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"Terra Diablo (CD, Nocturnal, Pop/rock)"

The debut U.S. release from Scotland's Terra Diablo. Usually when we hear tons of energy and really loud metallic guitars it means that the vocalist is going to be a real screamer. The folks in this band play super loud and super hard...but surprisingly, the vocals are precisely melodic and profoundly pleasing. To top it off, there are some astoundingly nifty vocal harmonies in many of these tunes. While the songs on this self-titled album are, for the most part, pop...the fellows in this band always manage to throw in something unique in their arrangements to avoid sounding like everyone else. This thirteen track album is a perfect blend of artistic integrity with commercial accessibility. While it sounds rather effortless, our bet is that a great deal of work went into recording Terra Diablo. Fans of true guitar pop are bound to get off big time on cuts like "Satellites," "The Smoke," "Distraction," and "Weighs On Me." Hard, tight pop played the way it ought to be played. (Rating: 5+) - Baby Sue

"Q&A - Terra Diablo"

Better living through tenacity is exactly what Scottish alt-rockers Terra Diablo crave after a hellish '05.

Having lost guitarist Paul Wilson to Snow Patrol following two tours with the now omnipresent car chasers, the Glaswegian quartet dropped their management and label, taken up residence in the Big Easy, and rereleased its debut in the States. Oh, and did we mention they just shared the stage with The Flaming Lips, Secret Machines, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers?

The reformed stoner rock Terras inked a new deal with New Orleans' Nocturnal Records, remixed their under-promoted self-titled debut (read Aversion's review), and unleashed big plans for the States. Aversion caught up with outspoken singer/guitarist Ian Fairclough to discuss all things Terra Diablo, but not before picking up its trusty Scottish-English Dictionary.... (some of you got that).

How sick are you of Snow Patrol?

Snow Patrol have been pretty good to us. Apart from the
deathly silence we got from them after they swiped Paul,
our third guitarist, they still come to most of our shows
even though it's certain they're going to get hassled all
night by the crowd so I appreciate that. We saw the
struggle they went through before "Run" broke and
believe me they've worked their asses off for their
success. I'm not a huge fan of they're music but I know
they put everything into it so that's something worth respecting.

With such inspiring songs, why the sinister name?

That depends what you mean by inspiring. "Satellites" is about the government gaining information and tracking our movements using mobile phones (which we all know they do now). "Swings and Roundabouts" is a prayer to God to send someone else back down here to sort this shit we're in out once and for all. "Distraction" is about being lied to by the people we are given
to put in power. (note: not chosen by us. They need to have a bank balance the size of a small eastern European country to even be in the running. Democracy huh...right). And there are a few more, "That Always Works" is about the breakdown of close friendships, "The Smoke" about being fucked about by our old label and wondering if its just stoner paranoia or them getting it wrong, "Weighs On Me" about my old granddad who was a commando in the second World War and the respect they are due but don't always get. Hopefully these songs inspire people to at least get pissed off and do something about some of these issues. Whether that inspiration can be regarded as positive or negative is another thing. It depends on the emotions felt by the listener. The point is, Terra Diablo has been translated as Devils Earth, Earth Devil etc. etc. and the lyrics and themes fit in nicely to the title now. Let's face it. As guardians of the planet we're not doing a very good job at the moment are we? Maybe if him upstairs had made goldfish self aware instead of some monkey we'd be in a better place right now.

As a band, what made you shift gears from your more experimental, 10-minute instrumental - almost "Mogwaian" - days to shorter, more radio-friendly songs?

Basically a lot of people weren't getting it. We had a great and loyal cult following when we were doing that stuff. a lot of people compared us to Slint in those days, or Mogwai, or Godspeed you Black Emperor and that was the problem, I think. We thought that if we could streamline the songs, develop our own sound and have more solid themes through lyrics and melodies we would sound more like Terra Diablo and it's worked, I think. We have much better fun on stage and feel there is actually a lot more room for experimentation within the music. I think if you play music that is a wee bit different people quickly throw you into the genre of experimental rock where as now we can do and have done everything from a country version of the "Theme From Monkey" (which was a very weird series from Japan that was dubbed and shown in the 80s) to a heavy version of "Tomorrow Never Knows" by the Beatles. It's kind of strange how that happens.
Tell us about SPAM2 and what it stands for.
Scottish People Are Musical 2. Like I said, people weren't getting it so we thought "Fuck it, we'll do it ourselves!" and it was a good success. We learned a lot from that, like always keep receipts and maybe take up a night class at business school, and it got us noticed to the point where we were picked up by Zuma and released our first EP, The Way Things Are and How They're Meant To Be. You might be able to tell we were still going through the transition at this stage by the enormously long title that no one in radio could be arsed repeating.

