Teri Derr

Teri Derr


Wow, a cool sound! Soulful and bluesy. She brings you down to the depths and then rocks you back up again. There is no mistaking the music quality and sound. A singer with passion, she writes songs with great lyrics and grooves. With this A team of players, it rocks


Teri Derr delivers the goods to her audiences with great energy and soul. “A small woman with a big voice” she has been praised in several national publications for her powerful and rocking sound. Soulful and gutsy sound reminiscent of a young Bonnie Riatt. Derr is a northwest native who has graced the stage of many great performers over the past 20 years. Her musical journey has taken her from jazz to country to gospel and now to blues. Influences include Sarah Vaughn, Bonnie Riatt, Chaka Khan, Billie Holliday
With Teri's unique blend of soulful blues, and jazzy R&B, it easy to see why she has become a Northwest favorite. With her latest CD release "Don't Lose Heart," she has moved to the next level of acclaim. Always applauded for her soulful singing and command of vocal range and depth; Teri is now on the map as a thoughtful and innovative singer/songwriter who is developing more of a national presence.


I live like you love me

Written By: Teri Derr

I live like you love me

In the morning of life I disengage my heart I find constant courage to live life apart
How I get by is by a simple truth
I find peace just remembering I knew you

I live like you love me
Your love keeps me strong
I live like you love me
Together we belong

I have always played on a playground of a fool
Thinking life didn’t play by many rules
Some say life gives us no second chance
I just keep making sure I live by this dance

I live like you love me
Everywhere I go
I live like you love me
Oh you’re in my soul

When my heartache hangs around way too long
And my blues get bluer with every song
Where is that worn out wish I threw away
That we’d be together again someday

I live like you love me
Your words keep me strong
I live like you love me
You’re in every song


Newest Cd: Don't Lose Heart
Last CD: Teri Derr
Streaming and airplay: Backwater Blues

Previous cd release: Teri Derr

Set List

Set list: Typical 2 sets, 11 songs each set for 2 hours
most originals; also covers
Selected Song list
As you might imagine, there are too many songs to list. Here are some of the cover songs we play. It is a mixture of Blues, Soul, R and B and Jazz.

R and B
I’ve never loved a man
Here I am baby
Sho be do be do dah day
Use me
What u won’t
Dreams to remember
Chain of fools
There goes my baby
Ain’t nobody
Come rain or Shine
Kansas City
Body and Soul
Night in Tunisia
When Sunny gets Blue
Black Coffee
Girl from Impanema
Quiet Nights and Quiet Stars
Lover Man
Lullaby of Birdland
Them there eyes
Smoke gets in your eyes
Cheek to Cheek
Down home blues
God bless the child
Damn your eyes
Soon as I get paid
Baby whatcha want me to do
Sunday kind of love
Walkin the dog
Soul and Pop
Love Tko
Anyone who had a heart
Last two d