Terri Thurman Finck - Galliump! Children's Songs & Dances

Terri Thurman Finck - Galliump! Children's Songs & Dances

 Oregon City, Oregon, USA

Artist Terri Thurman Finck performs exciting songs and dances from Galliump! albums written by Terri and her mom Pat Harris. The mom-daughter song team presents shows and teacher workshops throughout Oregon featuring their award-winning music. Terri's dynamic performances thrill kids of all ages.


Mother-daughter song team Patricia Harris and Terri Thurman Finck, creators of the Galliump! Song Series, have been writing and performing children's songs since 1999. They perform for schools, libraries, bookstores, and for numerous other events throughout Oregon.
Terri is the principal performer with her mom assisting with dance steps, puppetry, and rhythm instruments as they invite children to participate. The duo has been enormously well received with many requests for repeat shows. Terri's beautiful singing voice, her sense of humor, and her magic rapport with children is making her a much sought-after children's performer.
The songwriting team has released four children's song albums: "Galliump!", "Galliump! Folk Songs and New Favorites", "Galliump Lullabies", and "Galliump! Around the World".
The songs use a varitey of music styles, including country, rock, popular, folk, classical, calypso, ragtime, bluegrass, and even a rollicking calliope piece. The new album, "Galliump! Around the World", features several jungle songs with vigorous drumming----which children love!
The albums and individual songs have won numerous national awards. The album, "Galliump Lullabies", was a 2007 Outstanding Products winner in the i-parenting Media Awards while the album "Galliump!" was a winner in 2005.
"Galliump Lullabies" was also a winner of Best Album for Babies and Toddlers in the 2006 Children's Music Web Awards.
In that same contest the song"Sea Biscuit" from "Galliump! Around the World" was named a Best Song for Older Children, and "Galliump!" was named Best Song for Pre-Schoolers.
The first three albums by the song team were named Best Audios for Children in the Parents Guide Media Awards, 2003.
Four individual songs from Galliump albums won Best Children's Song of the Year for four years in the Portland Songwriters National Song Contest.
Harris and Finck recently completed filming all the music segments (using their original music) in a television series for children, "Mother Goose and Friends," produced by Klamath Community Television. The series won two national awards and may eventually air on public television.
Harris and Finck also present teacher workshops, "Fun Children's Music Activities for Classroom or Music Room" for schools, universities, and other groups, including Willamette University (sixth time Oct. 07), University of Oregon, twice, Oregon Association for the Education of Young Children, state conference presenters in 2005 and 2006, and Keynote Speakers for Klamath Chapter OAEYC and Klamath Falls Head Start, both in 2004.
The ladies are enthusiastic about expanding their music, performances, and workshops beyond Oregon, believing strongly that high quality children's music impacts children profoundly!

Terri Thurman Finck - holds a Bachelor's Degree in Science from the University of Oregon where she graduated with a major in marketing and a minor in vocal music. She began her singing career in early childhood, performing in a family singing group with her three older sisters for church, school, and civic events. Terri sang throughout college with the prestigious University Singers, performing widely in the Pacific Northwest. Terri has taught several early childhood music classes through Canby Community Education, Canby, Oregon. Terri loves performing, especially for children!

Patricia Lou Harris - holds a Master's Degree in Music from the University of Oregon. She taught in public schools for 24 years, including music and classroom teaching experience, retiring early to write music and perform with her daughter Terri. Pat has had over 15 children's songs published and one musical play by music print publishers. She has directed children's choirs for several churches. Currently Pat teaches piano and early childhood music classes.



Written By: Patricia Lou Harris

A little green frog came hopping by.
He stopped at the lake and said, "Oh my! It's a mighty fine day to go for a swim. If you don't mind I'll hop right in."' Galliump! Galliump! Galliump, Galliump, Galliump-ump-ump! Galliump!,Galliump! Galliump, Galliump, Galliump!
A slow little turtle came walking by. She stopped at the lake and said, "Oh my! It's a mighty fine day to go for a swim. If you don't mind I'll walk right in." Galliump! (etc.same chorus)
A little red fox came trotting by. He stopped at the lake and said, "Oh my! It's a mighty fine day to go for a swim. If you don't mind I'll trot right in." Galliump, etc. (same chorus)
A big brown bear came tromping by. He stopped at the lake and said, "Oh my! It's a mighty fine day to go for a swim. If you don't mind I'll tromp right in." Galliump!, etc. (chorus)
A little black snake came slithering by. She stopped at the lake and said, "Oh my! It's a mighty fine day to go for a swim. If you don't mind I'll slither right in." Galliump1 (chorus)
My friend and I came hiking by. We stopped at the lake and said, "Oh my! It's a mighty fine day to go for a swim, but I really don't think we should hop right in! There's a frog, and a turtle, and a fox and a bear and a little black snake! They're swimming, all swimming, all swimming around the lake!"
Galliump! Galliump! Galliump, Galliump, Galliump-ump-ump! Galliump! Galliump! Galliump, Galliump, Galliump!

