Tereu Tereu

Tereu Tereu


Inspired by everything from Jawbox to Michael Jackson, Tereu Tereu joins driving rhythms and quirky guitars with shimmering vocals, soaring trumpets, and more hooks than a pirate.


The band began in 2006 as a noisy two-piece called The Reformation: Ryan brought Ross a few songs, Ross added a few unusual rhythms, and the two of them played music much too fast. It was catchy and ridiculous. Over time, the band expanded in scope and adopted the moniker Tereu Tereu. It wasn't long before Adam's clever basslines found their way into the mix; and after initially sitting in on trumpet for a few shows, Matt became a full-fledged Tereu Tereu member and took on keyboard duties as well.

The band now plays disjointed pop music, mixing elements of DC post-punk with classy melodies. They run ear-pleasing hooks through oddball time signatures and punctuate their songs with feedback-laden freak outs. The result is adventurous but accessible.

Tereu Tereu has toured up and down the mid-Atlantic and has played with bands like Ra Ra Riot, Foals, Jukebox the Ghost, Georgie James, Birdmonster, Maritime, The Good Life, and Pomegranates. They self-released an EP in 2007 with help from Travis Morrison, Devin Ocampo, and Jason Caddell. Currently, Tereu Tereu is gearing up to release their playfully raucous full-length album, All That Keeps Us Together.


Spring 2007; Feline Ambition (EP)
June 2009; All That Keeps Us Together (LP)

Set List

Tereu Tereu typically plays all original material with sets lasting from 30 minutes to an hour.