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Terry Tertiary

Columbus, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Columbus, Ohio, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo R&B Hip Hop




"Meet Terry Tertiary from Chicago"

Today we’d like to introduce you to Terry Tertiary.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Terry. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I am a 30 years old Indie Musician who bounces between Chicago, IL and Columbus, OH. I began seriously pursuing music after I graduated from Hocking College in the Appalachian region of Ohio (2008-2010). I then continued my Career in Academia at Ohio University in Sociology but all the while working at the Office of Ohio University’s Media Arts and Studies (2nd in The United States at the time) 2010-2013. While there, I worked closely with all professors at the heads of their respective departments, all were multi-award winning professionals in film, music, audio, radio. Picking their brains I discovered a stronger way in which to include qualitative and quantitative methods into my music. All the while learning more about African American and other people of colors historical and social challenges in America from the mid 19th Century to present tied in with Intersectional Feminism. During this time I got to hone my skills opening up for mainstream artists such as the late Kevin Sharp, Pusha T, Machine Gun Kelly, Ace HOOD.

This gave me the experience necessary move to the next level, moving to Chicago, IL. But, before arriving me and a good friend who became a little Brother created a song (Free Your Mind) which earned us 74,000 streams thanks to the French House DJs, Bart & Baker reposting it to their SoundCloud page. When in Chicago (2013-Present) I was given the opportunity to Co-Host University Illinois Chicago, Radio interviewing such artists as Grammy Nominated, Stefan Ponce, Underground Hit Producer A-Villa and many more. Soon the radio was given to me in full thanks to my Brother 0cto5quid and I got the opportunity to be the host for 2 Years which totaled “me” at 5+ years on the air. During that time, we won several awards for Internet Radio. During my time as main Host, I had the pleasure of interviewing Add-2, Vic Spencer, Pugs Atomz, Adam Ness. I also found several large ways to give back to the community, the first was a combined effort of my Radio Show and several other Chicago local organizations, we curated Evolve And Thrive Music Festival in 2017. Evolve And Thrive Music Festival or E.A.T. Fest as we Nicknamed it pulled together indie musicians from all popular genres and featured musicians such as Adam Ness, Dometi Pongo and many others right before they got an even bigger break.

This Festival was also paired with former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s Administration, The Alderman of Wicker Park Chicago, The Fire Chief of Chicago and the Chief of Police “of” Chicago thanks to the efforts of Boombox Chicago and Latent Design. I also curated Showcases Partnered with GEAR Up Chicago for High Schools on the Southwest side of Chicago, featuring Windy Indy a violinist heavily featured in Fox Network’s Empire and Bianca Shaw. Next up was for me to refocus on my own musical talents so in 2017 and 2019, I performed original music in Chicago’s Blues Fest and gained Grammy Award Winning Artist Rhymfest as a Brother and Mentor, who helped oversee the Blues Festival program I was involved with. What’s next for me, well I’ve recently gotten 30,000 plays on a new single titled “Hurt Nobody” and am planning on releasing many more hits. I’m headed to Seattle and Portland for back to back shows in both cities and soon Sweden and following that Vancouver (BC). All this with no investment but my own and those who support my music that I like to call “Nakama” (Japanese for friends who are family).

Has it been a smooth road?
Going to School in a Rural and Racist area was fairly difficult. During the 2008-2010 time period, I barely saw faces that looked like mine and there were racial issues at Hocking College while I was attending that caused the FBI to become involved. Nothing serious, just the writing of racial slurs and threats attached to dates in bathrooms but it certainly spooked the campus and divided African Americans from the white majority and shrunk the friends of already marginalized groups. While at Ohio University I became a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, the first Intercollegiate African American Fraternity. This was hard to balance Fraternal Duties, being a leader for not only the African American community but communities for people of color as well, work, school and my music career on top of that but I managed, not effortlessly but successfully, earning my Bachelor’s in 2013.

