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Guitarist Terri England is shy. She begins her multi-instrumentalist album, "TONES OF THE TROPiCS", by laying off the guitar - the main instrument that leads every track of the album except the first, "Vera's Cruise". Instead, the guitar is heard far behind the Brazilian percussion in favor of the lead synthesized flute. Not that we're complaining—just noticing the unobtrusive nature of England's music and record. When the guitar makes its appearance it is with the melodic line in track 2, "Spring". The guitar is subtle, important, and understated, and the hollow tone of the nylon string guitar provides character to the apt guitar technique. There is an acceleration of guitar presence occurring, and it continues to build with the third track, "Setembro Sunrise". This time the instrumental has Latin guitar rhythm in the left channel while jazz guitar ala Howard Roberts populates the melody within its own frequency space. One of the most appealing aspects of England's music is not just that she performs all of it, but that the guitar tones and timbres run the gamut - nearly a lesson in what a tonal treat and mélange of guitars can be stirred into a record's ingredients. As the warm-up continues to grow into more aggressive pieces, track 4, "Moonlit Mood", continues in the vein with ambitious chordal repaginated creations in the break. It is here that we begin hearing England's level of fine technique. The composition is fairly straight-ahead, yet England takes liberties with rhythm and syncopation that make the track interesting. The guitar climax comes in the softer unobtrusive cut (track 7), "Just Before Sunset", as the shy heroine of the six-string comes out of the shell of obscurity and performs a guitar solo piece. The touch and beauty have been hinted at during the previous tracks, and now appears in full. The album is a lesson in the intentional pacing that will always be an art form in the order of song choice within an album. Indeed, it is the very difference between a musical journey and short abrupt trips. England's intent here is clearly on the journey, and she takes the listener on a relaxing enjoyable day of guitar and instrumental music that takes a few road directions from (Pat) Metheny in the process. - Don Kimenker


TONES OF THE TROPiCS (CD) Oct 16, 2007 Inglaterra Musica
Genre(s): Brazilian Jazz / Latin Jazz / Bossa Nova / Samba / World
UPC: 837101325202

1. Vera’s Cruise (3:40)
2. Spring (4:00)
3. Setembro Sunrise (3:42)
4. Moonlit Mood (3:23)
5. Dance of the Fireflies (4:25)
6. Lil’ Ray of Bossa (5:16)
7. Just Before Sunset (1:58)
8. Tones of the Tropics (4:38)
9. West Palm Drive (4:52)
10. Rush to Dusk (3:47

Distribution: Inglaterra Musica and Alliance Entertainment and Super D/Phantom Distribution through partnership with Hapi Skratch

The complete “TONE OF THE TROPiCS" CD and digital downloads can be purchased from Terri England’s website at TERRIENGLAND.COM, and from Apple iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Best Buy, CD Baby, For Your Entertainment, HMV and several online digital music outlets.

WJAB 90.9 FM – “Midday Jazz Show” Huntsville, AL
Acoustic Fuel LIVE!, Detroit, MI



Terri England is currently promoting her debut CD, “TONES OF THE TROPiCS” a unique combination of cool Brazilian and Latin rhythms, jazz highlights and classical orchestral arrangements, all blended with a 'secret sauce' that's all her own. The album is a ‘feel good’ collection of ten instrumental tunes that both energize and soothe, taking the listener on a stimulating sonic journey. England’s melodies flow above samba, bossa nova and batucada rhythms from Brazil and booty-shakin’ Latin beats. Playing fingerstyle guitar, she conveys a refreshing economy of expression that allows her music to ‘breathe’ while riding above rich harmonies, tight syncopated rhythms.

Fan comments: “I love this music! It’s phenomenal! I just can’t say enough nice things about it. I am thoroughly enjoying it!” (P.C.) “This CD is a fantastic debut—smooth, creative, and sassy.” (S.R.) “Love the samba, bossa nova, adore the Brazilian thing!” (T.D) “Couldn't stop movin’ to the groovin’! Fantastic!” (C.V.M.) “Really cool and different. Listening put me in a tropical mood.” (D.A.)

A native of South Texas, Terri England was born to a family of musicians, artists and entrepreneurs. At six years of age she took an interest in playing guitar that would never wane, while also receiving extensive classical training on piano and cello. During formal education her immersion in both art and music proved to be valuable experiences strongly influencing her later development as an independent artist. In particular, her orchestral activities would teach her to create dynamic musical arrangements.

In the early years England played guitar and keyboards in bands whose styles ranged from pop, rock and jazz, to country and retro 50’s style sock-hop tunes. Having an incredibly wide range of interests, England has never been satisfied devoting her energies to doing only one thing at a time. As a result, she spent years honing her musical abilities while also working as a graphic designer and earning a master’s degree in clinical psychology. During her involvement with a jazz band she would discover her “passion” after a fellow musician gave her an album by Flora Purim, a Brazilian vocalist. Terri was so taken by the syncopated rhythms, percussive nuances and beautifully rich chord voicings that she made a conscious decision to focus her own compositional energy on that particular genre. And finally at “40-something” she decided to seriously pursue her passion. Today, her music flows from the heart, influenced by so many Brazilian and Latin artists, including Flora and Airto, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Tania Maria, Oscar Castro-Neves, Sergio Mendes and American artist Lee Ritenour.