Terrell King

Terrell King


Terrell King is a collision of inspiration themes and popular melodic production. The 21 singer/songwriter/producer is out to prove that Christian music is hotter than ever. You can purchase his debut digital release on intunes, Amazon.com, Audio Lunch Box etc.


German born , now Atlanta based artist Terrell King, is out to prove that christian music is hotter than ever. The 21 year old singer/songwriter/producer is sure to blaze the world with his unique voice and masterful writing skills. Having already worked with some of the rest in the business ( providing background vocals and songwriting) Terrell King plans to introduce the Christian market to a new idea of artistry. The self professed army brat has been all around the wold with a vareity of musical influences to prove it. Terrell's music encompasses everything from pop to hip-hop, from traditional gospel to electronica. His debut album due 2008, is sure to gleam with collaborations with Stylaz Fuego ( Chamillionaire, Snoop Dog, Kelis), Kyle Lovett (Kiki Sheard, Joann Rosario, Canton Jones),Kendrick Dean (Chirs Brown, Day26, Destiny's Child) and MANY others. His debut digital release is availble now online EVERYWHERE!


Almost Clear EP ( Avista Records)

Set List

Set includes songs from the EP Almost Clear , and also cover songs on select dates. Some sets even feature new tracks from Terrell King's official release slated for the spring of 09.