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The best kept secret in music


""Rising Star Shining""

Every once in a blue moon, while doing my job, I come across someone who blows my expectations out of the water. Terra Grimard was just such a person. I can’t say exactly what I was expecting, but certainly this entirely together, completely focussed 20 year-old, was not it. From the moment I met Terra, I knew that while she is a rising star, this girl has her feet planted firmly on the ground. Team that with her limitless creativity and a voice like siren-song, and you’ve got a sure-fire recipe for success.

This summer, Grimard (who’s originally from Kamloops) will embark on her first headlining tour, an adventure that will take her coast to coast, charming the socks off Canadians in bars, coffee shops and lounges at every stop. While she is no stranger to the tour process (last summer, she was the opening act for Allison Crowe’s Crying in a Rainstorm tour, and earlier, toured with sister Carly as The Grimard Sisters), this tour marks a departure for Grimard; a new CD, a new band and a new style that’s all her own.

Since last year’s album, Sitting Here, Grimard’s style has evolved, moving into a hybrid jazz form. “I would describe the music as jazz-influenced rootsy rock,” Terra explains. The new CD, Static, offers a sampling of seven all-new songs written by Grimard and band-mate Kristopher Ruston. “All the sounds are quite diverse,” she explains, “but it all sounds like me.” And that sound? Imagine the airy quality of a young Jewel, but with the power of one of Grimard’s musical icons, Ella Fitzgerald. Which might explain her foray into a more jazz-based style. “My music is symbolic of how I’m feeling,” Grimard says. “With jazz, I really think that I can be completely creative.” Not one to rest on her laurels, Grimard has been honing those creative skills at Capilano College, along with band-mates Kris Ruston and Nimish Parekh. (The fourth member of the group, Dan Sia, studies at UBC).

Among her greatest inspirations, Grimard cites the incredible support of friends and family. Ruston (who also plays guitar in the band) has done all of the recording for both of Terra’s CDs. “He and I are a team with a lot of the work I do; he definitely deserves a lot of credit.” She adds, “I depend so much on my friends and family for their support and contributions to what I do. That’s what keeps me going.” When it comes to management, however, Grimard doesn’t seem to need any help.

For the upcoming tour, Terra has done all of the promoting and booking herself. “I’ve been doing it for a long time,” she tells me. Having done promoting for The Grimard Sisters, as well as taking promotion and management courses through Music BC, Grimard certainly comes well prepared to tackle self-management. “I actually like doing it,” she smiles, “That way I can do what I want and I’m in control.” When I bring up the difficulties of the road Grimard is pursuing, she smiles. “It’s tough,” she admits, “but it’s so fulfilling. I enjoy the challenge. And the thought of reaching people who enjoy what you’re doing – it’s exciting.”

When I ask Terra what the future holds, she is again pragmatic. “I just want to keep doing music, and whatever’s going good, then that’s good, if you know what I mean. I love the performing and I love the business… I hope the performing works out, but if not, that’s okay too. I have other things.”

For this spirited young woman, it would seem that the sky is truly the limit. When she left my office after our interview I knew I’d be seeing Terra again – on the Junos, or the Grammys...

- Samantha MacDonald - Grasslands Magazine, July 2003

""Sounded Beautiful""

"I have heard some great stuff lately at the club. Young Vancouver vocalist Terra Grimard did a night at the club and sounded beautiful... Very creative which seems to be a theme that I like lately."
- Cory Weeds - jazz club and record label owner

""Her Personal sound is Captivating""

“Terra’s natural talent and commitment to her music set her apart from the crowd. A gifted and hard-working songwriter, her sweet, soulful and very personal sound is captivating. She’s also very beautiful and an increasingly confident performer. Keep an eye on Terra Grimard...”
- Kate Hammett-Vaughan - Juno nominee

""Tsunami Relief Concert Evokes a Britney Spears demolishing performance""

"I was particularly moved by Terra Grimard and her original piece, "Ugly Butterfly." It was just beautiful, and I can't think of any better word to describe it. Her voice was enchanting. I felt almost in a trance, flooded with an unnamed emotion that stuck with me long into the night."
- Clair Carreras - Capilano Courier, Feb. 22, 2005


"Terra" EP released August 2006
"Static" EP released July 2003
"Sitting Here" EP released June 2002


Feeling a bit camera shy


"A fresh soulful sound shaped by striking lyricism that is groove-based and melodic. Combining elements of jazz, acoustic soul and funk, her music is warm and infectious, one which reveals a concealed energy that inevitably flourishes into a mesmerizing afterthought. "
Robyn Chan-Kent (redjive5 productions)

What stands out about Terra's music is that it never escapes being soulful. The Terra Grimard Group creates grooves that emanate the skin and make you want to bare down and sway. Influenced by the creative colors of jazz and the funky beats in r&b, this music inspires self and celebrates life.

Since the age of twelve Terra has been creating music and always felt it was what she was meant to do. As a teenager she immersed herself in performance and learning about the music business. After winning the Women Rock Scholarship in 2000 Terra went on two cross-Canada tours, first as a support act on Allison Crowe’s "Crying in A Rainstorm" tour and then headlining her own "Static" tour in 2003. Finding herself studying jazz and amongst some of Vancouver's finest musicians, Terra has now put together a group that has been creating a buzz in the jazz scene. Landing a great gig in the 2006 International Jazz Festival and being picked up by a Toronto booking agent has fueled new opportunities. A recent tour to Toronto (March 2007) showcased the band at the University of Toronto's "Jazz at Oscar's" series.

The group is now marinating some fresh music and plans to record a new project this spring. Details TBA.