Terry Davidson

Terry Davidson


Terry Davidson is a veteran of the Heartland's music scene. He has been playing Blues and Rock & Roll around the Eastern U.S. for over twenty years. His band's electrifying performances have earned them fans form New England to Florida.


The enduring musical relationship between the band members is evident. Drummer Bob "The Wrench" Hanners and Terry have been jamming since they were in elementary school. Bassist Bart Jenkins brings great vocals and a rockin attitude. Ray Fuller on harp goes back many years with Terry as well.

One reviewer comments:
"The songwriting skillfully blends the band's Blues roots with influences
spanning from Jazz to Surf music. The journeymen rhythm section
grooves & burns while the raw, stripped down production showcases
Terry's sometimes mean, sometimes smooth guitar playing. The harmonica
and keyboards give a wonderful texture, never competing to be in the
spotlight. Terry's vocals range from laid back and clean as on "Slow and
Easy" to low down and dirty as on "Blood", fitting each song nicely. A great set from a seasoned band."
T. D. & the G's have performed in shows with many of the world's greatest
Blues and Rock & Roll artists. Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter,
Chuck Berry, Link Way, and The Fabulous Thunderbird, to name just a few.


Snakehandlin' Woman

Written By: Terry Davidson

She knows how to hold it she's not even scared. When she's holy rollin' makes me want to stare.

(Chorus)She's the Snake handlin' woman. I met her at the county fair. She's the Snake handlin' woman. She makes em rise up in the air.

She's sippin stricknine from a mason jar. Says a voice calls her from some distant star.
Now the tent was hot, she was wet with sweat. Got a snake coiled around her neck. Now when the spirt takes her see her shake and moan. She don't need no doctor, just a black cat bone.

A Little wine

Written By: Terry Davidson

There's too many places. Too little dough.
Too many people, tellin me where to go.
But I don't hear eeem cause I'm doing fine, listnin' to my music, and drinkin just a little wine.
There's too many cars. There's too little time. Everybody hurries to find their place in line. But I don't follow cause I know what is mine. My suitcase and my guitar, and a bottle of a little wine.
so listen to me people, when your life's a mess, don't you let it hurt you, killin you with stress. Find some good old music and take a little time. Give your soul a workout with a bottle of a little wine


1986 - Bangshift
1990 - Rough Around The Edges
1994 - Live at O'Harley's
1998 - Haunted Man
2004 - Leave Here Runnin'
The band has received radio air play on each of their CD's.
Terry Davidson & the Gears have performed their music on a nationally
televised Daytona Beach special.

Set List

Wide range of Original songs and Blues classics.
Up to three hours of material