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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Band EDM Indie




"Video for new single Côte d'Azur premieres on Entertainment Weekly"

Vancouver trio Terrace grew up in the heyday of dance music and synth disco—an era they revisit in their dreamy, danceable sound while somehow retaining a quality of timelessness. Terrace’s brand-new video for their August single, the characteristically infectious “Côte D’Azur,” embodies the band’s je ne sais quoi: It’s a sun-washed vision of the French Riviera circa the ’80s.

“As a child of the 80s, ‘Côte D’Azur’ is a tale of summer love and longing for the ultimate fantasy of life in the French Riviera,” explains frontman Simon Lock. (Fun fact: his other job is as a commercial airline pilot.) “A time and place where the sounds of Chic, Roxy Music, and Giorgio Moroder provided the soundtrack of carefree decadence,” he adds.
Especially present is the influence of Italian producer Giorgio Moroder, an early pioneer of synth disco and EDM, and Nile Rodgers, who has produced albums for David Bowie, Madonna, and Duran Duran. The imagery in the video, directed by Barcelona-based Marc Alcover, is sublime; the footage of crashing waves complements the song’s hypnotic hook, while the handheld shots of the young woman the video follows enhance the allure. - Entertainment Weekly

"New single Côte d'Azur premieres on Polari UK"

Vancouver based musician Simon Lock, better known as TERRACE are readying their sophomore effort We Fall Together (TechnoFunk; Fall 2014). The first single is an ode to the French Riviera with the appropriately named “Cote d’Azur” which is a thick and slick gem paying homage to Lock’s love for Roxy Music, Giorgio Moroder and Daft Punk. Before you end your summer escapades, make sire to nurse your sweet love hangover with this sweaty, sun soaked anthem. listen to the lead single “Côte d’Azur” below. - Polari

"Terrace -Kane Garden Bay (Concord Drumm Remix) on Impose"

Terrace, Vancouver's trio of Simon Lock, Jodi Kane Hoesing & Chris Brewer's grabbed our ears and eyes with "Kane Garden Terrace" in their Stateside debut last year, and today give us the first look and listen to the video for the Concord Drumm remix. Taken off the upcoming release for Simon's TechnoFunk Records, As Far As The Remix Can See, features remixes from Nick Holder, Jason Hodges, Isis Graham, DJ Klippa, and Krown & Tyler. But for right now, please make sure your trays and chairs are in the upright position, and your seatbelts are firmly fastened as we prepare for take-off in a flight to find a new sense of tranquility.

The video from Barcelona director Mark Alcover begins with the liftoff of a private jet into the skies and sights of new and old foreign worlds to be explored. Simon Lock, a pilot himself, can be heard as a voice embedded within the new synth schemes to point out these far away places. From seas, to mountains, and ancient villas; Alcover's video depicts the remix in visual terms like a view into the world from a state of constant motion and tireless travel. An electronic sound that connects consoles to the strings of sentiment and wanderlust desires, the remix rebuilds "Kane Garden Bay" as an adventure to find every sunset with the anticipation of enjoying the new homes and new hopes sought in the rise of a new dawn. The music of Terrace places the emphasis on the great life pursuit and quest for new discoveries as expressed in the electro balladeering of searches, synths, and earnest song.

Once again, we are privileged to welcome back our friend Simon Lock to discuss remixes, videos, and what's next in the cards for team Terrace.

Tell us about the upcoming remixes release.

It's a five song EP that includes remixes from some of our favorite DJ/Producers in the biz. We had a few of these tracks laying around since our first EP Circuits and we just thought we should get them out there while we are busy finishing off our next LP, which still has no title! The remix EP which is called As Far... will be released on TechnoFunk Records as a 'pay what you wish' deal on our Bandcamp account. If you like 'em feel free to give us a wad of your hard earned money, if you don't, download it anyway, play it when you have people over, it'll be a hit! The roster of talent includes Nick Holder (Canadian House music pioneer DJ/Producer), Concord Drumm (Vancouver chillwave newbie also on TechnoFunk Media), DJ Krown (Vancouver House music legend), Isis Graham (a Calgary DJ/Producer/Promoter and former Terrace member), DJ Klippa (UK Drum and Bass DJ/Producer) and finally Jason Hodges (Toronto Based House Music veteran). Overall a very talented team.

