Chicago, Illinois, USA

[]Suit 1:You know how some albums have songs that seem to float out and crash into each other; how they sort of "coalesce into sub-movements along a discernible path"?
[]Suit 2:You're such a snob.
[]Suit 1:Dude, whatever. Have you listened to Paint Sky on Everything?
[]Suit 2:Never heard of it.


"Kicks up a hearty Andrew Bird-esque chamber-pop ruckus."
-Chicago Reader

William Neylon of Terrapin was raised by an incredible record collection. One of his earliest memories involves playing with the cover of Cat Steven's "Tea for the Tillerman".

In the fall of 2005, Neylon was accepted to the DePaul University School of Music, where he spent two years studying electro-acoustic composition and sound recording. It was during these years at the conservatory that he developed his unique style of combining folk instrument arrangements with electronic backbones.

Paint Sky on Everything, Terrapin's January 2011 debut recording, meanders through manifold styles and forms over the course of its six distinct tracks. Consisting of songs William Neylon wrote over a spasmodic seven-year span, it explores a wide landscape of voices. The record opens with a "folktronica" tune that blends Neylon's array of instruments and noisemakers with electronic beats, demonstrating the significant influence of Patrick Wolf.

The album was recorded over two manic November sessions with Chicago's Mickey Craft of Mystery Street Recording; with the exception of the record's third track, "My Best Andrew Johnson": a lo-fi home recording.

Terrapin's live shows commingle Neylon's vocals with accordion and electronic loops to form a unique and compelling experience. There is an undisguised sense that Neylon is fleeing from his past as acoustic cafe background noise.


The Maginot Line

Written By: Terrapin

i can walk through walls
if i'm drunk enough;
say a few prayers for the
usual stuff.
but i, for one,
do not believe
in all for one
or one for me.

who was the first to call constellations signs?
why did they make the maginot line?
i told you to wait 'til the stars were aligned,
but i don't think of astrology as a science

but a rose is a rose is a rose.
i don't know.

a cuisla, my angel, i watch you on high
through thermals and currents above me you glide.
but i am the turnpike, let no one inside,
bulldog skinned believer in consequence and pride.

Starboard Sirens

Written By: Terrapin

sing loud, starboard sirens, hurry:
tie me to the mast.
swing low, teenage dancer, couldn't
keep it in the past .

and so:
you plotted and botched
the crime of the century.
i know
you think that you got
my goat or got the best of me;

you're searching for a hint of sorrow
in the cryptic bits of verse i borrowed
and placed in your letters so deviously.

sing loud, starboard sirens, hurry
tie me to the mast.

and so:
you plotted and botched
the crime of the century.
i know
you think that you got
my goat or got the best of me.

what poor an Instrument
may do a noble deed.
i bet that's what they told you to say.

My Best Andrew Johnson

Written By: Terrapin

eleanor blew her inheritance;
overdose stalks my acquaintances.

i hope you don't keep that old locket,
pawn the car or kick the bucket,

little brown haired girl with hollow eyes:
i have always kept myself informed
for you've always been my yellow bird,
and this Bird you cannot chain.
Lord help me, i have changed

and i like to think of you in this way:
shining above me with the canopy curtains
framing the curves of your iberian face.
take care of yourself, kid.


Paint Sky on Everything (2011)

Set List

Standard Terrapin Set:

30-75 minutes
90-100% original music

Example Setlist (10 Feb 2011 - Pancho's)

the maginot line
pigeon song (written by patrick wolf)
starboard sirens
song E (new)
my best andrew johnson
song D (new)
bachelor's grove
streets on fire (written by dan bejar)
holy thursday
i'm always right (written by sara kay)
dog days