Terry Light Webb

Terry Light Webb


Singer/songwriter of contemporary inspirational songs of the spirit. Songs of peace, love, and hope in many genres from rock to folk to reggae. Performing all original songs accompanied with guitar or piano.


One-man band using twelve-string guitar or piano, rhythym machine, vocalist machine, and whistling.
My influences are the life of Jesus, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Robbie Robertson, James Taylor, Waylon Jennings, and Mark Knopfler.


The Lord's Legacy (Hospitality)

Written By: Terry Light Webb

1. The tall drink o' water and the farmer's daughter jumped out of the dusty old stage.
It was the harvest moon in a honky-tonk saloon when they found themselves center stage.
2. She was a rodeo queen like no one had seen, all done up in leather and lace.
He was a red-neck kicker in a long black slicker and a hush fell over the place.
3. He said: "Our buckboard broke down out on the west side of town, and could anyone give us a hand?
Our horse came up lame, we ain't got a cent to our name, and the bank run us off of our land!"
4. Now the townsfolk didn't dawdle, they passed round a bottle, and put silver in a ten-gallon hat. With the jukebox singin' loud they line-danced with the crowd and smiled sayin' "This town's where it's at!"

Chorus: You don't know who, it could happen to you, when you need to depend on someone.
So keep your eye out for the ones to help out, just like our Lord woulda done: he'd help someone!

5. After the dance they asked for the chance to somehow pay them all back. They said "that's mighty nice, it's in the memory of Christ: he's the one who set us on the right track."
6. "One night he spoke here and his message was clear: "People need people to care."
"So we began to do our part, and it opened up our heart. We just want to do our fair share."
7. "We help the lonely cowpoke who's had his tender heart broke. We pitch in and do what we can.
From a broke down broncin' buck to the whore down on her luck, we lends 'em all a helpin' hand."
8. "So let's head outta town where your buckboard broke down, and get her arollin' again! And if you want to please us just thank our Lord Jesus. He showed us how to be a true friend!"

Repeat Chorus

9. The tall drink o' water and the farmer's daughter rode off into the shining sunrise with a new saddle horse, a wagon wheel back on course, the Lord's Legacy (Hospitality) in their eyes!


Written By: Terry Light Webb

Yield, as the ocean does to rain
Yield, as the mountain does to the plain
Yield, as the river to the sea again
Yield your harvest yield!

Yield, like the soil to every root
Yield, like the seed to every shoot
Yield, like the tree to all its fruit
Yield your harvest yield!

Chorus: Now it's harvest time again
golden grain in ripened field
gather up every kernel of grain
and yield your harvest yield!

Yield, as the darkness does to light
Yield, as the daytime does to the night
Yield, as the wrong does to the right
Yield your harvest yield!

Yield, like the part does to the whole
Yield, like time to eternity's goal
Yield, like love's harvest of the soul
Yield your harvest yield!

Chorus: Now it's harvest time again
Golden grain in ripened field
Gather up every seedlet of gain
with living soul as yield!

Set List

Ten songs per set (approx.) All originals. Two sets of an hour each. Songs include: In the Grasp of Your Gravity, Clear-cut Dichotomy, 'Tis of Thee,
Shining Source, Yield, What in the World?, Look to the ONE, Agin' the Wine, You Are the Heart, You're There, Turn To Love, and As New Wine.