What is it like for you to listen to one of your musical babies getting remixed?

It's always really cool to hear someone else's interpretation of your song. When a house music legend like Nick Holder hands you a remix of your song, you have a hard time not losing your cool. Luckily I know him very well so he was cool when I started crying. You have to understand that the artist is going to use a high degree of creative liberty with the remix and how the final product turns out is how they see it. That's the end goal. And pretty cool. Except when their version is better than the original. Then you just want to beat them up, lovingly, of course.

Thoughts on how the Concord Drumm remix of "Kane Garden Bay" transformed the original?

Chris (Brewer) from Concord Drumm is also a main member of Terrace, so he knew the song intimately. However, one day the little villain just slammed the remix down and said, 'BAM! Check this out!.' On first listen, I instantly loved it. Maybe a little too much. So, I beat him up. Just to put him in his place. Then he beat me up. Overall, I think I won. It's hard to say. His dental bill was more than mine. Getting back on track, I love the big synths and the off time bass line. These are things I never would have thought of. In this case, the compliment of the subtle and not so subtle sounds that he incorporated resulted in a luscious atmospherics that really takes the track to a different place. And I really like that.

Loved the plane traveling heights, and sights of the video, your thoughts on the lush visualizations?

We owe all of that to Mark (Alcover), our very talented and skilled Barcelona based video director. He comes up with a the video concepts and then just goes to work. The results have always been impressive. He has no idea that we work in airline business on the side and to have the airplane that we know the most shown taking off was purely a coincidence. Like I said, he's a genius. Or a witchdoctor. Either way, pretty cool.

Latest Vancouver report?

Cloudy with a chance of rain [winking smile face emoticon].
No seriously though, the city is buzzin. Well, at least the circle that I move in is. Terrace has been busy since the end of our fall tour on writing our next album, which is due early summer. The record itself is a much different feel than our debut, it's very summery and less aggressive. We meant it to sound like you've just had the summer of your life in the South of France with the coolest girl in the world, but maybe too much fun. Intrigued yet? You should be. After it's released a tour will follow, along with some more video etc... My side project Model Clocks is set to release it's debut full length record early next month. It's an atmospheric record meant to be the soundtrack for the late night experience. Also, just finishing a house music EP with DJ Krown that should be due out in the spring on my label TechnoFunk Media. So, like I said... buzzin'!

Terrace's As Far As The Remix Can See will be available in Spring from TechnoFunk Records via Bandcamp. - Impose Magazine/Sjimon Gompers

"Terrace at #7 on Winnipeg Electronic Charts"

Terrace at #7 on Winnipeg Electronic Charts - Earshot

"Debut #6 in London, ONT Electronic Charts"

Terrace Debut #6 in London, ONT Electronic charts via Earshot - Earshot

"Interview and Feature in Discorder Magazine"

I arrive early at the Media Club on October 3 to speak with local indie electro pop band, Terrace. They released their first full-length, As Far As the Night Can See, back in June, a versatile soundtrack for shoes-off dancing at a house party, taking flight over the Atlantic, and every occasion in-between.
Preparing for the show tonight, lead singer/guitarist Simon Lock bounces around on stage, adjusting stage lights and pedals, chatting to everyone that walks in the room. To each side of Lock stand the band’s keyboardists, Chris Brewer and Jodi Kane Hoesing.
Terrace begin their soundcheck and Lock’s guitar breaks high above the thrum of synthesized bass. Everyone taps their feet, wanting to dance, as he sings the first lines of “Kane Garden Bay.” After the soundcheck I follow them outside the club to talk before the show.

