Terre Differenti

Terre Differenti


Multi Ethnic World Fusion band from Italy


The ensemble was founded in 1998, and the history of the musical collaboration among its members dates back to twenty years ago, when Fabio Armani, the leader, and Alessandro D'Aloia, the drummer, played in their own jazz quartet. Other musicians joined the band after their collaboration to another project called Advena Avis, where medieval music is merged with electronic and ethnic elements. Currently the band is formed by a lot of talented artists from all around the world.


Different Lands

Written By: F. Armani

Once again I have dreamt of different lands
Distant, lost beyond mind's sight
My skin so different, my hands like black dust
Once again an alien geography which I know so well
From which my face of clay is born and will return
Breathing nostalgia for a future which shall never be
Mother Earth

Mother Earth
My feet tread the soil in search of the unknown steps of an eternal ritual
Obscure mirror for a distant sea

And my mouth spouts words of stone, matter for new and ancient alchemies
To shape a vase of fantasy
In sandy rituals
In icy deserts

Mother Earth
I cling to you, I drop to my knees after drifting endlessly in a salty ocean

Once again in different lands

Kam ma Kam

Written By: Fabio Armani

Kam ma kam kam ma kam kam ma kam
Kam ma kam kam ma kam kam ma kam

Feel the wind
catch the stars
on the sand I lie

Through the wings of dawn
I will sing
to the dunes
my despairing love

So cold
so dark
is the blood
of the Earth heart?

One fear
One touch
One of us

Two hands
Too soon
To shed all hope

Kam ma kam kam ma kam kam ma kam
Kam ma kam kam ma kam kam ma kam

Stone of dreams
black the Sun
I still call in vain

Through the waves of sorrow
I will cry
to the land
my forgotten love

To touch
your hands
in the night
of this desert hope


Terre Differenti - DL 071 (2000)
Cities of Dreams - ODCD 001 (2005)
Open Doors - DL 079 (2007)

Set List

In our set we play for 2 hours a list of 15 songs:

1. Different Lands
2. God of Thunder
3. Lost in her World
4. Spliters of Reality
5. Sculptor of Clouds
6. The Witches and the Desert
7. Mirror
8. Amal
9. Tartessos
10. Legend of the Wind
11. Cities of dreams
12. Dance for the Moon
13. Jaded Moons
14. Beyond the Dunes
15. Kam ma Kam