Terribly Empty Pockets

Terribly Empty Pockets


Ineffably witty pop. It's craftily arranged melodies executed by charming and anxious literati, reminicent of New Zealand pop with lusher keys and vocal execution.


Terribly Empty Pockets began in 2005 when long time friends and collaborators Josh Holt, Sarah BB, Ben Colburn, Justin Riley and Ryan Jewell began playing together in Columbus, OH. Their jangley pop has taken them from Toronto to Austin with all points in between. Releases on Columbus Discount Records include the Sexy Word 7", and their EP Get Wet. An additional EP, Cat Mountain is forthcoming from Nettwerk. Wire Magazine has described Terribly Empty Pockets as "like very early Flying Nun stuff - keyboard wobble, incredibly nice buried pop hooks and all". Big Takeover Magazine calls them "equally smart and infectious" and Magnet says "the Columbus, Ohio, quintet is winning the war against reference points". Loaded with melody and a winking sense of naiveté, Terribly Empty Pockets charms listeners with their delighted anxiousness. The band is currently refining their debut full length and playing in Canada and the US.


2009- "Cat Mountain" EP on Nettwerk Records
2006- "Get Wet" EP on Anyway/Columbus Discount
2006- "Get Wet" LP on Anyway/Columbus Discount
2004- "Sexy World" 7" single on Columbus Discount

Set List

Terribly Empty Pockets generally plays 45 mins - 1 hr sets of original music.

Example set:
1. Billy Billy
2. Schoolbus on Fire
3. Sexy World
4. Corrina
5. Bend Over Backwards
6. Tiny View
7. Sweet When You Were Young
8. Trucks
9. Cleft Foot
10. Dad Song
11. Drunk On Gasoline
12. A-Okay