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"Burning it up off stage as they do on, it’s clear Terry Poison has all the pieces in place to make them the next big thing."

Electric vibes pulse through the crowd as the five members of Terry Poison plug away on stage at The Studio at Webster Hall. It’s midnight, a Wednesday in mid-December, and the crowd is an eclectic mix of underground music scenesters, top agency producers and New York trendsetters. Terry Poison’s lead vocalist, Madame Louise, hits the stage; belting out song after song, the band’s energy takes the crowd on an unforgettable ride.

Seeing Terry Poison, an Israeli-based electro band, play live is an extraordinary experience; they do not just play their music, they create it. “We loved the club music in Tel Aviv,” Louise explains. “We wanted to combine making club music and performing live, give them [clubbers] something to look at.”

Anna: black silk dress, In God We Trust :: black knit leggings, Helmut Lang :: white waistcoat, mini beret, Dagworthy bows :: brass hand cast necklace, Aesa :: black patent leather shoes, stylist’s own Louise: black stockings, Uniqlo :: black crochet necktie, grey tank, Top Shop :: black sequin hot pants, burgundy patent leather pumps :: black large silk bow, Dagworthy Bows :: black waistcoat, vitnage :: black leather gloves, stylists own :: silver Casio watch, singers own
After a night of partying with New York’s finest (Nur Kahn of the Rose Bar had shown them some New York VIP hospitality) the band shows up on set for our shoot.

Burning it up off stage as they do on, it’s clear Terry Poison has all the pieces in place to make them the next big thing. They are more than just musicians or a band; they are a lifestyle and a brand. Every aspect of their look and feel is custom to Terry Poison, and with this they have stepped onto the scene as a self-made sensation.

While at the Webster Hall show, a producer from EMI leaned over to me and said, “They just killed it.” I later found out that this is the man who discovered Joss Stone. And Terry Poison is just getting started.

My only hope is that some arrogant asshole music critic in North America doesn’t label them an overnight success. Remember, kiddies, just because you didn’t hear about them until now does not mean that they have not been creating fan-crazed beats and hits for the past few years across Europe and the Middle East.

Now, add Terry Poison to your play list and enjoy the high induced by the sound of musical individuality. - Filler Magazine


After a CSS DJ set on one rainy Dim Mak Tuesday in October, Los Angeles tasted a futuristic hit of “American sleaze with European finesse.” Also known as “the Tarantino of Pop,” Tel Aviv’s electroclash-indie rockers Terry Poison (Ekler’o’shock) were dressed in luxurious amounts of glittery, metallic spandex, animating Hollywood nightclub Cinespace’s main room.

Forming in 2004, sharing the stage with Björk and M.I.A. at the French festival Rock en Seine, and having become “the hottest name in Paris” (alongside Uffie and Yelle) by 2007, it is not surprising that our side of the world is just now catching on and proceeding to mindlessly throw around “Lady Gaga” references to describe Terry Poison. In terms of style, "a sophisticated version of the Spice Girls" would be more accurate: Louise the Norwegian Powerpuff girl, Gil the impossibly tall actress, Anna the heartbreaker, and Petite who is perpetually fourteen years old, brokenhearted, and kind of French. Then there’s Bruno, their savvy pimp (and producer).

I highly recommend The Aston Shuffle A-Bomb remix of “24 Hours”! If you’re in New York or Toronto this week, I don’t suggest missing Terry Poison!

Tour Schedule:

Dec 11 2009 at 6:00PM at Best Buy Union Square in New York, New York

Dec 11 2009 at 10:00PM at the Tribeca Grand Hotel with Roxy Cottontail and Peter Hadar in New York City, New York

Dec 14 2009 at 11:00PM for the Filler Magazine Party in Toronto, Ontario - Flaunt Magazine

"Terry Poison the icecream of the year - Timeout Tel Aviv"

After four years of relentlessly performing in Tel Aviv, Terry Poison has turned into the hottest name in Paris and performed everywhere in Europe. They released on the respected French label Ekleroshock their debut EP with collaborations of hot names such as Don Rimini and Data. With broken beats of electro, there is no doubt that Terry Poison's sound has never been closer to the sound of abroad,
Timeout Tel Aviv, June 2007 - Time Out Tel Aviv 31st May 2007 by Itay Waldman

"Who wants to taste Terry Poison? Liberation France"

Terry Poison from Tel Aviv is a girl band (+1 man), plays music to party and forget a life under pressure. With a sound for the dancefloor and a crazy style, Terry Poison heat up the European clubs. Meeting before their first album...

Liberation October 2007
- Liberation October 2007 by Cecilie Daumas

"Terry Poison in Tel Aviv Glamour mag France"

"After two years spent in Tel Aviv, I decided to open a myspace page, explains Louise. In about 2 months, we started to get booking requests all over Europe. Today Terry Poison is one of the hottest band from Israel.

