IT’S ONLY ROM’N’ROLL ... this is a label, which has got this band from Czech Republic as a response to it’s studio albums and number of live concerts. Traditional gypsy music of Eastern Europe mixed with urban sounds, rhythms and grooves and mainly raw live energy are trademarks of the Terne Chave


There was a time when TERNE CHAVE was one of the most successful Czech gypsy bands around. But this isn’t completely true any more...
A couple of years ago the band stood on their own feet and crossed borders of Roma ghetto. Taking also gadjo friends as new musicians among themselves they set out into the big world. Touring Europe from Slovakia and Hungary via Italy, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands to Scotland, wherever they went people danced. Today the Terne Chave are a band without ethnic or genre limits but their gypsy roots give them a solid base for musical trips to areas too dangerous for others. The band doesn’t fuss about style too much and you will have no time to think about it too ‘cause much of their songs are played with the devil’s tempo. But in case you wouldn’t sleep this off we can reveal that this is the real gypsy rock’n’roll or ... IT’S ONLY ROM’N’ROLL!!!

Terne Chave have taken enough time to release their third album but it turns out to be very much worth it. It was released following a four years gap, produced by Petr Vysohlid (ex Czech cult band I.R.A.) with a ambiguous title "MORE, LOVE!". The english meaning of "more love" stands against the Roma meaning of "more, love!", which is like "money, mate!". This contrast of meanings in the title is consistently reflected throughout the entire album. Hearing it for the first time it is the sound of the band - besides the traditional accordion and violin one will notice also the electric guitar and samples. Next layers can be found within variety of styles of individual songs - rock, tango, folk, spiritual, dance rhythms and punk comes across well, mixed with traditional gypsy vocals, all this in a totally natural form. But mainly the slogan brings a message of the album: everything revolves around money, everyone wants cash and many people forget what in fact they need in a life - more love. The album "More, love!" expreses the contrast of old traditional gypsy songs with modern technology, the old with the modern world.

TERNE CHAVE 2008: The Bad Times Are Gone!

Yes, there have been bad times for the Terne Chave the last two years. It was clear something has to be changed but the ship was still drifting along and people dancing on upper deck so what more the f...g manager wants from us???

A Gypsy family is not like a Gadjo family - a lot of children, lot of brothers and sisters and other parts of the family and they all visit you as often as possible and want you to visit them too. This is a great opportunity to make lots of different businesses, which are urgent to do. There are also a lot of cars, which have to be changed with Gadjos (sorry for disappointing you, but no more horses these days...). Crazy western people in Germany and Austria get rid of so much of splendid and working stuff during ‘spermuells’ on their streets and Laco’s brother in law goes every week to help them to preserve their environment but he’s not able to cope with the quantity and needs somebody to help him. Of course then they all meet together in his house to celebrate a great business and drink a bit. In such a moment a possession of any musical instrument is highly appreciated matter. And next morning it rises in its value even up when it’s necessary to hock anything for money because unfortunately no money left from the poor job. No surprise that the band’s afternoon rehearsal has to be cancelled because of no guitar... And the last season also was not some big windfall - yes, we played some nice festivals and clubs, drank up some beers and some ‘slivovica’, were swimming in the sea and met lot of nice girls, but on the end when bought some gold and gifts for all the family a wallet left empty. Hard life... So why to go for so many concerts even so far from home like Italy, Belgium or Scotland???

In this situation some people left and the tottering band had to search not for a replacement only but for its own new face. This usually pains. Fortunately basis of the band has stayed together and some new people came. After several months of hard work now the bad times are gone and “MORE, LOVE!” is coming!


"Terne Chave" means "Young guys" in Roma language. It’s a frequently used name for a gypsy band in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. But these "Terne Chave" are no greenhorns! They were a successful band in the Czech Republic already before 1989. But after the "velvet revolution", on the beginning of '90, skinhead’s movement in the Czech Republic was growing up fast and the musicians had several bad experiences on a stage because of their dark skin. That’s why they decided to leave off their musical career. Luckily each of them has the music in his blood and cannot live without it so in the 2001 they all got together again.

Gejza Bendig, leader of the band, tells about their beginning: "We all are from Hradec Kralove and have known each other since childhood. We basically grew up together because we lived on the same


Phen tu mange chaje / Tell me girl

Written By: R. Horvath

Tell me girl
Tell me who do you love
You say two words to me
That you love me with all your heart

Who are you fooling
Your talk will
Make my head burst

Tell me girl
How did I deserve this
I beg you on my knees
Don’t torture me any more!