Tell us about the original release of your debut and why it was so under-promoted.

Basically cause it was done on the cheap. Also Zuma was a fairly new, small indie label that was funded by Sony. BMG took over and said "You're a shitty little band with scruffy hair, clothes bought from an - Aversion

"Terra Diablo"

After sharing the stage with greats such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Flaming Lips and Secret Machines at the Voodoo Music Festival last weekend, Scottish alt-rockers Terra Diablo will hit up stores nationwide this Halloween with its self-titled debut album on Nocturnal Records. Don't worry, the release won't contain silly holiday jingles like "The Monster Mash." Instead, the newcomers pound your eardrums with a plethora of distorted guitars, raspy vocals and mainstream rock.
The genre known as "mainstream rock" has certainly gone down in quality over the years. Once known for bands like Buddy Holly, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, the genre now encompasses the soulless, mindless rock that bombards unwitting listeners. But every once in a while, there comes a truly great act, a flower in the pot of dirt, so to speak. Terra Diablo is one of those few.
Unlike other rookie bands, the four-piece boasts the tightly woven sound of a seasoned vet. The album highlights are hard to pick out, since it fails to put out any low points, whisking the listener away in a furious frenzy of rock that never touches the ground. Reminiscent of early Foo Fighters, Terra Diablo crafts a sound that is accessible enough for mainstream radio, yet complex enough to impress critics and music aficionados alike.
In short, this band is going places.
- Stephen Keller
- The Daily Texan


terra diablo deliver a resounding shimmer of alt rock shoegazer sounds that overwhelmingly epitomize the joyous splendor of life in all of its fluttering topsy turvy sweetness.
this week’s best bet is terra diablo, a four piece scottish rock band with a sweeping, epic sound. their self titled debut album was originally released back home in 2004 and finally made it to stores on these shores last week.
terra diablo are my bloody valentine for tool fans, the catherine wheel for alt rock radio, and shoegazer for queens of the stones age listeners. the 12 majestic, dazzling, melody driven songs vibrantly erupting from this disc indicate a deep rooted passion for creating music that swells from the heart and wistfully caresses absolutely everything within hearing range.
terra diablo base their sound around the cool, mid 90’s alt rock wall of sound guitar feel, with definite nods to acts like swervedriver, ride, the catherine wheel and sugar. in fact, singer ian fairclough sounds an awful lot like bob mould on “that always works.” their first u.s. single is the excellent “swings & roundabouts,” which is appearing with several other tracks this week on radioioROCK.
“Satellites” was also a hit single overseas, where the band has toured with snow patrol and played the reading and Leeds festivals. Speaking of festivals, Terra Diablo were just part of the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans last month. After being bowled over by “Swings & Roundabouts, “Terra Diablo was described as “a little weiland, a little sunny day real estate and all good.”
This debut leaves the listener elated and breathless. And while we’re just getting their eponymous debut here, the band spent much of the summer working on material for their second record. hit up www.terradiablo.com for the latest on this up and coming act.

- RadioioRock

"FMQB Submodern Best Bet"

This week’s Best Bet is Terra Diablo, a four-piece Scottish Rock band with a sweeping, epic sound. Their self-titled debut album was released back home in 2004 and finally made it to stores on these shores last week. Terra Diablo base their sound around a cool, mid-‘90’s Alt-Rock wall of sound guitar feel, with definite nods to acts like The Catherine Wheel and Sugar. In fact, singer Ian Fairclough sounds an awful lot like Bob Mould on “That Always Works.” Their first U.S. single is the excellent “Swings & Roundabouts,” which appeared on FMQB SubModern samper #009. “Satellites” was also a hit single overseas, where the band has toured with Snow Patrol and played the Reading and Leeds Festivals. Speaking of festivals, Terra Diablo were just part of the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans last month. After being bowled over by “Swings & Roundabouts,“ WHRL/Albany PD (and host of “That New Music Smell”) Capone described Terra Diablo as “a little Weiland, a little Sunny Day Real Estate and all good.” While we’re just getting their eponymous debut here, the band spent much of the summer working on material for their second record. Hit up www.terradiablo.com or www.nocturnal-records.com for the latest on this up-and-coming act.

~ Joey Odorisio

"Hardrock Haven review"

Comments: Terra Diablo, the self titled debut of this Scottish band, should appeal to both the classic rock fan and those that prefer more of a heavy metal sound. The true head bangers will find this album rather tame. "Terra Diablo," which translates to “devil's earth,” is not what this sound is all about.

The band's debut album, released on their own Zuma Label was first produced by Chris Gordon and Dave McLean in Scotland. The British press was kind, but unfortunately without enough to fund more than just a handful of promotional tour appearances, the original debut fell flat - not what these four young friends had expected.

