myspace family. God bless you all! - INTERVIEW WITH TERESSA by The Scene Magazine


Teressa's first album DAYS AHEAD reflects her experiences so far. From the melow serenading sounds of 'No More' to the up-tempo R&B rythms of 'Crazy Baby'.
Teressa worked with renouned producers both in the U.S.A and in the UK including:

Sky Carter (of SC Productions)
Jason Hardy (of Studio 45)
Maketing who also featured on the album
Emmanuel Adu (of Background Music)
Emmanuel Kobla (of Bonus Track Entertainment)
Craig Lewis
Collin Huntley

Featuring on the Album were:

Jermaine McDonald aka Kapoo
Emmanuel Adu aka Freddy
Orlando (of Breed 13)
Firocious (of Maketing)
Ilodica (of Maketing)
Marvin Dolly (Guitarist)

All of which contribute to Teressa's versatility without compromising her unique style.

The 'Crazy Baby Video' was shot in Los Angeles with world renouned producer Evan Winter.
Make-up for the shoot was done by artist to the stars Gianni Thomas, Hair by Voneva Denham of Glam for Life and celebrity



Teressa's remarkable voice has been trained and nurtured from a young age through her involvement in gospel choirs. This influence is prominent as the strength and soul of gospel is clearly reflected in her vocals. By the tender age of 16 she was touring in a prominent gospel choir and performing live across the Caribbean.

Sadly, after the tragic death of her mother Teressa was no longer able to continue her tireless touring regime. However, instead she channelled all her energy and grief into writing and recording her own material. It is these tracks that have come to make up Teressa's debut album 'Days Ahead'.

The opening to track on Day's Ahead, 'No More', sees Teressa lay out her intentions; which although rooted in past pain, look to a brighter future and, in particular, new love. As well as including elements of her gospel heritage the album incorporates R 'n'B and electronica influences. The result is reminiscent of everyone from Jill Scott to Anastasia.

Teressa's eclectic taste is noticeable throughout the album. Whilst the likes of 'Sun Is Gonna Shine' overflows with energetic horns and falsetto, 'Sweet Little Lies' has a ska-flavoured bounce and 'Crazy Baby', with it's eye-catching video, returns to the classic R 'n' B sound but retains Teressa's edge and individuality.

It might seem that the story ends there but with a great album being produced by a fine young talent this is surely only the beginning for Teressa Edwards.

Already Teressa has done collaborations with rapper 'Doey Rock' label mates with E40 and nailed contracts with Vio Mobile to have her content distributed to all mobile networks. Further distribution deals includes Trailer Park Avenue and Audiosocket.