Another Challenge was moving to Chicago, IL without a large amount of support from friends or family. Having to work a 9-5, successfully making $800 rent payments for a studio apartment, running the radio and using it as a platform for local artists and to establish myself as musician in Chicago all while setting up and attempting to be noticed or added on to musical performances. Now funding my own tour and simultaneously fundraising to keep funds coming in by myself, partially funding the E.A.T. Festival simultaneously, funding my music releases, editing my own music and keeping my standards high. It’s challenging but I love it because the journey is always teaching me how to love myself and improve and the rewards are sometimes only want I’m aiming for but a lot of the time it’s something I couldn’t have planned for, the random assistance of others, changing people’s lives for the better, inspiring people and myself and finding a whole new love for the life I’m leading while inching closer to become completely self-sustainable.

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
As “Terry Tertiary,” I am a one man business. I’m a Singer, Guitarist, Rapper, Producer, Songwriter, Curator, Educator, Community Involvement Specialist, Clothing Designer, Boutique Clothes Owner, Music Label Owner, Music Business Consultant. What I’m most proud of is not just the notable accomplishments but also the high Vibrational energy I leave in the wake of these accomplishments. Inspiring Others to follow their artistic dreams, giving back to the community, showing people how to speak the universal language of love. What makes me different is the spiritual aspect I tie into everything I do, encouraging Africana people to be connected with their ancestry to have knowledge of self, educating the youth in the arts, sneaking Spiritual messages into a dance song, getting people to sing the affirmations in my song such as “I don’t wanna hurt Nobody, I just wanna love somebody and maybe if we love somebody, we won’t have to hurt Nobody.” A group of 100+ yelling that louder than I can perform it is good for the planet, not just me.

I am currently on my way to Sweden thanks to the support of my Brother Logos from Sweden to record a demo in a state of the art recording studio at the end of February. We will also have prominent people from behind the scenes of the music industry sitting in on our sessions giving feedback. Impac, a songwriter from Chicago, has also assisted with the songwriting and performance on one of our singles from the project. The project is R&B/HipHop/Electronic and it’s called “Twin Flame” and we are looking at a Spring 2020 release.

Is Chicago a good place to do what you do?
Yes. There are so many people revolutionizing normal business models through the arts especially in terms of social change and being able to achieve their own level of success and I know I’m well on my way to achieving the former. I would definitely suggest Chicago because it’s an amazing test market. One of the largest melting pots in America with many of us neighborhoods being the most diverse per capita. If franchises can test their products, why not test your business model? Politically Chicago can acknowledge it’s marginalization of African Americans and do more to the redlining and offer more free grants for those who want to start businesses not just in the arts. Remove practices such as cashless businesses and other strong marginalizing practices supported by the city. - VoyageLA Magazine

"Terry Tertiary (Sofar Sounds)"

Terry Tertiary is a multi-disciplinary entertainer, a musical Master Builder, the 3rd and only! The singer, guitarist, rapper, producer who masterfully fuses Folk, HipHop, EDM and R&B to make an original, yet familiar, high vibrational sound. Terry is a musical super power. Need rescuing?! Press Play! - Sofar Sounds

"Radio One Chicago (04.11.19)"

Terry Tertiary is a seasoned musical artist with 10+ years of experience hailing from Chicago, IL by way of Columbus, Ohio. He fuses the Folk, EDM, Hip Hop and R&B genres to make an original sound. He’s the singer, rapper, guitarist, producer, audio engineer extraordinaire.

With over ten years of performance experience, including teaming up with an eight-piece band, Wojettt Music and being half of the duo, UDrop, Tertiary has mastered the musical arts of singing, songwriting, composing and audio engineering.

Terry is also the main host on UIC Radio’s Wardens Midwest which airs every Friday, 8pm-10pm CST at uicradio.org. His work has earned him spots as an opener for Pusha T of G.O.O.D. Music, MGK of Bad Boy Records, and Ace Hood of We The Best Music Group/YMCMB.