Discorder: You just put out your first full-length album in June and have been touring over the summer. How has that been?
Lock: It’s good — as good as it could go for a band independently releasing an album. We’re starting to break the Top 10s in the college charts and that’s really cool because that’s our audience. That’s the people we want to listen to us. Ultimately, they like the same music as us.
I’ve been trying to place your music — the feeling it imparts — and it came to me that it’s really that feeling of travelling, of leaving somewhere.
Hoesing: We love that type of music that makes you feel good when you’re travelling or just hanging out on a beach. So it’s going to come out in our songs for sure.
Lock: It took an EP and an album to get our sound, but we’re finally getting it. It’s somewhere far away and warm. There’s a drink on special, and there’s probably not a lot of people around. We keep saying a beach in France… or a terrace in France.
Are there any go-to bands you listen to when you’re travelling?
Lock: In the Caribbean, I think it’s got to be early, early Bob Marley. Anything that Phoenix has done is awesome for going away; travelling has a way of making you listen to music you wouldn’t normally listen to.
Hoesing: Air France, every time I went anywhere for about six months they were on my playlist.
What are your favourites that stand out on the album?
Lock:. Our favourite song is “Kane Garden Bay,” just because it happened in about three hours. We hadn’t written anything for months, and we were rehearsing for a show at the Electric Owl; someone started in on a keyboard lick, and then another… I went home that night and arranged it. It was recorded in two days. That song is hot, summer, desperation, and longing — still fun — but heavy. That was the first time we all sparked on the spot.
Are you working on anything new?
Lock: Yeah, we’ve got some new stuff. We have skeletons lying all over the place. We’re going to start writing again in January, and go away somewhere; we’re looking at San Diego at the moment, somewhere near the beach. The three new songs we have are decidedly “speedo.” Very summery, very dark-tan.
What are your big influences?
Lock: Early ‘90s techno, acid house, post-punk, Joy Division, and the Buzzcocks. That kind of stuff. All the way up to bands like Interpol, Cut Copy, and Friendly Fires. Chris is really into hip-hop. Jodi likes a lot of polka, Oktoberfest stuff [laughs].
Hoesing: We come from different places, but we also have bands that we all love; we’re all going to agree Arcade Fire is awesome.
Lock: We meet in the middle with musical tastes, and where we meet is the sound of the band.
I think we generally take ourselves too seriously in Vancouver. It’s nice to see you guys having some fun.
Hoesing: We definitely like to have fun. We take the band seriously, but we never take ourselves too seriously. I think as individuals, we didn’t before this band either. It’s all so dreary [in Vancouver] anyway. We just want to play some shows, write an album, work together, and put something out that doesn’t sound like everything everyone else is playing. - Discorder

"Feature, Interview & Video Premiere in Impose Magazine"

Making waves in Canada and about to crack the States' indie fields, we are proud to present to you Terrace, who dropped with the first Stateside viewing of their video for "Kane Garden Bay" from their album, As Far As The Night Can See available now on Bandcamp. The beat comes in here first, as Simon Lock, with Jodi Kane Hoesing and Chris Brewer just kick it stoic styles on the couch. Sitting centered with eyes focus full of passions, Simon and his wing-men get courted by a plethora of pissed up revelers while the central focus is on this "waiting for you" anticipation to see another far away. Never minding any of the distractions, the women falling about them, the candle lit birthday cake presentation, the general behavioral shenanigans; their aim comes from a deep sprung well that is searching for that lost one that got away...somewhere presumably far, far away. And as the lovesick techno pop treads the engulfing passion pools of emotion unbound and unrestricted; no one else can stop this feeling as the eyes look off, shaking a tambourine or a portable Casio keyboard with a synth-penned valentine of unwavering devotion.

I spent the bulk of my week in discussions with frontman Simon Lock discussing how this was all going to work. And after much ado, a host of back and forth telegrams, cables, wires, and maybe a few other out dated communication instruments; we were able to catch up on all the fuss. The result as you are about to see turned into a midsummer night's farce not unlike the histrionics and conversational wit fit for Lady Windermere's Fan.

[sending telegrams through our respective handling depots] Would Simon care to share some thoughts?

(Simon's inner monologue)"Would I ever... let me just top up my Schnapps and fix my cravat")

First up; Canada is on top of the booming, cutting edge, indie electro scene, what artists and collectives are you and Terrace particularly keen on in Vancouver?

