Terra Guitarra

Terra Guitarra


Award winning virtuosity combines with pure joy as guitar duets dance in a folk meets flamenco style creating explosive energy and luxurious melodies that inspire and uplift. 15CD's, over 2500 performances, and a million miles touring in 13 years.


Terra Guitarra, the instrumental guitar project from the legendary, award winning duo Patchouli, fuses neuvo-flamenco, and folk idioms to create their own music style, “world folkmenco”. Performing blazing guitar duets to inspiring power folk, their energy and chemistry leaves the audience uniquely uplifted and transformed. With over 2500 performances, in 13 years of touring, 1,000,000 miles on the road and 15 CD’s, the International Folk Alliance president dubbed them “America’s hardest working duo”. An independent success story, whose performance is described as “taking a yoga class in a field of running mustangs”, Terra Guitarra is virtuosity combined with pure joy.


Terra Guitarra Albums
Dragonfly 2011 (LP)
The Mother Night 2010 (LP)
Terra Guitarra 2008 (LP)
Winter Solstice 2008 (LP)

Live at the Mabel Tainter Theater (LP)
The Woodlands (LP)
The Summer Finding (LP)
The Light Behind You (LP)
Once in the ring (LP)
Come a Little Closer (LP)
The Day we let Go (LP)
Visions (LP)
Sunshine Baby (LP)
Live at the House (LP)
Strawberry Blues (LP)

Set List

Original instrumental compositions of Terra Guitarra.
typical 45min -90 min set.