Singin' Alligator Boogie

Written By: Patricia Lou Harris

The Singin' Alligator
Down in Willy Nilly Swamp,
He loves to make some music,
And his singin' is hot!
You'll hear him in the swampland
Just a singin' for joy!
Oh yes, he really has the rhythm,
You know he has the rhythm,
The Singin' Alligator
Way down in Willy Nilly Swamp.

The Singin' Alligator
Way down in Willy Nilly Swamp!

Sometimes he gets together
With a drummer named Lloyd.
The drummin' and the jammin'
Make the swampland roar!
You'll hear them in the swampland
Just a singin' for joy!
Oh yes they really have the rhythm.
You know they have the rhythm!
The Singin' Alligator
Way down in Willy Nilly Swamp!

Grandpa's Farm

Written By: Patricia Lou Harris

My Grandpa has a magic farm
With wonderful things to see.
It's fun to visit Grandpa's farm.
Now come along with me.

My Grandpa works
On the farm all day,
From dawn to setting sun.
But when the evening crickets sing
He believes in having fun!

Way down on Grandpa's farm,
Let the good times roll!
Way down on Grandpa's farm
Where the cat plays the fiddle
And we dance just a little
Way down on Grandpa's farm.

When evening comes
We have a party
Right down in the barn.
We dance and sing
'Til the rafters ring
Way down on Grandpa's farm.

My Grandpa plays the banjo fine.
I like to play the drum.
Now you can play the tambourine.
It really will be fun! (chorus)

The horse goes dancin'
Round the barn
With a rabbit on his back.
The red hen lays a golden egg
While the old duck sings,
"Quack! Quack!"

The pig is sing' in her sleep
With an "Oink Oink!"
Here and there.
Her piglets squeal with pure delight.
You'll want to cover your ears. (cho)

The sheep will dance
With the billy goat.
They cut the rug, those two.
The mice all squeak
In the loft above
As the old cow sings, "Moo! Moo!"

The donkey brays a joyful song
While the frogs all sing, "Redeep!"
Mama cat sings a loud "Meow!"
While her kittens fall asleep. (cho)

When midnight comes
We stop the music.
Animals go to bed.
We walk back to the old farm house
And rest our weary heads.

Our Grandma tucks us into bed
After eating apple pie.
We sleep all night
'Til the rooster crows
And the sun is in the sky. (chorus)

Down on Pelican Bay

Written By: Patricia Lou Harris

Ida May is a pelican.
She catches her fish with her billican
Takes it home to her chillican
Who live on Pelican Bay.

In the morning you'll see her soar
Over the lake fishing off the shore.
Her babies are yelling
For more and more
Down on Pelican Bay.

In winter they'll fly
To the Southern Seas
For life on the sand
And a gentle breeze,
But they will return
In the month of May,
Back to Pelican Bay.

Soon her chicks will be big and then
They'll catch their own fish
With their billicans,
Filling up their own belligans
Down on Pelican Bay.

In the morning you'll see them soar
Over the lake fishing off the shore
To feed their babies
Who yell for more
Down on Pelican Bay (chorus)

Repeat verse 1 and special ending.

Sea Biscuit

Written By: by Patricia Harris & Terri Thurman Finck

There was a little horse.
Sea Biscuit was his name.
He was scrawny and short.
Now wasn't that a shame?

A man named Howard
Saw a twinkle in his eye.
He bought that horse.
Nobody knew why.

He found an old trainer
And a jockey too.
They loved the feisty horse
And knew what he could do.

He started winning races
Over and again.
The scruffy little horse
Had the heart to win!

Then Howard called a race
With the best horse in the land.
His name was War Admiral.
He stood at eighteen hands.

His bragging owner said
He couldn't be beat,
A Triple Crown Winner
You'd never defeat!

Oh, the mighty War Admiral
Was a racin' down the track
Like a steam locomotive,
Sea Biscuit at his back.

They were roarin' down the stretch
'Til they soon were neck and neck.
The people were a screamin!
It was lookin' like a wreck!

