Terica is a very sexy amazing singer. She performs from large venues down to the small clubs. Her passion for music is something serious to her. Her complexion is a silky brown color that attracts alot of people when she performs. She had a very soft lovely voice and she is ready for the world.


Terica's style of music is different. She was raised on Betty Wright, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey. She love singing love ballads,RnB and Pop music. Her character is very funny because through her she will make you laugh. People across the world loves her music, the way she writes is so unique.


Waste My Time was number1 for a while, now her new sexy hit "Big Daddy" is hot. You can catch on WXN in Durham and in the Raleigh area,

Set List

Her sets are at least 15mins long. Depending on who, what,when,where and how Her manager Ginger Amandi handles most that stuff.