Terry Posthumus

Terry Posthumus

 Oshawa, Ontario, CAN

Singer | Songwriter | Advocate | Activist


Hailing from Oshawa, Ontario, Terry Posthumus is an innovative Canadian artist, activist and speaker. Terry is known for lyrics that are introspective, inspirational and insightful. His gravelly voice and his command of his instrument has captivated audiences near and far - with performances that have been described as “rootsy”, engaging and delightful.His passion for life, love, family, faith and justice is woven into the very fabric of his songs and stories.

Through story and song, Terry delivers a powerful message of grace, hope, mercy, peace and love. He is tapped into the source of creativity that begets engaging stories, soothing melodies and lyrical "hooks", all of which resonate in perfect harmony with dexterous and precise technique.


Amazed...by Grace! - LP (click here to listen)

Nothing That Compares - LP (click here to listen)

Unplugged and Re-imagined - EP (coming soon)

The Advent Project (coming soon)

Set List

Song/Topic Sample List:

Worship Service Originals:

  1. Pray
  2. You Alone Are My Salvation
  3. Saved By Grace
  4. I Believe 
Worship Service Covers:
  1. Lord, I Need You
  2. Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)
  3. This Is Amazing Grace
  4. Amazing Grace
Concert Originals:
  1. If God Is For Me
  2. Love
  3. Nothing That Compares
  4. My Prayer
Concert Covers:
  1. Wondering Where the Lions Are
  2. All The Diamonds
  3. Can't Find My Way Home
  4. Take It To The Limit
Speaking Topics
  1. Bereavement/Loss
  2. Social Justice
  3. Abuse/Abandonment
  4. Worship
  5. Fatherhood