Terrible Eagle

Terrible Eagle


Primal electronic psychedelic rock music


Formed in New York in 2007 Terrible Eagle is an offshoot from the Swarm of Angels Collective that has spawned bands such as Indian Jewelry and The Electric Set. The members of Terrible Eagle have been playing together in these various forms for the past decade recording and performing internationally. The band is formed around the duo of Ken Consumer and Brandon Davis but it consists of a rotating cast of musicians that come and go based on geography and availability. This approach guarantees an evolving sound and style. The group has relocated to Hamburg, Germany in the past year and is focused on extensive touring throughout the European continent.


Blackwater EP released on Tigerbeat 6 in 2008.
TE - 393 is recently recorded material to be released as soon as we finish mixing it

Set List

Our sets run anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the night. We play all original compositions. Of late we have been concentrating on the songs:
War Crimes
X Kapital
Say Yes Again
I Will Never Stop
End In Suicide
The Moneyshot