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Terran Spiral's music is Electrionic Cinematica. Music that can create the feeling you are in a movie, and we all at times make our own movies within our minds, our music can unlock that and take you anywhere you want to go.


Terran Spiral began as a solo project. A couple of friends, Michael Flint, who plays Chapman Stick, and Tina Van Valey Rolfs, (who I had already begun working on a song called Jilly's Dream) helped me to get the ball rolling on this new endeavor. All the music on the new CD was going to be instrumental except for "Jilly's Dream" and one other song called "Dimension in Orcas Light", which I had written a few years prior while camping out on Orcas Island in the San Jaun Islands.
I went Downtown Seattle to see a band called Josette's Eye. There I met Esther Mathison who not only was in that band but also opened with a Duo she was in called A Thousand Young. I was blown away by her style and melodic sense. After I was introduced to her, I told Esther about my project and about this song. She agreed to check it out and the rest is history. A while after our CD was released Josette's Eye broke up and she ended up joining Terran Spiral as a full member. Thus Terran Spiral was now a duo, no longer a "solo project"
At this time Esther and I are working on new music for a new CD.
The arts beyond music have also played a big influence on what I write. Books, Film, TV, and Computer Games, have all played on my imagination and inspired what I end up writing. Books like "Dreams Underfoot" inspired "Jilly's Dream". Tomb Raider of course inspired "Lara's Mystery". I tend to see images and even make up stories when I listen to music and that is what makes my music "tick" so to speak. I desire to make music that can feel as if you are in a movie or a story of some sort. And that is what Terran Spiral is all about. Taking you into another dimension, sending you on an adventure into your own imagination where you could do anything end up anywhere. To me that is the magic of music. And why music is Magic!
And the journey evolves as we work on the music for the next CD, we have come to an apt title for it: "The Movie in Our Minds". This is the essence of what our music is, movies which can tell any story. Our music can go in many directions, and could fit nicely into a genre we call "Cinematica". Not just sweeping dreamy sounds that evoke certain soundtracks for a movie, but music that can go anywhere, be it romantic, political, scary, Sci Fi/Fantasy....
Movies, stories in any form can be about pretty much anything and that is what our music is and will be. So sit back close your eyes and go down any path of your choosing......


Tears in a Crystal Box

Written By: Esther Mathison

Tears in a Crystal Box

All my hope has now abandoned me,
Crystal box which now imprisons me,
I was told to "Suck it up, don't be weak",
Now I find, nothing is more healing than grief.
Nothing is more healing than grief.

No one’s here to tell me that it isn’t right,
I’ve been saving up these tears all my life.
And now they’ve come to
purge my soul at last.
Never thought that they’d come spilling out of me so fast.
Tears are spilling out of me so fast...

And now, I can’t stop,
Teardrops flood my prison,
Make these walls seem like illusions.
And captors like ones who feed on delusions.
That I handled myself so well,
And I needed no one.

I’ve had my eyes closed for so long,
That all my hidden fears have come to life.
And as my tears force eyelids open,
The spell that seemed to trap my every thought is broken.

Something strange and almost mystical is in the air,
My clothes and hair are dry and I’m no longer standing there,
I’m floating far above the crystal box and I can see,
Only a box of tears twenty feet beneath me.

It’s like a miracle to have the chance to feel again…
No shackles holding back the instinct or the freedom.
The inner strength I feel is something like salvation.
To feel anything, after so long, is salvation.
I was…
Afraid to feel...Salvation.

Rusty Bones

Written By: Esther Mathison

To you, I'm just a body, caught in the snow, color drained from the eyes.
And you, open my mouth wide, perfect pill so I can swallow the lies.
All the illusion is gone. And sobriety just doesn't mean much.
You took our faces away. Nothing left alone too precious to touch.
Pain is something nobody can threaten. It belongs to me. Like a sanctuary.
Nobody can live on your excuses. Guess you've thought of that. It's your perfect world.

And now, what you call freedom, is freedom to die starving, lonely, and mad.
We see, all the resources, held in perfect view what we'll never have.
What does my trembling convey? Fear and hatred, weakness, no will to fight.
Can't make my voice fade away, neverending torture, no end in sight.
Hell is something humans have created, all the suffering, angels bleeding,
Haven't got the strength to save tomorrow. Gone into the past, heaven's fading fast.

I hear, the names you call me. Feministic lesbian, man-hating bitch,
And you never wonder, when or why my politics made such a switch,
You say I'm always to blame, me the anti-patriotic poster child.
Who is it never properly ashamed, sins against humanity painted as mild.
You keep spinning rationalization. Please excuse me while, I replace my dropping jaw.
Propaganda never seemed poetic. There's no justice here. Only martial law.

Consider me defective as of this moment.
There's no justice here, only martial law.
If I have to live by your rules, I don't want to live.
There's no justic ehere, only martial law.

(Spoken word)
Little white pills...Over counter bottle,
Fed to me from birth...mother's milk...bottle.
You take away my freedom, supply me with a drug.
You fill my head with lies, you pour them in my mug.
So why not have a drink? Why not let it numb?
Though no one's died in Detox from illegal heroine,
Only alcohol and sleeping pills can kill you in this fashion,
Small drinks kill you slowly, Liquor with a passion.
And what about the other drugs lobbyists say are "fine?"
As long as working man has his smokes, the gov says cancer's "fine".
It doesn't take an accountant...to see how they decide...where to draw the line.
Somewhere between their pocketbooks and keeping the masses satisfied,
Or shall we say "the sheep are pacified"...by overmedication, when compassion could have saved their lives.
All my kin are dead. I can see it in their eyes. All my friends have given up. Comforted by lies...you have told us,
And you've told us, "Never ask for more." How could any of us stand up to you, when you keep us on on the floor,
How could we dare to dream? What good is dreaming for? I will tell you,
I will tell you. This...is...not...my...1984.

Dragon Is Dead

Written By: Esther Mathison

I wonder about the loss of wonder in everyday life where no one is looking.
I wonder about the death of mystery. There haven't stopped being mysteries,
We've just stopped paying attention.
All the omens and the moments, life interupted by dream,
Have been slowly dying, until we no longer visit sleep.
But it is not with our eyes open that we see what we see.
If the heart can not guide us, we walk with a fool's assurance.
Each step could be our last, but in our minds we are immortal.
And yet we've scorned the only true way to live forever,
When you abandon the moment, you are already dead.


Terran Spiral: Time to Slide, released Nov 2001

Set List

Entropy on Blood
Electric Pony
Dimension in Orcas Light
Rusty Bones
Tears in a Crystal Box
Dragon is Dead
Lost Music
Is Light Dark
Can be an hour to an hour and a half