First down, Canada has really put itself on the map with the music it's been putting out in the past few years, especially in this unique and often overlooked genre. As far as our home city of Vancouver is concerned it goes without saying that bands like Data Romance and Jay Tripwire's live project are pretty goddamn cool. But there are so many bands here that it can be hard to find the gems like Laurelle & Alexander. They are fresh on the scene and when we hear their stuff it makes us feel like we get to listen to something special. They are a mash up of many genres but impress us with their melding of r n' b grooves, spaced out atmospherics and an angelic voice. Another band we particularly love is The Broadway Bullies. They are the exact opposite of us. They are dick swinging rock n roll and really it's every boys dream to be in a band like that. I can't because my grandma would wash my mouth out with soap if I recorded music that contained that sort of content. It's the opposites attract thing. It takes balls to do what they do and we respect and love that. Vancouver is also known for it's devoutly loyal house music scene. We have Nordic Trax, a local house music label, that provides a solid outlet and brings in the best house DJ's. This, to me, is an inspiration because real house music is on the rise and before the masses start to jump on this wagon, it needs to be said that local Vancouver House legends like Luke Mckeehan and DJ Krown never stopped driving it.

What does Vancouver have that the rest of the 'States know nothing about?

Vancouver engages your imagination. Maybe it's the contrast of nature and metropolis. Maybe it's the hodgepodge of cultures. Maybe it's because we have a fella here that makes Japanese Influenced hot dogs on the street corner totally sends your taste buds for a loop and it takes ages to reset your pallet. I dunno, but when I moved here three years ago I felt it immediately. And it's been great for songwriting. Sure there is a piss load of rain but it gives music that darker and at times deeper edge. You can definitely tell what Terrace songs were written during the downpour seasons.

The song gets it's title I'm presuming from Cane Garden Bay, in Tortola, British Virgin Isles. What's the connection with that place and the song for you?

I've been going to Tortola since I was a small kid and still do. That place stands still in time. And the beach Cane Garden Bay never changes, Jimmy Buffet wrote "Cheeseburgers In Paradise" there, and, I fool you not, it looks the exact same as when he got there. The island itself doesn't have to let in modern concepts in order to survive. Much like our song, it was written during a live rehearsal in one rainy January afternoon, on the fly. The lyrical theme comes from - IMPOSE MAGAZINE/Sjimon Gompers


Pages 88/89 - VENTS

"As Far As The Night Can See – Terrace ALBUM REVIEW (UK)"

Terrace, the Vancouver based electronic dance/pop outfit who release their debut album As Far As The Night Can See this year, have the ambition of ‘breaking the world-wide dance-pop mould.’ It’s a bold ambition to say the least. Especially with their first album. But with a genre where false pretenders are rife, perhaps it’s time for a young group to try something different and give a much needed shot in the arm to electro-pop.

The album’s lead single, Ain’t is a slice of ‘80s electronica so vintage in delivery and sound, it could be an early Eurythmics tune, and proudly displays their influences from cross genres and time periods.

The highlight of their debut effort is probably All This Time, a gentle, chilled out song that has montage sequence written all over it, but in reality the whole album is all about build up and layers, and rightly so.

There aren’t perhaps enough stand-out catchy songs, and at times the album strays too much between trying to be full on dance one moment to exploring the realms of ambience the next, and as such the flow of the album shifts a little uncomfortably. But at least they experiment beyond the standard forms of the genre.

As Far As The Night Can See is a decent enough debut album, and no-doubt given time and crafting Terrace can build on what they have here to make a truly solid dance effort. Is it world-beating? No. Have they broken the mould? Not really. But for those who like their electronica simple and engaging there’s much to enjoy here. It’s no-nonsense and to the point which is perhaps most important for their first album. Take a note of Terrace as the future could be bright for them.

??? (out of 4)
- Culture Fly UK, Jason Noble


That was a joke. St Paul's Lifestyle would like to introduce to you to Terrace.

That's right, Terrace are fresh, punchy and addictive, not to mention full of power, so really not to be missed!

Here is our review of Terrace's brand new video, 'Ain't':

"Summery, the 70's-esque feel makes me think of long hot evenings. - Suitable for our current heat-wave. In this track, Terrace have brought us a punchy song that got my attention immediately. Listen up for yourself and see how long it takes to grab you..."
Vancouver based Terrace are a three-piece indie/electro group. Fresh from playing high profile gigs in the Avenue Theatre in Edmonton (Alberta), Vancouver Electric Owl and Canadian Music Week, the band recently released their new single, ‘Ain’t’. Taken from their upcoming album As Far As The Night Can See, the track blends elements of 80’s electro-pop with indie and ambient producer tendencies.

