Terry McManus

Terry McManus

 London, Ontario, CAN

Songs by Terry McManus included here are "pop" songs that are easily identified with the 70's. The would be good for any type of period movie about that time.

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A Letter From Paris

Written By: Terry McManus

It must be one o’clock in Paris now,
I’ll bet she’s sitting in some Left Bank café,
Talking to a stranger that she met today

He’ll tell her stories and make her smile,
They’ll have a few drinks, then after a while,
He will take her walking down along the Seine

I know that the stars will be out
And a quiet breeze,
He’ll take his coat off
And wrap it ‘round her

They’ll walk awhile and talk of life,
They’ll stop and watch the boats in the moonlight,
He’ll put his arm around her and she’ll move to him

Then through the Paris streets alone,
Laughing, talking, he’ll walk her home,
Back to her hotel room where she’ll let him in

Slowly she takes off her clothes,
Quiet in the night,
Lovers, he makes her feel so young,
Paris makes her feel so young

She’ll wake at noon and he’ll be gone,
Getting up, she’ll put some clothes on,
Then sit down to write me,
About the museums

If We Only Knew (The World Would Be A Better Place)

Written By: Terry McManus

If we only knew
How little it would take
To make somebody happy
The difference it could make
To share a quiet moment
With someone feeling blue
The world would be a better place
If we only knew

If we only knew
The power that we hold
To feed those who are hungry
And dress those who are cold
The blessing of forgiveness
For those who hurt us too
The world would be a better place
If we only knew

In our busy lives
We sometimes fail to see
The chance to make things better
Always starts with "me".

If we only knew
That every war could cease
If everyone decided
The world should live in peace
Laying down our weapons
Saying we are through
The world would be a better place
If we only knew.


Terry's recording artist career consisted mainly of several single releases by A&M Records of Canada followed by a short stint with Century II which was distributed by Capitol (EMI). Here are some of the songs from the Century II period 1973-1975