Terrell Varvorines

Terrell Varvorines


My voice has been described as a hot cup of coffee on a cold rainy day. My music is a recently discovered hidden talent. I had no Idea I was capable of composing music. It makes me wonder what else I am capable of. I can’t believe I have almost 100 subscribers on my youtube channel.


I am lucky that my voice is very unique and stands out against everything that is out there in just the sheer fabric of its sound. I imaging that in the 1910’s and 20’s, Jazz was cutting edge new music. Today, I believe forms of electronica from dance to lounge/chill are today’s cutting edge. Technology evolves and new processing effects, creating new never heard manipulations of sound that appeal to me. I have often heard my voice compared to Sade with its smooth and rich tones within its expressions. What I bring to it that is modern is the ability to creatively add in more notes in a phrase with out over doing it (melisma) as in today’s music.

After not being able to find a producer or band, I decided to take matter in my own hands and compose my own music at home. It took time and valuable feedback from music professionals, but my music improved and rose to a level I totally could have never expected. My music composition influences are composers like, William Orbit, Tocsa and Sade.


There are many expamples of my work here..


Set List

I have 5 original songs I will perform and one cover. The cover is Bjork's "One Day" from her 1993 Debut Album. I am currently working on a remake of Culture Clubs. "Do you really Want To Hurt ME"