Glamour mag Tel Aviv June 2007 - Glamour mag By Alice Augustine June 2007

""Buzz on the bell" Another Magazine - Autumn/winter 2007"

"We grew up in the 90's listening to everything from Grunge to Hip Hop. As a result of that our music is very mixed up"
Photo by: David Sims
Another Magazine2007 - Indigo Clarke

"Taste The Poison- Amsterdam Weekly"

Tel Aviv's sexiest electroclash act ever, Terry Poison are performing their first show in Amsterdam on Friday and they can't wait to get here, says lead singer Louise Kahn. We're expecting some crazy dancing and some good looking boys up at front. The show is to promote Terry Poison's upcoming EP 24h, which will be released in May. Maybe the idea of three scantily clad stunning beautiful ladies running around on stage doesn't sound musically promising. But their voices sound like honey with an attitude and they've gained a stern reputation for producing deep and noisy neo-electro sounds with a high energy that's guaranteed to keep you on your feet.

Now, three years after their collaboration started, Terry POison are performing in clubs all over Europe, from Oslo to Budapest and back to their home-away-from home Paris, where they often collaborate with female French electro star Yelle.

"Israel is a crazy place because we're like a little island in the middle of the Arab world. About 8 years of intifada created an artistic vacuum, but now I see a lot of creative stuff happening. The club scene is wild, and people here have a tendency to extra crazy to forget about what's happening around them." - Amsterdam Weekly April 2008

""Ballroom" discobelle.net"

Terry Poison – Ballroom (remixed by datA)

1- Terry Poison girls sing in both English and French, and they have as much fun on stage as in everyday life! On this EP you also find a remix by myself. 2 – Data is a killer!

- www.discobelle.net

""Terry Terry Poison" jewlicious.com"

Don’t get me wrong. I like Paul McCartney. I know all the Beatles songs off by heart. But did I really want to spend an evening in the company of over fed Israeli Baby Boomers at a badly pronounced Beatles karaoke fest? The answer? No.

Instead of wallowing in the ancient history of rock and roll I decided to explore the future of it, and the future is Female Israeli Rockers. We’ve already featured Noa Margalit of The Carsitters, and you all know about Yael Naim. Last night, instead of joining the geriatric set in Tel Aviv (I had a free ticket by the way) I went to East Talpiot and saw Terry Poison perform. Here’s a badly shot video. Sorry. The song is 24 Hours and is an homage to Jack Bauer from “24?, who even from the perspective of folks from a country with loads of secret agent bad asses running around, is still quite the bad ass.

Terry Poison is:
Louise Kahn: Vocal, Guitar
Petite Meller: Vocal in French, Keyboard
Gili Saar: Back vocal, Bass and keyboard
Anna: guitar Bruno Grife: Production, Synth bass and guitar
Issar Tennebaum: Drums

They’ve been getting good press and attention since 2004 and they are adored in France. So… why aren’t we bringing these bands to the US? Do we really need another dry academic talking to us about Hasbarah and accomplishing nothing but preaching to the choir? What better and more effective Hasbarah is there to society at large than hot Israeli babes?? Seriously. If anyone from a Federation somewhere is reading this and wants to know about this and other bands from Israel that can have an impact not just with our elusive (and mega-bored) young Jews but with US music fans at large, let me know.

And no. If you hire them they will not start their set with fucking Havah Nagillah. - http://www.jewlicious.com/ 26 Sept 2008


"Kisses Been Kissed" EP with RMX by Red AXES, Diskjokke and more... Out NOV 5th 2012

"Terry Poison" the album incl. 16 tracks released in 2009 on Phonokol records

2 E.P's "Buzz on the bell" ('07) & "24 Hours" ('08)
including remixes by
Crookers, Don Rimini, Aston Shuffle, datA, Radioclit...V.A like "Ministry of Sound Mash Up mix '08", UnexpectedHeadz...



Terry Poison are true love child of samplers, guitar riffs, analogue synths and apocalyptic beats. The band consists of Louise Kahn (Vox) Bruno Grife (Production and synth bass) and Anna Landesman (SynthGuitar and B-Vox). On drums the band works with Daisy Palmer (Goldfrapp) and Roy Cheled.

Beyond the music, a great emphasis is also put on staging and fashion, supported by two of Tel Aviv’s most renowned stylists. TP’s live shows, based on a bunch of synths and live electronic drums, always turns into a crazy party with funky dance moves that makes the crowd go flying in the air.

Recently TP made a big break through in the mainstream with three hits that reached number one on all Israeli National Radio charts. TP’s been sharing stages with acts such as CSS, Justice, Calvin Harris, as well as opening for Depeche Mode.

Through their Paris based label Ekleroshock (Data and Danger) TP’s been remixed by The Twelves, Don Rimini, Ashton Shuffle and Data. Some of these remixes have been released compilations on labels such as Ministry of Sound.

TP’s been rocking out US coast to coast, performing in The LA Fashion Week Oct 09, followed up by the CMJ music festival where Terry Poison came for one showcase and ended up performing every day in the hottest parties in places and ever since been a frequent flyer to New York and LA performing in places such as the Webster Hall, Highline Ball room and Spaceland LA. They packed a sold out show in the SXSW in Austin, 2010 with Red Man and Wiz Khalifa. Summer 2011 was spent touring Europe’s festival such as The Sziget Festival and The Fusion, The Go Go festival and various parties in Razzmatas (BCL), Pride Berlin and many more.