Teri Tobin

Teri Tobin

 Scottsdale, Arizona, USA


Born on Valentine’s Day, this Arizona-born songstress, songwriter & producer had sounds of soul music flowing through her veins at an early age. While voice training in those days started at her grandmother’s church, her professional singing career began at the ripe age of 10 when was chosen to sing background vocals for Jeffery Osborne, and for the Rock Band Yes. The former beauty pageant winner decided long ago while singing along with Natalie Cole’s Our Love that music was her true passion and has set her sights on her dream ever since. While studying classical voice at Howard University, Tobin gained stage experiences performing with the school’s Chorale in which during President Clinton’s Inaugural Gala on the National Mall, performing background for Diana Ross, Whitley Phipps, and shared the stage with Patti LaBelle, Luther Vandross, Shai and many others. She also got her first taste of the nightclub scene while living in Washington, DC at the infamous Takoma Station.

Performing demos and background vocals for artists such as Joe, Chico DeBarge, Coolio, Chante Moore, Korea-based Uptown, Coco Lee and Mica Paris has prepared her for her moment to shine as a solo artist. She also appears on James Tobin's sophomore release entitled " Late Nite" and co-wrote the title track. Upon the release of the independent film Fathers of the Sport, one of the songs she co-wrote can be heard as a backdrop to this powerful film.

Although most of her influences are male singers like Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, Prince, and Donny Hathaway, Tobin is reminiscent of the sultry sounds and richness of Soul or Jazz singers of yesterday.

“ I feel like this is what I was put on this earth to do...” - T. Tobin

She punctuates each line with heart and soul, speaking to every generation with each melodic phrase. Prepare to be touched by her honesty as she expresses her unwavering admiration of her first true love…….music


Coolio -My Soul
"Let's Do It"

Hav Plenty Soundtrack
Chico DeBarge
"Any Other Night"

Coco Lee -
"Just No Other Way"

Barron Peeler - Pressin' On
"We Need Your Hand"
"Softly and Tenderly" *

Mica Paris - If You Could Love Me
"I'll Never Say I Love You Again"
"18 months and 26 days"
"Pack Your Bags"

James Tobin - Late Nite
"Late Nite" *^
"What Does It Take" *

Elements (aka Elements Revolution)- Takin It Back
"Sweet Love" *

Bernard Stevenson - Kingdom of Love
"Can't Keep Talkin" *
"Let Me Win Your Heart" *

Calvin Banks - Audio Tunes
"Blink of An Eye" *
"Everyday is a Real Cool Day" *
"Cap Fits" *
"Heaven and Earth" *
(5 other songs) *

* Backgrounds
^ Vocal Arrangements