slimy yet satisfying eclectic experimental punk from Melbourne Australia, we like to push ourselves every chance we get, play with strange musical gadgets and sounds and most importantly have fun.


Terrordactyl began in the summer of 2007/08 as Leigh, Mike, Billy, Bec and Ryan as the dual screaming chaotic punk/electro/grind incarnation of music in its ugliest form.
Through tantrums, mishaps, explosions, injuries, missing band members and generally disrespecting our eardrums and bodies we've evolved to this final foursome of Mike, Leigh, Tim and Adrian. The newest set of tunes is a mine field of influences, ranging from technical math rock to garage rock/psyche to post hardcore creating a bizarre mesh of genres in a vaguely sensical form.


2009 EP: Terrordactyl will eat your soul
(5 tracks)

Set List

generally we play 7 or 8 songs a gig plus improv depending on time limitations.