You can slap my face
You can laugh at me
I only beg you
Stand by me and want no other

Mano! / Mana!

Written By: trad.

Mana, Mana, you are so beautiful
Mana, Mana, you are so beautiful

Mana, Mana, when will you come to your senses
Mana, Mana, I’ll tell you

You go to a pub,
you pay everyone’s booze
And then they tell you
How beautiful you are

Mana, Mana, when will you understand
Mana, Mana, only when you come to me

Haleluja / Halellujah

Written By: R. Horvath

When I go to sleep at night
Kneeling by a candle
I pray to God
To see my children
Tomorrow again

There are many gods
Different people have different gods
But they forget one thing
The gods gave love to all of us

Hallelujah I call
To my God I swear
I swear
That anywhere I go
I will speak of him and say
How good is my God

My Lord Hallelujah
My Lord tell me
Will I see my kids ever again

Pale tute / For you

Written By: R. Horvath

I'm gonna leave for you
They’ll be mad at me
All your family

They tell me
Hands off that girl
Let her go
Find another one

So I wander about villages
Like a skirt chaser
Conceited and reckless

It’s not likely
I’ll find any girl here
And on top
I’ll get a thrashing

Shai lai la la lai
Where is my girl
Shai lai la la lai
I don’t have a clue

And so I beg you, give her to me
Or else I’ll set the whole village to fire

Silalo panori / Cold water

Written By: R. Feko, G. Gendig

I strolled and wandered
Through woods and water
Where a charming white lady bathed
And that was my love

Cold water
How to cross it
But when I cross it
I will look at you

Don’t worry, my wife
I gathered my wits
No more slammer
I’ll raise my kids well

Our yard will liven up
When I return home
My wife
And all Roma
Will envy us
Cause we love each other

Nai nai nai nai, you’ve waited two years
Nai nai nai nai, to see me again
Nai nai nai nai, I am proud of you
Nai nai nai nai, cause you’ve waited

More, love! / Money mate!

Written By: R. Feko, G. Bendig

Be you black or be you white
You are one of us
You entertain anyone like a rich man
Be happy, be well

No job – borrow some money
Life is hard
They’ll lend you as much as you want
Ain’t interested in more

This is us, Roma
But why should I give back more than I borrowed
I’ll tell you what to do:
It’s you who decides on your life
And no one is going to help you

Money mate
We don’t have any money
All we need is
More – more – more – more love!

E drabarni / Fortuneteller

Written By: R. Horvath

Give me
Give me your hand
I’ll foretell
What you deserve

I can see
I can see
What life has in store for you
What you won’t get away with

You’ll travel all the world
You’ll get a lot of money
A lot of wisdom
You won’t see your mother for two years

Don’t take
Don’t take
The path where
Everything burns with riches

Do just this
With all your heart give your kids
The best there is in you

Sing and play with your kids
Believe you’ll get more
When your son sings out of his heart
You will weep, you will laugh and you will be filled

Miri pirani (Natasa) / My lover (Natasha)

Written By: G. Bendig

You are my beautiful love
Your eyes joined mine

I'm looking only at you
And your eyes are looking into mine

In the morning I’ll get up
And must think of you
Even though I have a lovely wife and kids

Natasha Natasha Natasha
Don’t leave me

Natasha Natasha Natasha
You’re so beautiful

Natasha Natasha Natasha
I wanna love you


Terne Chave: Avjam pale (Indies Rec., 2003)
Terne Chave: Kaj dzas (Indies Rec., 2004)
Gypsy Garden II (Soulstar Rec., 2005) - track: Loli ruza
Int. Gypsy Festival Tilburg compilation (2005) - track: Lavutaris
Terne Chave: Rosne divesa hin het (demo, 2007)
Terne Chave: More, love! (Indies Scope Rec., 2008)

Set List

Phen tu mange Chaje
Pale tute
Miri pirani (Natasa)
More, love!
E drabarni
Silalo panori
Amare chaja
Aj jaj jaj
Sukar jakha
Cindom tuke angrusci
Core Roma
Dado, dado
Churde vesa
Kaj salas calo rat
Le devles mangav
Loli ruza
Sako rati
Suno dzavas
Sukar chaje
Sunen Roma
Suntu chaje

The set can be 45 - 120 min., depending on a promoter's request.