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"Global Blues Players/ Broadcasters"

I met Terry Knott online at MySpace Music a few months back, and it is totally amazing how vast blues guitar friends become in our modern world of instant communication. No stranger to the blues, Terry lays it down with a real sense of deep feeling for the music we love a share.

Down here in the Blues Delta Land, in Arkansas USA, next to the Mississippi River where I live we call it, "Sharing the hog." Whereas you have to give and take. What goes around, comes around. Terry first became a friend of our Blue Guitar Gang, and helped promote the boys. As the God Father of the Blues Guitar Gang, being the senior old man, we have all grown to appreciate Terry from his shear blues networking, sharing the hog, and heart felt playing.

Bonding deep friendship in this day and age where pop culture rules the major media markets, Terry has joined thousands all over the world in keeping the blues alive and well even if in deep underground circles. Thank you Terrry, and it is with great pride I say you are one fine player, and blues great friend.

Mike Dollins, Blues Guitar Gang Founder, and Multi Blues Hall of fame inductee, CEO of www.mikedollins.biz. Arkansas.


Terry Knott, what can be said about this young man that hasn’t been said before…he brings great feeling to his music in that he believes that music isn’t just played and listened too, you need to experience it…his mellow sounding tracks and influences have made Terry a guitar player to be taken in as one of the promising best in the field of blues…As a DJ on internet radio and getting to know Terry as a person not just a musician he instills the art and love of his craft…If he wasn’t from England you would think he was from the south or big blues cities here in the states.

A huge influence on Terry was Ronnie Wood and also Rod Stewart and Paul McCartney as well as many other blues musicians…if you don’t catch a show with Terry Knott you are catching the wrong show cause this man will put you in a state of utopia with his sounds and humor…So don’t be caught with your pants down and you arse hanging out doing nothing…Tune into Terry and get the gift of pure music talent…

DJ_Trav TornadoValleyRadio WICHITA, Kansas. ____________________________

Terry my brother, thanks for the add request.. I absolutely love your music. Nothin but love for ya man! Take care and keep in touch,

Johnny Mannion. Johnny Mannion Band, Blue Guitar Gang Member, Blues Hall of Fame Inductee, San Diego California.
My Friend Terry Knott

I first connected to Terry on, Feb. 8, 07, but we really connected through our love for the blues. At the time of this writing, about a month. It seems I've know him for years. He is as good of a friend that anyone would want to find anywhere. If we were ever to meet here in the States or over in England those that see us would think we were friend or mates for many, many years. We have come to know each other so well.

Myself, being the starter and moderator of the 'Blues Guitar Gang Fan Club' here on myspace, Terry has been most helpful and encourageing, helping me carry the ball of starting something new. I've collected a few things about him, so that you will understand him better. Terry is one of those people that is blue through and through. This is how he started:-

"I have been inspired musically, by so many people over the years. The Beatles made a very young boy, stop in his mischievous tracks and think 'I wanna do that' & that's how it started for me. I would pick up a Cricket Bat or Tennis Racket, and mimic Paul McCartney swaying and pouting alongside the Great John Lennon. Then as the years moved on, and through influences of my Sister Sue's vast record collection, I liked virtually every sound that had a 'Twang' in it.

I was raised with many of the greats being played on the old record player, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Cream, The Small Faces, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, The Beach Boys & shit loads of others. By the time my teen years struck, I then began to develop my own musical taste, but didn't move far from the 'Founding Fathers' I had been weened on".

My friend Terry is becoming a real master mixer This is part of what he had to say about the subject:-

"It is really only in the last two years I have begun to get a 'Sound' that is comparable to Pro Studio's. But it still takes time. I can lay a track down in 1 hour. But it will take me 4 hrs to get to a Master Take, during the production process, that I am happy with, and I am not easily pleased".

"The music I play, in my mind, needs to be 'Raw', with minimal mastering effects as possible. Giving you a feeling that you are listening to a live act. That's what I try to achieve. Or at minimum, a band playing live in a studio, as oppose to 50 takes on this, that and the other".

In spite of his modesty on his abilities, if you listen to his work you will hear his hear - Myspace.


I have only had my website up and running for several months. I have been a featured artist on Kansas City Online Radio. Where tracks from my new Album, 'Blue Wind Blowing' are being aired.

Also I am a regular artist on the wonderfully talented Mark Kerrs 'Blues Nation show', Louisiana, which currently is the 5th most popular Blues cast on Earth. Also I have recently been invited to join the extremely gifted Les Lewellyn's 'Road Rash Blues Show', Alabama. Which is, the number 1 Blues cast show on Earth.

I also feature regularly on Midnight Special Blues Radio, Paris. Where one of my songs 'Long time ago', from 'Blue WInd Blowing' has been in the top 50 songs as voted by the listeners, for April, and reached a height of no 2. And was the 15th most popular song in April, as voted by the listener.

Also I feature on Helsinki's Blues Cafe regularly, and again the feed back has been wonderful.

Tuesday 10th April, I begin airing on the 'Jean Generation Radio Show' covering Bosnia and the Balkan states.

As of August, I am now no 2 in North Carolina's Rock365 Radio Station's vote to be Septembers featured artist. To vote go to:


And am featured every day on Tornado Valley Radio out of Wichita, Kansas.

So, what ever I am doing, people seem to like it.



Inducted in to the Blues Hall Of Fame, as Ambassador for the Blues to London in May 2007

I was fortunate to have elder Sisters, who's musical tastes influenced me to this very day. Blues was a massive part of that.

The Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton, and all the Motown Sounds. But it was The Beatles who ignited my young ambitions to play, and of course I did do.

I loved R & B bands such as The Faces with Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart.

I do not know what it is about my music that people seem to like. May be it is because I strip my music down to the bones, which is what the great Blues Artists had no option, but to do.

I try to record a sound that portrays me as I play live. I do not like hiding behind huge productions, it for me, has to be organic.