TERRAE compagnia di musiche popolari
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TERRAE compagnia di musiche popolari

Messina, Sicily, Italy

Messina, Sicily, Italy
Band World Folk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"La Sicilia"

…Terrae melts with extraordinary expression contemporary sounds and tradition…They are innovative, rich of rythmic and melodic tension, modern and ancestor at the same time…. - Giuseppe Attardi

"Ferro e Tabacco"

…Listening to this project you feel to be involved in somewhat sacred and precious, thanks to a construction of folk rich of colors and inserts that quakes the belly… - Francesca Grispello

"Il giornale della musica"

A sort of manual to prog-folk…conducted with sureness towards elsewhere more likely to future of folk… - Guido Festinese

"Folk Bulletin"

…Terrae set themselves out of simplifications that populate world music circuit… A cd non accidetally seems to be more appreciated in foreign countries more than Italy, suggesting itself to mature listeners who search creative impulses. Absolutely advised. - Roberto G. Sacchi


…Popular music in progressive mood, very enjoyable, never banal; just like a musical guide in the entrails of Trinacria. - Pier Andrea Canei


…The listening to this band tells you are in the right place to hear a prototype of world high level fusion music… - kory


…A regardful project – cultural further than musical – which doesn’t castels in handing on, it delivers contents with world languages. - Enrico Veronese


…Styles and assonances stir naturally and without arbiter: music of the world, sicilian traditional music, electronic, experimental, rock and much more. This music hits the mark continuosly. Sicilian music that scoop both the past, present and future. - Juri Giannini


….stories that don't aim to be a postcard from Sicily, but rather are attestation of a world music really necessary, almost record however being music and therefore keeping a good level of enjoyment, risen high, in this work, by the skills of the musicians...... to some extent a CD that Peter Gabriel omitted to publish for “Real World”.......really interesting, full of autonomy and personality. Let your belly estimate else, but quality world music is not so frequent........ - PierLuigi Zanzi


….extremely interesting work, that traces solidly and naturally new expressive lanes, as only an already achieved artistic maturity allows. Not only for world music, which needs this, otherwise could be defined traditional music, but even for a more developed concept of music trough and trough. And the directions taken by this group of musicians are really convincing...... - Antonello Oliva


Terrae Compagnia di Musiche popolari created a very interesting project........A strong CD than doesn't skimp emotions, touching directly the listener's heart with it's stories.....the group expands itself with very original world sounds, as to seek a new idea of chamber music.....Unknown People is a lush CD, in which music acquires a social dimension, dens of memory an hopes for future. - Renato Giorgi

"Folk World"

Eight years ago founded band who mixes ancient and modern acoustic Sicilian sounds. Their previous album got strong reviews and was praised for its own identity and craftsmanship. On this new album, called Unknown people, the quartet shows great progression. Traditional songs mixed with original material in a natural blend. Together with a few guest musicians who appear on one or two songs, Terrae impresses with a modern kind of folk that is deeply rooted in the melting pot of cultures Sicily is. What impresses me the most is the intriguing polyphonic singing. The opening track Coru is one of the best examples of the very own sound of the bands polyphonic quality. But they impress in many other ways as well. Quantu basinicò is a beautiful, bit melodramatics song with again typical (solo) vocal parts by guest vocalist Simona di Gregoria. In this great song, and some others, the band added some very soft electronic parts. Very well chosen and perfectly fitting in the music. Attenzione attenzione shows how they keep on experimenting and adding unexpected twists to their music. This is a strong album with modern folk music from Sicily of the best quality. - Eelco Schilder


The Sicilian group Terrae, found above all a beautiful true formula, to describe the attempts of this disc. Great games of plectra and flutes, fragrances of Near East, irregular tempos and wrapping lullabies, a sour voice in the midday sun peak, experiments with materials belonging to tradition. - Guido Festinese


The musical and textual messages of the Sicilian are fascinating from the first to the last sound. With cultured music and popular music Terrae dive us in a musical world yet unknown between Europe, North Africa and the Arabic world. Terrae is a serious musical group. - Martin Steiner


Running through the Mediterranean along the parallel 38, lands like Andalusia, the north maghreb and Sicily are crossed. As a thin thread that wraps the voices of those people the musical company Terrae from Messina (Sicily), collects the echoes of those sounds and popular songs and comes out with this beautiful work in which tradition comes reread with the contemporary sounds (an indeed interesting debut). - Paolo De Bernardin


In this first test Terrae surprises just for wealth of ideas, personal vision of the musical argument and expressiveness maturity.(...) Ten tracks, each with a specified personality, that evolve in an equilibrium context. In a word, another group to hold eye on, and a cd surely to be listened to. - Antonello Oliva

"Tribe Magazine"

This work is beautiful and wrapping. Their music originates from the classic tradition and popular Italian music. Songs are played magnificently, they are beautiful, intense and sincere. "Canzuna" and "U bammineddu" open and warm up the heart. A convincing test. - Unknown

"World Music Magazine"

The Sound of Terrae and the sense of the arrangements touches remarkably refine levels advising important expressive possibilities. - Alberto Achilli


- "38° parallelo, instabili terre" (FolkClub Ethnosuoni, 2005)
- "Unknown People" (FolkClub Ethnosuoni, 2010)



One land, many lands, where every man and woman are foreigners, not recognizable by their digital prints but by the signs the sun impressed on their faces, by the sounds stored in their memories, by the scent left on their skins by the common sea.
Lands where we can sow ancient seeds to grow new plants which shall give life to new seeds not genetically but culturally modified.
Lands where we can build houses, not border walls or reception prisons.
Lands of men and women, of children and old men.
We imagine them making use of what we know, of our words and sounds; to do this we look back in our memories and mix the languages of yesterday and those of today.
With its eyes constantly fixed on a direction, south of the 38th parallel, the debut of “Terrae - compagnia di musiche popolari” ideally rejoined the threads of an ancient cohabitation, exploring its own memory and putting it alongside nearby cultures and musical traditions. The result is a traditional and at the same time innovative music, making popular melodies (from Sicily, Andalusia, Maghreb) resound in modern environments, bending classical instruments to popular expressive needs, decomposing familiar musical worlds and recomposing them in a personal manner. This work, started with the debut album "38° parallelo, instabili terre", is now going on with "Unknown People", Terrae's new release that is going to be published in late Spring 2010. "Unknown People" is a very mature disc, with jazz and modern influences perfectly mixed to the usual roots sound of the band.