Terrapin Moon

Terrapin Moon

 Springfield, Ohio, USA

Terrapin Moon is a serious exploration of Grateful Dead music and philosophy. We bring a huge amount of jam experience as well as knowledge of the material!


This is an effort undertaken about 3 yrs. ago by Charlie Roark,after spending 12 yrs. writing music and playing drums in an original rock band.We take the music the Dead played and add to it our own unique improvisational styles.We strive to interpret the songs differently each time we play them,never repeating a show.

Set List

Our sets range in length from about 45 minutes to almost 2 hrs. A few of the tunes we do are- Eyes of the World,Scarlet Begonias-Fire on the Mountain,China Cat Sunflower-I know you Rider,Touch of Grey,Playin' in the Band , and many,MANY more.