Then the little brown horse
Found a brand new gear.
He pulled himself ahead
While everybody cheered!

Then Biscuit cocked his head
Lookin' Admiral in the face,
Sayin', "Sorry, big boy,
I'm gonna win this race!"

Oh, the crowd was goin' wild!
They were jumpin' everywhere
While their very favorite horse
Was flyin' through the air!

Then Biscuit crossed the line
With a smile on his face,
Sayin', "Sorry, big boy,
I had to win this race!"

Sea Biscuit won the race.
Nobody knew how.
That nobody horse
Was really somebody now!

Somebody, somebody,
Somebody, somebody now!

Repeat chorus.

Coda ending:
Now when you find yourself
Just a racin' down the track
Keep your feet straight ahead
And never look back!

Remember little Biscuit
Lookin' Admiral in the face,
Sayin', "Sorry, big boy,
I'm gonna win this race!

Never give up!
Never give up!
Never give up
And you will win that race!

Galapagos Island Shuffle (dance)

Written By: Patricia Harris & Terri Thurman Finck

The Galapagos Islands
Are the place to go.
There are more birds and animals
Than you will ever know.
There's a red-footed bird
A dancin' up in a tree.
I think she wants
To show the dance to you and me.

Oh, you shuffle to the left
To the count of four.
Then you shuffle to the right.
Count to four once more.
You cross your feet
And stomp 'em back,
Then do it once again.
You twist and shake
From side to side
And give it a spin.

I see a giant tortoise
Hangin' out by the sea.
A big sea turtle is lookin
Back at me.
They're movin' and a shakin'
To a rock-and-roll song.
They're hopin' now that you and I
Will dance along. (chorus)

The Galapagos penguins
Are a swimmin' in the bay
While the lizards and iguans
Are comin' out to play.
I think the great blue heron
Laid a brand new egg.
There's a pink flamingo
Dancin' on one leg. (chorus)

Jungle Beat

Written By: music by Patricia Harris; lyrics by P. Harris, Terri & Josh Finck

Way down south in the Amazon
Where the jungle is deep
And the days are long.
We hear the sound of music
Floating in the air.
The rhythm of the jungle
Is everywhere!

Down by the river in the mornin' sun
We see an alligator,
And he's on the run.
He's chompin' here and there
To find a bite to chew.
Better hurry by or it might be you!

Oh, we are walkin'
Through the jungle.
We feel the rhythm in our feet!
Oh, we are walkin'
Through the jungle.
We hear that jungle beat!

There are animals all around us,
And the rhythm is in the air.
Oh, they are talkin' to each other.
There's music everywhere!

We see a howler monkey
Swingin' in the tree.
She hollers her song
In the mornin' breeze.
She hollers here!
She hollers there!
Now everybody's hollerin',
I do declare! (chorus)

Walkin' along
We hear a hiss in the grass.
There's somethin' out there!
We'd better let it pass!
We see a little green boa
Slither through the grass.
It tickles her tummy
And makes her laugh. (chorus)

We see a great big toucan
Flying high in the sky.
He's showing his beak
As he flaps on by.
He snaps at me,
Then lands in a tree.
He's got the jungle rhythm
As you can see! (chorus)

There's a big black panther
Sitting up in a tree.
She's gazing around
Rather sleepily.
I think she's starting to purr
While looking up at the sky.
Let's tiptoe past her
And slip on by. (chorus)

(Coda ending after chorus:)
Oh, yeah the music is everywhere,
And the jungle is ours to share!

Phantom Ship

Written By: music by Patricia Harris; lyrics by P. Harris, Terri & Josh Finck

If you take a trip up to Crater Lake
When the moon is full and bright
And sit by the shore
You will surely see
The Phantom Ship take flight.

The ghostly crew lifts the
Tall white sails
As they move through the
Cool, clear night.
You'll hear the men
Sing a mournful song
As the Phantom Ship takes flight,
As the Phantom Ship taked flight.

Oh, the Phantom Ship
Was a mighty, mighty ship
That sailed the Seven Seas,
And now it sails over Crater Lake
For all the world to see
Out in Oregon so free!

Oh, the year was seventeen-
When the Phantom first set sail
From a British port
To recover pirate gold
And throw the thieves in jail.

They saythe crew
Found the cross-bone ship
With its pirates cruel and bold.
They won the fight,
Pub the thieves in the brig,
Then they set their sails for home.
As least that's
what we're told. (chorus)

Well, the Phantom Ship
Never more returned,
It's fate a mystery.
Perhaps it was cursed
By the pirate gold
Or lost in a storm at sea.

