Teri Catlin Band

Teri Catlin Band


"Teri Catlin is the lovechild Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix never had! With a powerful, acrobatic voice and guitar chops that would make some of the best guitarists proud, Teri Catlin is a one of a kind entertainer who truly deserves to be heard." Audio Pages, Albany GA


Teri Catlin is a woman whose music will make you dance and your heart sing. Born in Flint, Michigan, Teri began playing piano and drums at the tender age of five. At the age of seven, she picked up the violin. By her 11th birthday, Teri performed for Itzhak Perlman, who was mesmerized by her talent. At 12 years old, she was doing solo performances with the Flint Symphony Orchestra and getting rave reviews in the local press. Teri also studied three years with the Wisconsin Symphony School of America, and in 1982 won a silver medal in the World Wide Orchestra Competition held in Ottawa, Canada. Teri Catlin is a classically trained violinist, as well as a singer, song writer, and self taught multi-instrumentalist.

By age 14, Teri was playing piano and singing top 40 music in bars, hotels and at public venues. Her adventurous spirit led her on a journey to South Florida, where she decided to plant her roots. Already having mastered the drums, piano, and violin, Teri’s next focus became the guitar and bass. By 1996, Teri’s unique style and on stage presence began creating a buzz in the South Florida area, resulting in a huge following of dedicated fans.

As a solo artist, Teri has captivated audiences all over the U.S. and Canada with her original music.

Some concerts that stand out include:

- VH1 'Save the Music' 2005 finalist for her song of the year "Baby"

- 94.9 FM Zeta’s Singer/Songwriter competition winner

- Calliope Fest III with Sophie B. Hopkins 2004, Hollywood

- Calliope Fest II with Ani DiFranco 2003, Hollywood

- Placed top 50 in the John Lennon International Song Writing Competition with her song "Who I Am"

- Opening act for Deep Banana Blackout in Florida at the Carefree Theater

- Kids 2000 fund raiser concert for abused children, hosted by Lenny Kravitz

- Opening act at the pre-Grammy Awards Show in Miami, at the Hard Rock Café, sharing the stage with Nestor Torres and Dana Paul

- Opening act for Donna and the Buffalo at the Harvest Moon Festival in Fort Lauderdale

- Contributed music to the major motion picture soundtrack “Booty Call”

- Earth Day 1997-2001, Fort Lauderdale

- Concert for the Miami Circle at Tobacco Road

- Six years show casing at Love Fest and City Link Music Festival in Hollywood, one of S. Florida’s largest musical fund raisers

- Original music featured in the Princess/Cowboy Productions film soundtrack “ Get the Hell out of Hamtown”

The Teri Catlin Band is an exceptional indulgence of blues, funk, jazz, reggae and rock and roll! Teri Catlin is a soldier of light. Her music has a compelling, thought-provoking and soul-stirring, positive message!



Written By: Teri Catlin

Falling down feels so loud
Nothing is what it seems
Red lights painted green
Like broken glass on your floor
When you scream out for more
I'll be around

I've made my peace, I won't settle down
I'm gonna take my chances I might lose my crown
I won't bite my tongue not anymore
I've swept my silence right out the door
Feels good like the very first time
Got every right just to speak my mind
It's about time that I realized
It feels good, feels real good
To be alive

Falling down rollin' round
Tell me what do you see
When you look at me
You say you don't want to feel
But when you want something real
You'll come to be
And I'll be around

Who I Am

Written By: Teri Catlin

I go walkin' down the street
In my own way at my own pace
With my diesel dyke boots
That make my booty sway
I said this way that way
There's a twinkle in my eye
For everyone I meet
It's who I am

So if I look into your eyes
And see you're feeling down well I'll play the clown
I'll make ya giggle till ya jiggle wiggle stumble down
Right to the ground
But I will touch ya tease ya leave ya
If ya do me wrong
It's who I am
Who I am

I'll have ya know we're gonna throw
If you are prejudice you will be dismissed
Cuz I won't tolerate your anger or your ignorance
Ya I am red-n-white-n-blue just like the rest of you
It's who I am

Now I'm not tryin' to tell you somethin'
You already know
I'm just kickin' the flow
I got the flower for the power
And I got the floor
This is my time to teach and preach
About the things I know
It's who I am

Get Off

Written By: Teri Catlin

I woke up early in the mornin'
I pulled the covers back up over my head
The telephone it started ringing
Sounded something like this
Don't ya know it was my baby
Whisperin' sweet nothings in my ear
Said I get off watchin' you get off
At what I got to give

I will touch you pretty baby
Like you've never been touched
I will kiss you on your stomach
Put my tongue in your mouth
I will find all the horny places you try to hide
I'll grip your hips, your lips
And then I'll blow your mind
And you will love me
Yeah you will love me
Cuz I get off watchin' you get off at what I got to give

I won't stop groovin' to your rhythm baby
Even if you tell me you can't take it no more
Let's try some syncopation
Add a little anticipation
I feel your body shakin'
I think you're ready to explode
Cuz I get off watchin' you get off
And baby you better know


Self titled debut cd... TERI CATLIN

'Who I Am', 'Get Off' and 'Stand Your Ground' are currently getting airplay in Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Alaska. 'Baby' was chosen as the winner for VH1's Save the Music.

Set List

Typical set list for an hour show- 9 songs
Sets ranging anywhere from 30 min. to 2 hours...