What a tragedy. This band ROCKS. The core members of Terra Diablo have been playing together for eight years, and it definitely shows. These guys are tight!

The bands that influenced Terra Diablo’s sound are noticeably in the music and lyrics of these 12 tracks, yet they have developed a style all their own. At first listen, Smashing Pumpkins may come to mind, with a little Limp Bizkit and Cold Play. “Warned” and “Perfect Mistake” have a definite Kurt Cobain echo, bringing balance to the compilation.

Independent record label Nocturnal Records based in New Orleans is responsible for releasing the album. They first contacted the band through the MySpace Web site, asking them to sign a contract. (How cool is that?) The remix for US release was produced at Balance Productions Recording Studio by Dave Troja for and October release date, a date just may go down in history of the first day of sales of their multi-platinum US debut.

Terra Diablo has had their good years and bad years, but the multiple appearances as the opening band at sell out crowds across Glasgow, Scotland, England and Europe coupled with the right management might see these guys rise near the top of the charts. Terra Diablo is your alternative rock, heavy metal band with sensational harmonies, meaningful lyrics, rock and roll and most important – talent.

HRH Rating: 7/10
- Hardrock Haven

"This band ROCKS"

The Scottish quintet, Terra Diablo, with their self-titled debut release should appeal to both classical rock fans and those who prefer heavy metal. The four core members of the band have been playing together for eight years now and the tightness of Terra Diablo shows throughout the twelve tracks on the album. The groups that have influences Terra Diablo are tricky but not impossible to notice. At first listen names like, the Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, or even Coldplay may come to mind. Songs “Warned” and “Perfect Mistake” have a distinct Kurt Cobain echo within them playing hard alternative rock with sensational harmonies while my personal favorite track is song three, “The Smoke.” “The Smoke” is a more aggressive song, yet filled forceful bass, layered melodic guitars, and truly heartfelt lyrics. Terra Diablo sound more American for being from Glasgow, Scotland, but play decent rock & roll which matters most. - ADAPT Magazine


Swings & Roundabouts (single) - 7" (Zuma)
Satellites (single) - CD/7" (Zuma)
Terra Diablo (album) - CD/CDr (Zuma)
Terra Diablo (album (US)) - CD/digital (Nocturnal)
Disappearing Act - digital (Nocturnal)



The seeds of the band took root in a Glasgow music store, where Davey McAulay got a job after leaving school at 16. Ian, a couple of years older, was already working there; the two hit it off quickly and began cutting demos at Ian’s flat.
After their frenetic debut at Fury Murry's, word spread quickly about the group, and soon they were being booked into other high-profile local venues. Almost from day one they won attention for the excitement and intensity of their live shows.

The band's momentum accelerated with the release of three EPs and appearances at Glasgow’s famous 'T in the Park' festival. Soon they were touring throughout the UK and Europe, opening for SNOW PATROL, AC ACOUSTICS, SIX BY SEVEN, ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS, BIFFY CLYRO and AEREOGRAMME in addition to tearing it up at the Reading and Leeds festivals, as well as Manchester’s 'In the City'. A furious set at the MTV Awards Unsigned Showcase preceded a trip into the studio to record 'Terra Diablo' their first full-length CD, which earned them airplay on MTV2, Radio 1, XFM, and BBC Radio Scotland, not to mention rave reviews in The Herald (“simultaneously commercial and intelligent”), manchestermusic.com (“one of the best debut offerings you’ll hear this year”), Rock Sound (“ … defies you to believe it’s a mere debut”), and “download of the week” honors from NME.

After taking on former SWERVEDRIVER member Jez as manager and signing to US label Nocturnal Records (co-owned by famed producer Dave Fortman), Terra Diablo's debut album was released stateside in October of 2006 to critical acclaim:

“…one of the best debut offerings you’ll hear this year. From fast-paced riff frenzies to graceful ballads, each track boasts an infectious melody commanded by Ian Fairclough’s compelling vocals and is delivered with an intense and fiery passion.” 4/5

”It’s a supernova explosion of sonic ingenuity that brings to mind
Swervedriver, Foo Fighters and Coldplay cresting on a wave of opiate euphoria with a twist of dreamy melancholic grandeur...”

A mind-blowing live set in support of THE FLAMING LIPS, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE & RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS at VoodooFest '06 left noone who witnessed the show in any doubt as to Terra Diablo's intent: this band means business.

Terra Diablo released their second album "Deluge Songs" (Nocturnal/SonyRED) in the Fall of 2007. Produced in New Orleans by the team responsible for EVANESCENCE and MUDVAYNE, this record kicked off a fully backed, fully charged and fully committed assault on the European/US rock markets. See this band soon.