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Terry Myrick

Tampa, Florida, United States | INDIE

Tampa, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Christian Gospel


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"Ten Independent Artists You Should Know (Fall 2005)"

Hailing from Tampa, Myrick got his start like most urban gospel artists-singing in his church choir. The experience allowed him to share the stage with gospel luminaries like Shirley Caesar, Walter Hawkins, and Commissioned to name a few, inspiring him to pursue a singing career of his own. He went on to star in some Off-Broadway musicals, and has spent nearly 20 years working as a music teacher. His debut album represents the launch of his indie label, Sweet Melody Records, and offers a contemporary blend of urban gospel that ranges from smooth R&B ("Lord I Just Wanna Thank You"), traditional ("Dear Jesus I Love You"), and even a splash of hip-hop ("Alleluia"). A generally well-produced recording, the real attraction is Myrick's impressive vocal range, which spans "from baritone to soprano." He's kind of like Tonex without the experimental side, or a gospel-ized version of the Bee Gees ("Hold On"), which is to say yhou might not dig this if you don't like a smooth R&B singer who spends a lot of time making soulful runs in his high-pitched "head voice" range. But Myrick's talent is undeniable, making this a strong debut from a gifted singer. - Christianity Today.Com


Terry has an incredible vocal range- he can sing baritone to soprano with soulful ease. His lyrics are about life doubt but most of all his ever-present hope in God. There is no doubt where Myrick's heart and passion lies. He composes spriitual songs that incorporate drum programming, piano, strings, keys, guitars and some rapping. Layered vocals are a big part of his sound. Myrick does list auxiliary singers but the majority of incredible vocals belong to Terry. He aptly describes his music as "comtemporary urban gospel combined with a touch of traditional gospel and hip hop flavor." I Bowed To The Father" is Terry's debut twelve-track CD. 'Lord I Just Wanna Thank You' is the opening song. It features fabulous piano work, layered over a steady beat as Terry soulfully sings his gratitude. The song is enriched by multiple harmonizing vocals. The track also has a bit of rap for diversity. 'Lay It On Jesus' is slow and sweet with subtle instrumentation. Myrick really holds the high notes on this gospel-powered song. Terry Myrick gives his best to this spiritual debut release! - Laura T Lynch of Kweevak.com

"Terry Myrick - I Bowed To The Father"

I put the CD in the bay with more than trepidation eary one morning, having had some bad experiences listening to gospel CDs in the past. The electronic drums brought his album straight into 2005, but during the first track it was the heart of the man singing out to God - "Lord I want to thank you!" that struck me: straight away this CD had relevant ministry in value. From early childhood in Tampa, Florida, Myrick has sung in the church. As his life and musical ear developed hi hit the stage - Off-Broadway- and starred in several shows while teaching music to students during the day. Now, here is this debut album recorded in New York on his own Sweet Melody Records label. Songs include, "Hold On," "He's Been Good To Me" and "Will You Be Ready?" all self-compositions; in fact Myrick writes eight of the 12 tracks. The CD reveals a diverse musical upbringing with new-gospel blended with hip-hop, R&B and sprinkled with funk, and Myrick's vocal range is broad too, from baritone to male sopranos! Oh er! Even though I flicked through the album not liking the constant computer-driven drums, the overriding memory is of a sincere message within the lyrics and the passion this man has for his Saviour. If you like contemporary gospel this could be worth searching out - Cross Rhythms/ Reviewed by Brian Edgeley

"I Bowed To The Father/ Gospel, R&B, Funk, Hip Hop...Terry Myrick Offers All of That On His New CD."

This is not your typical gospel record. It's not 1965, its 2005, and as you are aware there is a world of difference in all genres of music in the age we live in. Terry Myrick is a perfect example of the modern transitions employed in traditional time tested genres such as gospel. With I Bowed To The Father, Myrick pays his tribute to the good Lord with music that becomes more than gospel in every song. Your will hear funk, rhythm and blues, hip-hop and pop, and various combinations thereof. What I found most compelling was the natural pure talent of his man's vocal delivery. Eddie Kendricks and Philip Bailey came to mind quite often while his disc was spinning. It becomes obvious fromthe outset that Myrick has had a profound spiritual awakening and as the lyrics and music takes shape the message becomes very clear. Beautiful music with a sincere and heartfelt message, it does not get much better than that. I do not listen on regular basis to this type of music. Even so, I did find it enlightening and uplifting and I had to ask myself why I do not listen more often, and for that matter seek it out. If you enjoy good music all boiled into a spiritual message this is the perfect CD for you. - Buzzled.com/ Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

