Teri Hughes

Teri Hughes

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Teri Hughes is a female recording artist of the highest caliber! Teri's new show, Divas and Dancing, is an interactive tribute show that features songs from the greatest divas of all time, plus some of Teri's own original songs.


Teri Hughes of Sydney, Australia is making quite a splash on both sides of the pond… but don’t take our word for it. Hear for yourself.

It only takes a few notes to hear that TERI is something special in an over-“idolized” music world.

A thorough student of music and voice, TERI began studying piano and voice formally at age 13, and eventually studied at the Australian Institute of Music, where she earned an advanced certificate in Music Theatre, majoring in Voice.

She later earned a Performance Certificate from The Australian Guild of Music and Speech.

TERI began to sing professionally shortly following school. She coached choirs, taught voice lessons, and sang for clubs, weddings, and other social functions.

Currently, her schedule is quite full between doing shows, weddings, concerts, voice coaching, singing at church, writing and recording her debut CD, and of course, trying to keep up with her twin 5 year old sons, Bradford and Dennis.

A recent trip to the United States led her to producer Joe Hand, who is now hard at work on her CD. He has enlisted the talents of some of the finest musicians in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Teri is getting the absolute best that the music world has to offer.

Currently working on her debut CD on both sides of the Pacific, TERI was spotted recently at Sony/BMG studios in Sydney.

TERI's new show “Divas and Dancing” is a wonderful evening of music featuring the greatest “Diva” songs of all time as well as material from her upcoming CD.

TERI's debut single "Made 2 Be" will be released in the Spring of 2006.


Teri's debut "Made 2 Be" will be released in the summer of 2006

Set List

Teri covers divas from the past 4 decades of music, plus her own material. The evening typically starts with 2 sets of tributes, then morphs into a fit of disco fury...