Terrible Spaceship

Terrible Spaceship

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Ambient Synthetic Horror Pop. Intelligent Dance Music. War of the Worlds with a Beat. Portishead meets DJ Shadow and Orson Welles in a Twilight Zone episode.


Terrible Spaceship rediscovers media from the past and resuscitates it into a modern music and video multimedia experience. Utilizing both samples and live instrumentation for its original scores, the band has been described by the Chicago Tribune as "equally influenced by Danny Elfman, Portishead and Orson and H.G. Welles." (bit.ly/t6anLo).


"Invaders: 1938"
Release date: Jan. 5th, 2013
Available on iTunes, Bandcamp, and streaming everywhere.

Set List

We need the ability to run video and audio from a laptop on the stage. We can bring our own projector or use yours if you have one.


We can perform our first album, which runs about 33 minutes.

Or we can perform our first 2 albums, which runs about 1:10

Or we can do both with a preview of the 3rd record, which runs about 1:30.