Terminal Hospitality

Terminal Hospitality

 Manchester, England, GBR

Terminal Hospitality are a Manchester hard rock three-piece that combine 80's hair metal, thrashy punk and modern rock, and wrap it up in an all-knobs-to-full adrenaline fuelled live performance which attack the crowds senses on every level.


Ant and Robin, from Audenshaw and Altrincham have been playing together almost three years,recently being joined by guitar virtuoso, Aaron Haslam, and in that time have played around 30 gigs in countless pubs and clubs across Greater Manchester, most recently playing at the Manchester Academy Metal Festival, and in the past have played in such big name venues as Jabez Clegg, The Roadhouse and Dry Bar, sharing the stage with bands including Our Innocence Lost, Seven Year Kismet, Cypher 16 and Nothing Sinister, and have enough shows coming up to keep them busy for a while.

What sets Terminal Hospitality out from so many of their so-called heavy contemporaries is their willingness to actually put on a show for their fans. The Manchester music scene is one which has long forgotten the meaning of 'performance', and TH are more than capable of bringing back the 'Rockstar', and in essence the spirit of 80's heavy metal, with their over-the-top stage antics. As eccentric frontman Robin has so often said; "If you're not jumping around, why the hell should the crowd?"

Terminal Hospitality's music is often described as either 'Punk-rock' or 'Stoner Metal', two genres that most would consider mutually exclusive. However, the lads have no issue bending this rule and occasionally tossing in bits of Prog, Funk and country to boot. Ask them theirselves and they will probably narrow it down to simply 'Rock'. For in their world there is no need for such stereotypes and rules, instead TH operate on a much simpler philosophy; there is good music and there is bad music. And no matter what they are creating, be it a straightforward, balls-to-the-wall metal track or a complex latin percussion interlude (which yes they have delved into!), the compass points squarely to the 'good music' side of things. The band have listed acts including; Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Rush, Tool, Muse, Avenged Sevenfold, Toto, Dream Theater, Kyuss, Brant Bjork, Elton John, Ratt, and Whitesnake to name but a few!

At the start 2010, Terminal Hospitality finished work in the studio on a 6 track demo, which showcases some of the old classics, the fan favourites and some newer material, and has something for almost any listener. Later on in the year, they were forced to part ways with their guitarist but quickly found a renewed hope in guitar virtuoso Aaron Haslam, and since the band have got back on their feet and have taken their songwritting and live act to all new levels. The new line up has already recieved a huge welcoming from their fans, and TH are looking forward to a busy schedule of gigging over this year. And when they do eventually find time, the lads will be heading back to the studio to track their second EP, which they already have more than enough new material to fill!


Terminal Illness, 2010

Set List

As I Am (Cover)
Be My Motherman
Don't Stop The Rock
Finally Free
Hey Girl
The Heavy Metal Machine
Life Is Beautiful (Cover)
The Meat King Party
Rainin' In Heaven
Runnin' With The Bulls
Take You For A Ride
Terminal Hospitality