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Terminal Wallys have brought late-70s punk back to the London music scene with their confrontational new EP The War. All the drive and flailing anger/energy is there, the message of music being a bridge over all authority is there, too. Definite English punk influence as well, I was reminded of early Clash. Their basic stance is they're fed up with our big little town, and that maybe thinking about things too much isn't always the best course of action, that in fact action is the best course of action. So they play in a band, what's a street-fighting man supposed to do? This record was made straight off the floor, and they are probably ferocious live. Drummer kicks ass. - Rod Nicholson. B+ - SCENE Magazine, January 5th - 18th, Issue 507

(Written Transcript)
“…after that, Terminal Wallys, a band from uh, from Canada – East London Ontario. That was a song called ‘Hangovers and Busted Knuckles’, and it’s off their EP named ‘The War’. They’ve got a website also at terminalwallys.com, check ‘em out…”
- Rancid Radio, Hosted by Lars Frederiksen. Air date Nov. 12, 2005

"Classic case punk rock that remains true to its roots..."
"While so much better than the mall punk we've been force-fed by top 40s radio..."
"Like any good punk band, the Terminal Wallys owned the stage and hit hard, bringing the audience in for one last taste of body-thrashing mayhem..."
"Hard-drinkin', hard-workin', blue collar boys that can rile up a crowd and play some fast tunes are fine by me!..." - David Missio, ChartAttack.com - ChartAttack.com - David Missio

I can definitely say that Lil’ Missy’s fears came nowhere close to true. The Cadillac Tramps put on a professional show that could not be beat. The combination of choreography and improvisation gave the show an interesting twist and added a pure Burlesque feel to the entire show. The hilarious commentary in between each of the Tramps’ sets from none other than Furious Phil from the Terminal ‘Fuckin’ Wally’s added to the hot and raunchy night turning the Salt Lounge into a genuinely fucking raw burlesque house for that one Friday night. To top the night off the Terminal Wally’s stole the light and stage to rock out some delightfully hellish Psychobilly beats ending the night off with a crowded stage and an even more crowded floor. Lil’ Missy had a far from worried view on the show after the night was finished with a roaring crowd that was pounding on the tables with pints in hand just for another round.
An amazing part of the Cadillac Tramps Burlesque show was the huge turnout from nineteen up to mid-forties, totally destroying London’s very anal and stuffy age of majority and ‘hush hush’ attitude towards open sexuality and promiscuity. - Ty Snaden - LondonIndie.com - Ty Snaden

Terminal Wallys were the special guest on the March 10th edition of "Less Talk, More Rock" hosted by Paul. The boys answered questions in between your requested songs.
Some Terminal Wallys songs were played, along with requests by them.
(Transcrpit not available) - CHRW 94.9 Radio Western

(Excerpts from the article pertaining to Terminal Wallys)
One year shy of its silver anniversary, Canadian Music Week (March 1 - 4) looked stronger than ever in 2006 and London's representatives at the festival were no exception. Attracting over 400 talents from more than a dozen countries, the whole thing is quite a production. Uninitiated with CMW's swanky rites of passages? Let Terminal Wallys guitarist Darren Magiwally explain. "The 'mandatory' valet parking cost us $32 for unlimited use" he laughs. "The funny thing about it was (that) the car they were parking cost $500! It looked good pulling up next to a Jag, rust and all, bearing the bumper sticker 'Horn broken, watch for finger.'"......... Long time pop-punkers Ruth's hat wrapped one leg of the festival at Cameron House, the Terminal Wallys closed shop with an energetic set of blue-collar punk at the Rancho Relaxo. Bonus points to the Wallys for the celebrity factor at their showcase. "Three members of Alexisonfire attended our set," says Magiwally. "Maybe they wanted to sleep with the enemy. Who knows? I think they were checking the band out that will be responsible for their demise." ......... - Tristan Staddon - SCENE Magazine, March 16th - 29th, Issue 512


"The War" - 6 Song EP
Self released Spring 2005
"The New Old School" 15 Song
Full Length Album (To be released late '06, early '07)



Terminal Wallys are from East London Ontario, Canada. After several years of playing together, Fast Eddy, Furious Phil, and Darren Magiwally acquired long time friend Jimmy “The Animal” in 2004, to complete this lineup of four hard working, hard drinking blue collar boys. As conveyed in their songs, Terminal Wallys have a pure “Take No Shit”, and “Don’t Fuck Around” attitude. They tell it like it is. When putting together things such as drinking, fighting, crooked cops, working class folk, unique people who have crossed their lives, and a little about themselves, you are left with The Wallys style of a hard hitting brand of “East End Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll”.

Their newest release, “The War” a 6 song EP recorded in the winter of 2005 in less than 16 hrs, contains a strong and controversial message of a band on a war path to take Punk Rock back to it’s roots. This band is spearheading a rebellion against a certain genre of music that many fans abroad have shared, and been similarly highly vocal about.

Terminal Wallys have received highly positive reviews and attention by local newspapers, and college radio stations, and have had their title track from “The War” - Hangovers and Busted Knuckles, played on XM Satellite Radio - The Fungus station, hosted by Rancid’s Lars Fredericksen himself.

In just under two short years of playing together, Terminal Wallys have shared the stage with bands from all across the globe. They have been on bills with The Horrorpops, Left Alone, Roger Miret and the Disasters, The International Noise Conspiracy, Far From Finished, Darkbuster, The Independents, Clit 45, Knucklehead, Rum Runner, and The Ripcordz. Not to forget local legends The Matadors, '63 Monroe, and The Black Donnellys. As an added recent highlight, Terminal Wallys were selected to showcase in the 2006 Rogers Wireless Canadian Music Week this winter in Toronto. A full length album is set to start recording late this summer (2006).

With a straight forward outlook, a tight and powerful sound, and one hell of a stand to make and be heard, this band is sure to fill the musical “void” many are craving in the true Punk Rock scene.