terry fancher

terry fancher

 Whitehouse, Texas, USA

Smooth Jazz, Instrumental Rock, and Ambient New Age.. A journey in music, A concert of excitement, Unique musical experience. Music that uplifts and brings encouragement.


Terry Fancher is a Master Guitarist, a multi-instrumentalist, who on his albums has played all the instrumentations. Terry's music is both uplifting, as well as soothing. His music is a journey through musical notes into a moment of peace and enjoyment. He has two lines of music that interact. His main music found on his main website www.terryfancher.com and his secondary music found in Infusia:528, a more ambient, keyboard focused music. A concert evening with Terry is an evening of excitement, in that musically, he will take you from one style to another, and into various techniques of playing. His influeneces are The Beatles, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Craig Chaquico, Yanni, Enigma a varied assortment of music all tied up in one..


Terry currently has online 2 instrumental guitar cd's "Guitar" and "Always With You" a Christian Contemporary cd "Terry Fancher" and 3 New Age Ambient cd's under Infusia:528 "Soul Therapy" "Healing" and "Inner Sanctuary." His music is featured on Jango Internet Radio. Songs can also be heard on his website www.terryfancher.com

Set List

La Fe Que Agrada A'Dios, Eagle Soars, Master's Love, Pieta, Roses for my Love, Eternal Flame, Sassy Grace.. Many more