terrible twos

terrible twos


Art Damaged punk n roll. People fall of the stage, guitars come unplugged, guitars get smashed, some people get scared, more people get inspired. Aphex twin and Richard Hell holding hands and falling down the stairs. In a world(and a city) of nastalga The terrible twos bring a much needed racket.


Your father probobly likes garage rock, so do we. And we also like noise, electronics, punk rock, and whatever we feel like. The Terrible Twos and their contempararies (Tentacle Lizardo, Human Eye, Little Claw, Pirhanas, Genders, Pizazz) are destructing all of contemarary music and shoving back in your face. If its sounds cool do it. The sight of the Twos on stage will stick in your mind for weeks after u saw them: Jeffrey's face reddened determined to keep time, jonanthan's feet slidding from left to right, Christopher spazzing out in the middle of the audience, and Aho soaks it all in without looking surprised. Influences are boring to talk about, and the Terrible Twos are bored with everything, so instead will make you pay attention so you dont have time to decide who or what we sound like.


-4 song self recorded demo
-Full Length album coming out in March, recorded by Jeffrey Meijer (white stripes, avatars, detroit cobras, rocket 455, nathanial meyer)

Set List

Sets are about a half hour to 45 minutes. Short and sweet. With about 25 originals to choose from sets will change though some songs sure to be included are:
-Killed by a Cubal
-Spitting Image
-Radical Tadpoles
-the Nightflush
-Advice Column
-Rebel Rerun