Terry has been making a lot of noise recently with his new music video for “Soundtrack to Revolution By,” This is the first single from the EP by the same name, available at wardensmidwest.com. Soundtrack to Revolution By earned Tertiary write-ups on Dead End HipHop, Dondas House and Creative Cypher.

Another skill of Terry’s is curating. He has gained much acclaim in this talent recently, being the main event planner for Evolve and Thrive Music Festival, also known as EAT FEST. The first installment of this festival held in Wicker Park featured such underground sensations as Adam Ness, Add-2, PHENOM, Dometi Pongo, Dej Monae, Chai Tulane, Brittany Carter, Ace DaVinci and Joslyn-Marie. EAT FEST was also paired with Acrivate-Chi (a non-profit funded by Rahm Emmanuel’s administration designed to empower local businesses in more affluent spaces in the Chicago city area and Southside). The success of EAT FEST not only helped refund Activate-Chi for an additional year but also helped get additional funding for more public spaces through the program.

Terry also has a few audio engineering credits mixing and mastering for Pantheon Elite Records artists Donny Arcade, S.O.T.O.V. (1512 EP) and Crewz (Cosmic Dayz and The Astral).

Terry, having completed the Music Production program at Hocking College and also graduating from Ohio University specializing in sociology. This background not only empowers him with the confidence to know his style won’t get old, but it will continue to evolve. Come join the third and only! Follow now TerryTertiary @ everything! - Radio One Chicago 88.7 FM WLUW

"Terry Tertiary: “Soundtrack To Revolution By” [Music Video]"

”Terry Tertiary is a musical artist from Chicago, IL who fuses the HipHop, R&B, Electronic, Acoustic and Indie Pop genres to make an original sound.”

With over ten years of performance experience, including teaming up with an eight-piece band named Wojettt and being half of the duo UDrop, Tertiary has been honing his skills in singing, songwriting, producing, audio engineering, booking and managing. His work has earned him spots opening for Pusha T of G.O.O.D. Music, MGK, of Bad Boy Records, and Ace Hood of We The Best Music Group/YMCMB.

I’ve had the chance to perform and know Terry for a minute and it’s good to see him back on the grind with his new single and music video for “Soundtrack To Revolution By“. Terry takes the apocalyptic themes of last year and chooses to fight against, chooses to start his own revolution. Terry’s energy and passion is unmatched in his newest video which you can peep above. - Dead End HipHop

"UIC Radio Interview"

Tune in to @13lacula 945pm Friday on www.uicradio.org hear the new track by @terrytertiary produced by @13lacula #terrytertiary #uicradio #uic #13lacula #j3lacula #blacula #hiphop #jazzswing #jazzhop #triphop #swinghop #glitch #glitchhop #uicradio - UIC Radio

"Who Am I: Terry Tertiary"

IPR Fam, the season is officially winding down before we go into 2021. This year has been a bit for us all - from politics and all social injustices that’s been going on. Trust, we know it’s been hard to stay positive. But there’s much to be appreciative of! Rather than our 10-12 show norm for an IPR season, we’ve been expanding more socially with content on our IGTV via Instagram. Be sure to watch our first Emcee Video Series and this season’s video interviews! Follow IPR on Instagram: www.instagram.com/invisiblepodcastradio

As we’ve said before, it’s a given fact that this season has been keeping IPR’s mission alive and well! In this show, (Columbus) Ohio native Terry Tertiary (@terrytertiary) chops it up with IPR founder Chelsey Sinceŕray about a plethora of topics - from today’s racial inequality, upbringings in his hometown Columbus, his latest EP Twin Flame and more.

Also!!! New music from Anthony Paul, Trell Love, Louis Marx, No Montana Hannah, and other fire artists mixed by Chicago’s DJ Kitty Powers (@erin-davis-19).

We are officially over 13K plays! IPR Family Day 1’s around the world...Chicago...California...Michigan...Canada….United Kingdom...South Africa. We love you. Don’t just keep the gems to yourself! Spread and share.

