Teressa Edwards

Teressa Edwards

 London, England, GBR

Strong, Exotic, Soulful and most Empowering. The music of Teressa Edwards bring you Hope as well as pleasure for every individual. The highly acclaimed album Days Ahead has received astounding review by top critics in the uk! Why don't you come see for yourself?


Teressa's remarkable voice has been trained and nurtured from a young age through her involvement in gospel choirs. This influence is prominent as the strength and soul of gospel is clearly reflected in her vocals. By the tender age of 16 she was touring in a prominent gospel choir and performing live across the Caribbean.

Sadly, after the tragic death of her mother Teressa was no longer able to continue her tireless touring regime. However, instead she channelled all her energy and grief into writing and recording her own material. It is these tracks that have come to make up Teressa's debut album 'Days Ahead'.

The opening to track on Day's Ahead, 'No More', sees Teressa lay out her intentions; which although rooted in past pain, look to a brighter future and, in particular, new love. As well as including elements of her gospel heritage the album incorporates R 'n'B and electronica influences. The result is reminiscent of everyone from Jill Scott to Anastasia.

Teressa's eclectic taste is noticeable throughout the album. Whilst the likes of 'Sun Is Gonna Shine' overflows with energetic horns and falsetto, 'Sweet Little Lies' has a ska-flavoured bounce and 'Crazy Baby', with it's eye-catching video, returns to the classic R 'n' B sound but retains Teressa's edge and individuality.

It might seem that the story ends there but with a great album being produced by a fine young talent this is surely only the beginning for Teressa Edwards.

Already Teressa has done collaborations with rapper 'Doey Rock' label mates with E40 and nailed contracts with Vio Mobile to have her content distributed to all mobile networks. Further distribution deals includes Trailer Park Avenue and Audiosocket.


Sun Is Gonna Shine

Written By: Teressa Edwards

Sometimes our lives, may seem like it's gonna fall into pieces
But we know that we should not give in to all of our weakness.
Today we're up, tomorrow we're down
Don't you see things are changing
So don't give up, keep hanging on
Cause life is worth living

The sun is gonna shine on me today
I know i can make it
The sun is gonna shine on me today
I know i can take it

Life, love, heartach and lost
I've been there I know the pain
But I'll just keep moving forward cause I've got to change things
See we hold the power in our hands and we can control it
Divided we fall but united we stand
So keep moving on yeah

(repeat chorus)


Teressa's first album DAYS AHEAD reflects her experiences so far. From the melow serenading sounds of 'No More' to the up-tempo R&B rythms of 'Crazy Baby'.
Teressa worked with renouned producers both in the U.S.A and in the UK including:

Sky Carter (of SC Productions)
Jason Hardy (of Studio 45)
Maketing who also featured on the album
Emmanuel Adu (of Background Music)
Emmanuel Kobla (of Bonus Track Entertainment)
Craig Lewis
Collin Huntley

Featuring on the Album were:

Jermaine McDonald aka Kapoo
Emmanuel Adu aka Freddy
Orlando (of Breed 13)
Firocious (of Maketing)
Ilodica (of Maketing)
Marvin Dolly (Guitarist)

All of which contribute to Teressa's versatility without compromising her unique style.

The 'Crazy Baby Video' was shot in Los Angeles with world renouned producer Evan Winter.
Make-up for the shoot was done by artist to the stars Gianni Thomas, Hair by Voneva Denham of Glam for Life and celebrity

Set List

20 mins-1hr
Covers and Original Tracks performed either with band or backing track.
No More
Sun Is Gonna Shine
Crazy Baby
I Put A Spell On You
Loving You
Sweet Little Lies
Days Ahead