Terror D and Death Valley Records, Inc

Terror D and Death Valley Records, Inc

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Fresh and original through and through. Terror D is on the cutting edge of music. His lyrics are clever and punchy. All of his content hits the mark every time. Terror D is a true entertainer and easy to fall in love with.


I started in a group called Death Valley that I later turned into a record label. I have done several performances under the Death Valley name including numerous talents shows (some of which I won and was asked to come back as a feature artist) and I also was one of the featured artists at the community unity fest in Cabrini Green. I was the music score producer on a couple of independent films including Love Bones, Party Line and Welcome to the Southside (also some of my music is included in the movies). I also featured on a couple of mixtapes in major circulation (names included in discography). I just shot and directed my first music video. Also I submitted one of my songs to the number one radio station, 107.5 WGCI in Chicago, and have gotten airplay during primetime radio.


I have songs on the Coast to Coast Mixtape Shadyville Edition and Coast to Coast Mixtape DJ Khaled Edition. I have a song playing on Chicago State University radio (Eastside Crazy). Also I just released a mixtape on my own label title: Death Valley Presents Death B4 Dishonor featuring all of my artists. One of the songs from the mixtape called "Beautiful Day" have gotten airplay during primetime radio on the number one station, 107.5 WGCI in Chicago.

Set List

Respectively, I would perform: Who I b?, The Baddest, It ain't Looking Good, Cocktails, Beautiful Day, East Side Crazy. Sets will be about thirty minutes to forty-five minutes long. As far as covers, I have not done covers.