Terminal Wallys

Terminal Wallys


A four piece Punk Rock 'n' Roll band from East London Ontario, bringing true Punk Rock back to its roots. This band is leading a path for many rebelling against an "Emo" filled industry. No gimmicks, no bull shit. Influenced by artists such as Chuck Berry, The Clash, and Johnny Cash.


Terminal Wallys are from East London Ontario, Canada. After several years of playing together, Fast Eddy, Furious Phil, and Darren Magiwally acquired long time friend Jimmy “The Animal” in 2004, to complete this lineup of four hard working, hard drinking blue collar boys. As conveyed in their songs, Terminal Wallys have a pure “Take No Shit”, and “Don’t Fuck Around” attitude. They tell it like it is. When putting together things such as drinking, fighting, crooked cops, working class folk, unique people who have crossed their lives, and a little about themselves, you are left with The Wallys style of a hard hitting brand of “East End Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll”.

Their newest release, “The War” a 6 song EP recorded in the winter of 2005 in less than 16 hrs, contains a strong and controversial message of a band on a war path to take Punk Rock back to it’s roots. This band is spearheading a rebellion against a certain genre of music that many fans abroad have shared, and been similarly highly vocal about.

Terminal Wallys have received highly positive reviews and attention by local newspapers, and college radio stations, and have had their title track from “The War” - Hangovers and Busted Knuckles, played on XM Satellite Radio - The Fungus station, hosted by Rancid’s Lars Fredericksen himself.

In just under two short years of playing together, Terminal Wallys have shared the stage with bands from all across the globe. They have been on bills with The Horrorpops, Left Alone, Roger Miret and the Disasters, The International Noise Conspiracy, Far From Finished, Darkbuster, The Independents, Clit 45, Knucklehead, Rum Runner, and The Ripcordz. Not to forget local legends The Matadors, '63 Monroe, and The Black Donnellys. As an added recent highlight, Terminal Wallys were selected to showcase in the 2006 Rogers Wireless Canadian Music Week this winter in Toronto. A full length album is set to start recording late this summer (2006).

With a straight forward outlook, a tight and powerful sound, and one hell of a stand to make and be heard, this band is sure to fill the musical “void” many are craving in the true Punk Rock scene.


"The War" - 6 Song EP
Self released Spring 2005
"The New Old School" 15 Song
Full Length Album (To be released late '06, early '07)

Set List

- The New Old School
- City Saviour
- Fight My Way
- Ghost Ship
- Blue Collar Boots
- Hangovers & Busted Knuckles
- Lately
- Whirlwind World
- Outsider (Down and Out)
- All the Kids
- The War
- Booze, Broads and Tattoos
- The East End
- Fallin' Down Tonight
- My Pride
- Dead and Gone
- Mohawks & Dirty Needles (Societal Hemorrhage)
- Heartache
- One Less Cross
- The Brick
- St. Helen
- Human Condition
- Silent