Terry K's Brit Packed Blues

Terry K's Brit Packed Blues


My music is recorded at home, I play everything, and sing. Its earthy, deep n dirty, and where at all possible, original. My music has become popular, particulary in the U.S, where several large Blues sites & stations promote my material. My New Album is 'Blue Wind Blowing' See my web sit


Inducted in to the Blues Hall Of Fame, as Ambassador for the Blues to London in May 2007

I was fortunate to have elder Sisters, who's musical tastes influenced me to this very day. Blues was a massive part of that.

The Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton, and all the Motown Sounds. But it was The Beatles who ignited my young ambitions to play, and of course I did do.

I loved R & B bands such as The Faces with Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart.

I do not know what it is about my music that people seem to like. May be it is because I strip my music down to the bones, which is what the great Blues Artists had no option, but to do.

I try to record a sound that portrays me as I play live. I do not like hiding behind huge productions, it for me, has to be organic.


I have only had my website up and running for several months. I have been a featured artist on Kansas City Online Radio. Where tracks from my new Album, 'Blue Wind Blowing' are being aired.

Also I am a regular artist on the wonderfully talented Mark Kerrs 'Blues Nation show', Louisiana, which currently is the 5th most popular Blues cast on Earth. Also I have recently been invited to join the extremely gifted Les Lewellyn's 'Road Rash Blues Show', Alabama. Which is, the number 1 Blues cast show on Earth.

I also feature regularly on Midnight Special Blues Radio, Paris. Where one of my songs 'Long time ago', from 'Blue WInd Blowing' has been in the top 50 songs as voted by the listeners, for April, and reached a height of no 2. And was the 15th most popular song in April, as voted by the listener.

Also I feature on Helsinki's Blues Cafe regularly, and again the feed back has been wonderful.

Tuesday 10th April, I begin airing on the 'Jean Generation Radio Show' covering Bosnia and the Balkan states.

As of August, I am now no 2 in North Carolina's Rock365 Radio Station's vote to be Septembers featured artist. To vote go to:


And am featured every day on Tornado Valley Radio out of Wichita, Kansas.

So, what ever I am doing, people seem to like it.

Set List

Most tracks are Blues orientated, a lot of which, get the feet tapping, and dance floor swaying. A typical set would be:

Long time ago
Sweethome Chicago
Light My Fuse
When you got a good friend.
Sleepless nights
Hurts me too
Rack n Ruin
All over now
Hell Hound
Voodoo Chile
Pride & Joy
Looking out the Window
Really got a hold of me.
Love in vein
Judgement Day
Take a Rest
Milk Cow Calfs Blues.

Duration of a typical set 11/2 to 2 hrs