Terry Mack

Terry Mack

 Nanaimo, British Columbia, CAN
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Mesmeriizing, magical and peaceful,Terry's playing draws you into the music . With a lyrical and storytelling quality her organic connection with Native American Flutes flows through you inviting you to enter into the moment and just be with the sound.


Embracing the natural haunting sound of the flute and moving it into other genres,Terry has a natural gift for the Native American Flute.

Terry's entry into the music world transpired via the Native American Flute. She received her first flute for Christmas in 2005 and has been actively exploring the depths of the flute since that time.

Musical influences have been R. Carlos Nakai, Mary Youngblood, Mark Holland, Scott August, Moody Blues, Joni Mitchell, Dougie Maclean and a whole host of other new age ambient, celtic, renaissance, classical and easy listening insturmental music.


Terry is currently working on her first solo CD to be released in the spring of 2009.

As part of Wind Weaver she adds an acoustic guitar player to the mix. Their first CD will be released in the spring of 2009.

Set List

A typical set list as a solo flute player will be from 20 minutes to an hour when I am the only one playing.

At an event where the flute music provides an ambient background sound I can play all day.

Sets range from 20 minutes to 2 hours offering a variety of solo work by both Terry, the flute player and Paul, the guitar player.

We perform primarily our own original compositions.