But stay tuned in as the future is rocketing for this tremendous trio. - St Paul's Lifestyle

"TERRACE Set To Release Debut Album in UK"

Vancouver natives, Terrace prepare to release their debut full-length album ‘As Far as the Night Can See’. Terrace set out with the simple ambition of playing pure dance music for the masses without pretention and without adhering to the short lived trends of the music scene. Taking inspiration from genres right across the board, Terrace’s main influences have been that of house, techno, Brit pop and ambient origin. ‘As Far as the Night Can See’ is a mesmerising combination of everything that’s influenced them over the years from the Smiths and Interpol to producers like Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson. ‘Ain’t’ is the debut single from the album, a mesmerizing combination of indie-style vocals, pop-style synth, catchy beats and an all round dance vibe, ‘Ain’t’ is a dance-inducing slice of dance-pop perfection. After playing venues such as the Avenue Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta, Vancouver Electric Owl and Canadian Music Week, Terrace are ready to break the worldwide dance-pop mould and ‘As Far as the Night Can See’ is sure to get them there. Second single ‘Kane Garden Bay’ will be released with the album on August 15th. - - Renowned For Sound (Brendon Deevers)

"Terrace 'As Far as the Night Can See' (album stream)"

Our album featured on Exlcaim.ca - Exclaim!

"New single AIN'T video premier on Exclaim.ca"

Our first video off the new album is debuted on exclaim.ca - Exclaim!

"EXCLAIM.CA Video Premiere of Video"

Exclaim.ca Canada's Music Authority premiere our debut video - exclaim.ca

"Debut at #3 CJSW Electronic Charts"

http://www.earshot-online.com/charts/cjsw.cfm?intChartTypeID=2&dWeekOfID=2012-10-02 - CJSW

"Great taste, less filling"

Terrace reminds me of what I love about music. Great taste and less filling." - Jonathan Ramos, Director, Union Events

"Terrace: Circuits EP - a gold mine of soothing party tunes"

Well-loved band Terrace is back with an edgier approach. Their latest EP released last July 12, Circuits brings you four tracks of electro dance tunes for that psychedelic high.

Currently based in Vancouver and Calgary, Terrace is Simon Lock, Isis Graham, and Adam Gasten. Unlike their first album Pollen, which was also featured here in FrostClick, Circuits EP explores the sharp and spacey aesthetic of electro dance music.

Intro track Chances approaches with rough electro beats and rapid drumbeats, slowing down to a pace perfect for steady partying. Glowing keys add a dreamy flair to the track.

Amazing tribal drums kicks off in Blinder. Spacey and ethereal vocals paralleled with an energy-filled arrangement, make this a contrasting yet pleasurably listenable whole.

Painting a dreamy landscape, The Moon Between Us is an explosion of stretching electro beats that slides flawlessly with charming keys. Sit back, press play, and let this soothing gem calm your senses.

Wrapping up the EP is Trying to Believe. I love how Terrace tries to experiment on silent, hazy sonic melodies adding bits of upbeat and rhythmic tunes. There‘s a great amount of craftsmanship invested in this song and it shines through, as this perfectly establish the group’s musical brand.

When it comes to electro dance music, Terrace has proven once again that they are a band to look out for. Circuits EP is a treasure chest of party anthems that’s waiting for you to discover.
- Frostclick

""Circuts EP" is just an incredible little EP,"

Ooooohoho it seems I've managed to stumble onto a dance EP. "Circute EP" is just an incredible little EP, filled with lovely fun party beats, and a certain mid-80's vibe. Stack onto that a grand voice with enough reverb a chilled out playing field, and fun dance synth and you have something that just sort of moves you. Terrace, you've got a special spot right there in my brain where I put music that makes me genuinely excited to dance around to it. Are all the songs of a generally "happy" mindset? No, but it makes a connection while infecting your body to bob around in a rhythmic manner.

Starting with "Chances", the song has an almost dark song, making me think it would be perfect if, say, Donny Darko had a dance montage. It's more than move-able, the lyrics are more or less "carpe diem", and that makes me want to party. It follows this fun dark dance-y feel straight into "Blinder". Straight out of the gate "Blinder" sets up a feel of ambiance, so you relax a bit. The song takes up a bit of dance with an eerie darkness making me feel as though if I do relax I should worry. Then it breaks in with a fun dance-y beat, and an action-y breakdown that kind of keeps me on the dancing path. So far I've been strong, but I don't know how long that will last.

