Terry Horton

Terry Horton


A new approach to Jazz for the 21st century that greatly broadens the appeal of the genre by variously utilizing Pop/Rock-oriented and other elements not usually associated with traditional Jazz. The emphasis is on listenability and accessibility to the widest possible audience.


I compose, arrange and sequence all of my music on my Yamaha S30 synthesizer with Cakewalk software and my PC. I record it using an M-Audio Quattro USB audio interface.

My main interest is in jazz and classical, although I listen to a wide variety of music. Bill Evans and Miles Davis are my favorites.

I have very little formal musical training. I merely strive to create beauty.

As Oscar Wilde said, "Beauty is a form of genius - is higher, indeed, than genius, as it needs no explanation."


From my album, 'Ascent' --

1. Bridge Of Broken Hearts
2. Creampuff
3. Route 69
4. Orange Moon
5. All That Zazz (dedicated to the memory of my best friend, John Zazzara)
6. Nayarit
7. Pool Of Light
8. Sand Painting
9. Cloud Time
10. Run For The Sun
11. Snow Angels
12. Heaven Above The Lake (dedicated to the memory of my brother, Don)
13. Costa Azul
14. Lullaby For E.J. (for my daughter, Erica)

From my album, 'Points Unknown' (a work in progress) --

1. Amethyst Sky
2. I'm Too Sentimental
3. Rain Dancers
4. China Lights

All compositions by Terrance C. Horton - BMI

Copyright 2006, 2007 by Terrance C. Horton - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED