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"Independent Minded: Tereu Tereu"

"With intricate, progressive-tinged pop, the EP is more about quality than quantity, showing impressive innovation without the overeager or over-aggressive missteps of many an ambitious new band." - Washington Post Express

"Arts & Events: Tereu Tereu"

"With its over-earnest crooning, ringing melodies, and upbeat percussion (as well as occasional brass accompaniment), the Fredericksburg, Va., pop quartet... certainly hasn’t had any trouble making a name for itself in just under two years of existence." - The Washington City Paper

"January Mixtape"

The Fredericksburg, Va. band is indebted to jumpy, progressive indie bands like Dismemberment Plan and Faraquet in a couple ways: those bands serve as obvious influences for skittery indie-pop jams like this one, and Jason Caddell and Devin O'Campo helped record the group's new EP. - The Washington Post

"Tereu Tereu @ The Black Cat 1/14/08"

Standing in certain spots in the Black Cat's Backstage space, you can get a distinct vibe of the "old" 9:30 club: a homegrown act onstage, partially obscured by a pillar, churning out jagged chords salted with interludes of earnest, yearning melody. For certain, Monday night's show at the Backstage brought back the sights and sounds (but, thankfully, not the smells) of a three-bands-for-three-bucks special at 930 F St.

Following New Jersey's Bronze Episode and D.C.'s impressive Perfect Souvenir, Fredericksburg quartet Tereu Tereu slashed through an engaging 35-minute set that evoked certain Dischord bands of yore -- not only in the appealing brevity of the performance, but also by singleness of purpose. The musicians were wholly committed to making surging post-punk chords conform to their idea of charming melody. On most every count, they succeeded.

Tereu Tereu singer-guitarist Ryan Little led the outfit through three of its most distinctive and (relatively) well-known tunes: "Furwinked!," "Compulse" and "Don't Be Sore, Farmer John." Intertwining Matt Bradshaw's deceptively breezy trumpet figures with Little's evocative vocals, they worked ebb and flow to great advantage, calling up both Ted Leo and Circus Lupus in the span of half a minute. Even more intriguing were tunes that found Bradshaw jabbing husky keyboard lines into the glittering swells, darkening the tone and sharpening the attack.

And if Tereu Tereu were a touch gawky at times, it's only because they seem very much in the process of creating themselves. That's an evolution that bears watching closely.

-- Patrick Foster - The Washington Post

"The Run Down - 1/14/08"

Tereu Tereu blaze in from Virginia with a great indie rock sound (like a more free flowing light hearted Pinback). - Pasta Primavera

"Andy Zipf w/ Tereu Tereu 1/18/08"

Forget the open-bar conversation prelims though, and skip straight to the moment when Fredericksburg, Va., scene rockers Tereu Tereu (thank you T.S. Elliot for the name) took the floor. Good bands don’t require you to intimately know their entire catalogue before appreciating their live show and led by the fuzzy face of lead singer Ryan Little, Tereu Tereu sprinted and flailed their way through a set that sounded like fourteen different bands and no other bands, all at the same time. I think that’s called originality. If you took Thom Yorke’s most frenetic performance combined it with the seductively smooth riffs of Spoon, threw in TVOTR’s sweating intensity, and then topped it all off with a jazz band fresh from Jackson Square—you just might get Tereu Tereu.

It’s rare to hear an up and coming band crafting an original and inventive style, rather than just recycling the latest “experimental” fad into a microphone while staring at their shoes, overwhelmed by their grandiose sense of importance to this new changing world of music. Tereu Tereu enjoys what they do, does that well, and that means something. - Patrol Magazine

"New Music: Tereu Tereu"

"There is... a playful undercurrent to their music and I find that really refreshing." - Instrumental Analysis

"Birdmonster/The Sammies/Tereu Tereu Review"

"...mellower indie rock with a jazzy twist and catchy chorus – and yeah, they even use vibraphone!" - Last Second Thoughts


Spring 2007; Feline Ambition (EP)
June 2009; All That Keeps Us Together (LP)



The band began in 2006 as a noisy two-piece called The Reformation: Ryan brought Ross a few songs, Ross added a few unusual rhythms, and the two of them played music much too fast. It was catchy and ridiculous. Over time, the band expanded in scope and adopted the moniker Tereu Tereu. It wasn't long before Adam's clever basslines found their way into the mix; and after initially sitting in on trumpet for a few shows, Matt became a full-fledged Tereu Tereu member and took on keyboard duties as well.

The band now plays disjointed pop music, mixing elements of DC post-punk with classy melodies. They run ear-pleasing hooks through oddball time signatures and punctuate their songs with feedback-laden freak outs. The result is adventurous but accessible.

Tereu Tereu has toured up and down the mid-Atlantic and has played with bands like Ra Ra Riot, Foals, Jukebox the Ghost, Georgie James, Birdmonster, Maritime, The Good Life, and Pomegranates. They self-released an EP in 2007 with help from Travis Morrison, Devin Ocampo, and Jason Caddell. Currently, Tereu Tereu is gearing up to release their playfully raucous full-length album, All That Keeps Us Together.