Terrace keeps me in for the last half of the album, I just feel obliged to do the whole thing and I don't see why not to. "The Moon Between Us" makes me think of going down the interstate at 4 a.m. Everyone's asleep except you, and there's nothing but road and street lamp, and all that you wanted in the world was to see her again. She's miles upon miles away and you don't really know how to get there, but you know she's smiling on you. Take that, add a pinch of asymmetrical disco beat challenging you to find the rhythm, and you have this song. It's sad sounding, I've honestly had a little trouble discerning most of the lyrics, they seem to be mostly in the form of sorrow and howls. But it still manages to be fun, and not necessarily hopeless. It's pretty, and pretty dance-y, and I'm diggin' it. Finally "Trying to Believe" sets in a very stabby synth tone. Again there's the disco beat, however rather than feeling incredibly dark it's instead only slightly dark. With brighter instruments, and a nice new wave-y square synth bass line, this piece of dance goodness might be my personal favorite.

All the songs are really fun, and the underlying theme seems to be happier than I honestly made it seem. It's really one of my favorite new albums to listen to. Between reminding me of the Cure, and reminding me of Cut Copy, it's just gorgeous. If anyone has a taste for movin', groovin', for shakin', for bakin', this album is for you.
Posted by Jack Touchet at 12:01 AM - Jack Touchet, http://tuneview.blogspot.ca/

"Terrace: Pollen - the perfect dance EP"

Ready to lose yourself in indie universe? Releasing their debut EP Pollen via Bandcamp, Terrace has crafted a 4-track album that captures unpretentious dance music.

Three years in the making, the group was started by Simon Lock, a retired house deejay, when he was looking for a production partner to compliment his dance based ideologies. He was then joined by Isis Graham (another house deejay) in 2010 and singer/songwriter/bassist Adam Gasten in the following year.

The trio is based in Vancouver and Calgary, they are currently working on their full-length album to be released in the spring of 2012.

The beat drops nearly instantly in Love Dub. With a playful vibe its powerful opening uses sporadic drum beats spreading out into a straight-forward techno melody.

Strike follows up with ambient tunes slowly building into a revolution of buzz guitars and edgy beats. Axis, on the other hand, relies more heavily on echoed vocals. The instrumentation on this track is superb. From the intricate beats, the incorporation of horns to the guitar solos, Terrace clearly showed their vast knowledge on their genre.

The album closes up with the brilliant Talk. An immediate favorite, the swirling electric tunes will transport you into a psychedelic roller coaster ride.

Pollen is a dance album perfect for those seeking a steady electronic high. The tracks are well-conceived and the execution is brilliant. One thing I liked about this album is its wide use of different instruments. So press play, listen, and dance your heart out.
- Frostclick


Circuits EP (June 2012)
As Far As The Night Can See (June 2013)
As Far As The Remix Can See (Jan 2014)



Terrace is an electro-pop band from Vancouver. A project conjured up by Simon Lock, an ex house music DJ, dreamer and occasional aviator, joined by Kalani Polson (Drums) and Alex Cooper (guitar and keys).

Terrace sets out with the simple ambition of playing pure dance music for the masses without pretension and without adhering to the short lived trends of the music scene. Taking inspiration from genres right across the board, Terraces main influences have been that of house, techno, Brit pop and ambient origin. Their debut Album, As Far as the Night Can See is a diverse combination of everything that has influenced them over the years from the Smiths and Interpol to electronic pioneers like Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson. The album was released in North America in June 2013 and in the UK, August 2013.

After playing venues such as the Avenue Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta, Vancouver Electric Owl and Canadian Music Week 2013 & 2014, Terrace are ready to show the rest of the world what they do. 

Their follow up album entitled "We Fall Together" is set for Release in February 2015. The first single "Cote d'Azur" was released in North America on October 3rd and in UK Oct 7th. The accompanying video will be debuted mid October. 

When it comes to electro dance music, Terrace has proven once again that they are a band to look out for... Frost Click

Another dreamy slice of electronic dance pop...- Alex Hudson, Exclaim

"Terrace reminds me of all the things I love about music. Great taste, less filling"
Jonathan Ramos, Director, INK Entertainment.

Band Members