Artist Bio
Terry Tertiary is a multi-disciplinary entertainer, a musical Master Builder, the 3rd and only! The singer, guitarist, rapper, producer who masterfully fuses Folk, Hip Hop, EDM and R&B to make an original, yet familiar, high vibrational sound. Terry is a musical super power. Need rescuing?! Press Play!

This episode was recorded live on October 10, 2020 via phone interview with Terry Tertiary. Hosted and audio engineering by Chelsey Sinceŕray.

IMPORTANT: *INVISIBLE Podcast Radio DOES NOT OWN the rights to any of the music played in this episode.* All artists mixed by DJ Kitty Powers are properly accredited and respected in this episode’s bio below. Peace and thank you all for listening to INVISIBLE Podcast Radio! - Invisible Podcast Radio


-Terry Tertiary EP-Vincent The Little Dark Bird EP
-Folktronica LP
-Hurt Nobody (Single)
-Soundtrack to Revolution By LP
-Content (Single)-TL (Single)
-Runaway With You (Single)
-Twin Flame EP



Terry Tertiary is a sensational musical artist from Columbus, OH and fuses the R&B, Folk, HipHop, Electronic, Acoustic and Indie Pop genres to make an original, yet high vibrational sound.

With over twelve years of performing experience, including being part of an eight-piece progressive jam band and a Hip-Hop Duo, Tertiary has been mastering his skills in singing, songwriting, producing, audio engineering, booking and managing. His work has earned him spots opening for Pusha T (The President of G.O.O.D. Music), Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) of Bad Boy Records, and Ace Hood of We The Best Music Group/YMCMB. In his time as a solo artist Tertiary has also become a member of the Public Rights Organization, ASCAP.

Terry Tertiary has delivered crowd captivating performances at such venues as The House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio and Subterranean in Wicker Park of Chicago, Illinois. Just coming off a tour at the beginning of 2020, Terry performed in Seattle and Portland with help from the local Sofar Sounds chapters. Terry Tertiary has performed in the Chicago Blues Fest in 2017 and 2019.  This has aided in Terry's expansion. His growth beyond the midwest can be seen already by him gaining 74,000+ plays on his song “Free Your Mind,” Produced by 0cto5quid. This was as a result of the two Paris, Electro Swing, DJ’s, “Bart&Baker” taking a liking to the young artists’ music and reposting it for their fans. Terry was also  a University of Illinois Chicago Radio host on the Wardens MidWest Radio​Show from Fall of 2014 to the Summer of 2018, helping bridge the gap between the underground music scene in Chicago and it’s tastemakers. Terry has also been featured in many other projects such as S.O.T.O.V.’s Death to Strangers off of their 1512 EP. Terry’s work has been featured in many media outlets such as VoyageLA Magazine, WIIT 88.9 FM, KevinNottingham.com, DeadEndHipHop.com, thewordisbond.com, Columbus Alive, Backdrop Magazine​, The Athens Messenger, The Post, 3 Elliot Studios​ and of course UIC Radio.

Terry Tertiary’s most recent musical success would be his single Hurt Nobody, boasting 33k streams on Spotify and is available on all music streaming apps. Terry’s music has already received support on Chicago websites like Creative Cypher and Art of Culture Chi (Previously Dondas House) and blogs such as DeadEndHipHop.

Terry is constantly working on his artistic craft.  He just released the "Twin Flame" EP in the middle of September 2020. It is currently available on his website “terrytertiary.com.” This project is his first extensive spiritual and high vibrational musical journey expressed through an R&B foundation. Twin Flame is entirely produced, mixed and mastered by his brother Logos from Sweden. The singles Don’t Shoot The Messenger, All In and Carbon are currently available on all music streaming apps.

With Terry Tertiary’s recent musical achievements beginning to reflect his talent level, his recent investment in making CleanBody Entertainment LLC a legal license company in the state of Ohio and his Nakama (supporters who are family) ever growing, him helping to raise the collective consciousness of the planet and gaining a desired level of success is assured and approaching rapidly.

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