"Terry Myrick, I Bowed To The Father (@2005 Sweet Melody Records)"

If you can't guess the type of music from the disc, you should probably go back to sleep. And while I may not have any religion, it doesn't mean I can't appreciate Myrick's singing here. His attack on gospel is infused with a more up-to-date hip-hop approach. You don't get the big choirs as much as you get the drum programming and it should be an indication of the musical direction. Does it work? Sounds fine to me, although initially I had my doubts. I did, however, have no doubts about Myrick's vocal ability. He can shoot from the depths of the low notes to the shrill higher notes without missing a beat. And thankfully, the vocals aerobics are at minimum here - instead of getting the most notes per syllable, Myrick can hit a note and hold it. He also does all of his background vocals, which would indicate a budget issue, or an ego problem, though I guess it was the former. There is enough variety here to listen to on the way to church and on the way home and not get bored. It would be interesting to hear Myrick with a big choir behind him, but maybe he's saving that for his second disc. - NY Rock Street Beat/ Bill Ribas


Show Me The Way
1. He Is
2. I've Been Looking For You
3. It's Going To Be Alright
4. You're All That I Need
5. Didn't I Tell You
6. Show Me The Way
7. I Finally Came Over
8. You Were There For Me
9. I've Got A Reason
10. I Need You Lord
11. You Always Been There For Me
12. How Long

I Bowed To The Father
1. Lord I Just Wanna Thank You
2. I Bowed To The Father
3. Alleluia
4. I Want To Be Caught Up
5. Dear Jesus I Love You
6. He's Been Good To Me
7. Hold On
8. His Eye Is On The Sparrow
9. He Came A Long
10. Lay It On Jesus
11. Look At Me Now
12. Will You Be Ready



Terry Myrick has a heart of gold and the pipes to match. This Tampa-born, Manhattan-raised singer has sung on stages many artists only dream of. He's had the opportunity to sing on those same stages with gospel greats like the late Bishop Walter Hawkins, Traimaine Hawkins, Edwin Hawkins, and Commissioned. It's his amazing vocal talents that have gotten him there. He flaunts a range from baritione to soprano and a superb mastery of melodic vocal control. With roles in Off-Broadway musicals on his resume, he is readily embracing the title of recording artist as his new Sweet Melody Records project, Show Me The Way, comes to light. Peppered with strains of R&B, soul, and traditional and contemporary gospel, Show Me The Way not only puts the gift of Terry Myrick on display, but through it, he simultaneously inspires the listener while expressing his undying love for the Savior. It was hearing a commercial on the radio that set him on his musical path to destiny. "I was listening to the radio and heard them advertising for auditiions for Mama, I Want to Sing," recounts Terry. Once hearing the ad, he knew he wanted to be a part of the Off-Broadway show. He decided to attend a showing of the hit musical and was forever changed. The music, the costumes, the action, the lights - captured his heart and he knew he had to be in the play. He beat out dozens of contenders for a role in the cast's ensemble and his performance even caught the attention of the legendary Time Magazine which called Terry's performance "soul stirring." In addition, he was pictured as a cast member in a photo which made Ebony Magazine. The opportunity opened doors for the amazing singer and he starred in "A Vision" and Captain," both os which were Off-Broadway musicals. He continued to get noticed and eventually won the renowed "Apollo Amateur Night." The singer and songwriter recorded his first album on his label called I Bowed To The Father, and he found that he enjoyed the process of recording. "Show Me The Way was created to present songs that penetrate the heart, says Terry. "When I think of messges that I speak concerning God, I think of the power of the living God and His Awesomeness. Messages are spoken in each and every on of the songs on this album." The project is a wonderful mix of contemporary and traditional, representative of the differing sides of the artist. But the beautiful thing is that it'sall 100% gospel. It's apparent that Terry doesn't want to be boxed in musically for he incoporates many styles on the record. Terry believes that there is something for everyone on the CD.

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