A Yankee captain
Found the ship afloat,
No sign of men or gold.
Just a map with an X
On Crater Lake.
That's how the story goes.
So he set his sails for home. (chor.)

The captain towed her
To Boston Town
And built that ship like new.
The Phantom Ship
Stood tall and proud,
The map the only clue.

He sailed her around
The old Cape Horn,
Then north to the Oregon shores.
He set her down on Crater Lake
To sail forever more.
Oh, to search forever more. (chor.)

Repeat first verse and chorus.

Suzie Lou

Written By: Patricia Harris (from Mystery of Willy Nilly Swamp)

Suzie Lou, Suzie Lou-Lou-Lou,
I'm cookin' up a nice
Little lunch for you.
I'll stir it around
While it's nice and hot.
Come and see what's cookin'
In the pot!

Add a little this and a little of that,
Alligator toenails
And whiskers from a cat.
Stir it around
While it's nice and hot.
Come and see what's cookin'
In the pot!

Cookin's a favorite hobby of mine.
New recipes are
Rather hard to find.
Add a little this and a little of that.
Now my cookin's makin' me fat!

Suzie Lou, Suzie Lou-Lou-Lou,
I'm cookin' up a nice
Little lunch for you.
I'll stir it around
While it's nice and hot.
Come and see
What's cookin' in the pot!

(Old woman does a dance
while stirring soup.)

I've stirred all day,
And it's nearly done.
Eatin' my lunch
Ought to be such fun!
So, come on, Suzie,
Get it while it's hot.
Come and see
What's cookin' in the pot! (chorus)

Repeat first verse.

Dairy Queen Bear

Written By: Patricia Harris & Terri Finck

There once was a grizzly in Bigfork, Montana.
they called him the Dairy Queen Bear.
He wandered into town just to have a look around.
He walked with a beat and wanted something to eat.

He shuffled down to the Dairy Queen
And ordered a blizzard. The lady gave a scream!
He slurped it down under an apple tree.
Then he winked his eye and did a dance for me.

Chorus: (stand-in-place dance)
Oh you rumble to the left, wiggling your hips just so.
Then you rumble to the right. Oh that's the way to go!
You jump, jump forward. Put your hands in the air.
You widdle-waddle backwards like the Dairy Queen Bear.

We all had a picnic in Bigfork, Montana,
Inviting the Dairy Queen Bear.
He gobbled all the chicken, but the people didn't care.
They thought it was great to have a big grizzly bear.

We followed him down to the swimming pool.
He jumped in the water. It felt so nice and cool.
He then climbed out splashing water on me.
Then he did his dance again for us to see. (Chorus)

We held a parade down in Bigfork, Montana,
The bear leading a marching band.
It was a celebration as we marched thru the town.
The kids called him James. Theyliked to have him around.

He led us down to the Dairy Queen
And ordered some ice cream. The lady gave a scream!
We ate together under an apple tree.
Then he winked his eye and did his dance, you see. (Chorus

He stayed a while before leaving the town,
Then he had to go before the ranger came around.
But he'll return to us another year,
And we will all remember him,
The Dairy Queen Bear. (chorus)


Galliump! CDs released:

Galliump! Folk Songs and New Favorites
Galliump Lullabies
Galliump! Around the World

"Jungle Beat" song from album Galliump! Around the World, made the children's song "charts" on the We Like Kids Show, KTOO-FM/KRNN-Fm, Juneau, Alaska, a prestigious radio show for children.

Set List

For performances for children, Pre-K through 5th graders, we often use these songs & dances:

The song "Galliump!" (from Galliump album)
(Children dramatize song with puppets & sound effects.) - all ages, especially Pre-K thru 3rd grade

"Louie Lion Rock" - stand-in-place dance from Galliump album - all ages

"Grandpa's Farm" - humorous sing-along-on-chorus song from Galliump! Around the World - all ages

"Galapagos Island Shuffle" - very popular stand-in-place dance accompanies this rock piece from Galliump! Around the World album; featured are animals and birds of the Galapagos Islands.

"Phantom Ship" - rousing orchestral song telling make-believe story of pirates and the Phantom Ship of Crater Lake National Park; from Galliump! Around the World - all ages, especially middle and upper grades A third grade class in Oregon went wild over this song, writing and performing a play based on this song.

"Amanda the Panda" - poignant song from Galliump! album telling of the pl