Terry Hoax

Terry Hoax

 Hannover, Lower Saxony, DEU

Authentic straight forward Rock!


Terry Hoax are back...

The band that sent their first video tape by post to MTV and which is still the most played video of a German Band on MTV!

Founded in 1988 by Oliver Perau and Martin Wichary and split up in 1996 after 600 Live Shows, 4 Studio, 2 Live and one Best-Of Album. A Band who was a real Rock band!

It was a friendly turn that reunited Terry Hoax after 12 years of absence when they were asked to play at the Farewell Concerts of „Fury in the Slaughterhouse“. After having so much fun on stage it was obvious that the band decided to get in the studio and record a brand new album.

The result is a record with 12 powerful rock songs recorded at one go. The Band seem to be rejuvenated full of new ideas and joy of playing. A Rock Factory with 6 workers without a commercial corset. A must-seen Live Band with the distinctive voice of Perau added by electrifying guitars and a drummer who doesn´t make a compromise with the mainstream.

Bands like Terry Hoax are getting harder to find. Autonomous, straight, humorous, loud and furious. Just a real Rock band!

„ All who didn´t know Terry Hoax yet are allowed to be envied. You will enjoy getting to know the band from scratch! After all these years Terry Hoax are so much fun that this band is highly recommended!“ (Rhein-Neckar Zeitung)


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