"Punk Rock's New Hope"


"Punk Rock's New Hope" meets Punk Originators

In order to create their very own punk manifesto, Terezodu sought out the originators of the genre to help them turn punk into a music that means something important again. Enlisting the experience and knowledge of legendary producers, "Geza X" (Dead Kennedys, The Germs, Black Flag) and Satellite Park's "Paul Roessler" (The Screamers, Nina Hagen), Terezodu's declaration of war against unlistenable whiny so called punk was signed, sealed and soon to be delivered.

Formed four years ago in Orange County, CA.,Terezodu's time in the local clubs was spent designing their unique sound and fine tuning their style. Hailed by regional radio and online press as "the brightest new talent of 2007-08", the band's recognition is well deserved and the crowds just keep growing.

Terezodu's myspace (www.myspace.com/Terezodu) and website's (www.Terezodu.com) photo sections are proof that the band's simple yet effective logo has spread around the world. Fans from all over have tattoos of the TZ logo, TZ's song titles and TZ's lyrics. The band's female fans even started "TZ Girls", a website that features photos of the most interesting and creative places fans have found to put TZ's logo on a human body.

With a winter 2007 release of "The One Eyed Man Is King", the 6 song limited edition EP featuring
"Behind the Curtain", "Who We Blame" and "Minority of One" and a
summer 2008 release of "Consumer Happy Hour", the 10 song full length LP featuring
"Chemical Imbalance", "Election Day" and "Stained Glass Asylum", the next three years (2007, 2008 and 2009) look to be a non-stop whirlwind of touring and promoting for Terezodu.


XM Radio's "Rancid Radio" program
Various online radio stations including "PunkRockDemo.com

Set List

Original Material Only
10 song 30 minute set
15 song 45 minute set