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Terry S.

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Provoking more emotions than a therapist. A dose of hip hop heroin that will leave you wanting more. Terry S. is magnetic on stage and fuses commercial hip hop/rap vocals over original electronica, drum&bass, dirty south, and rock influenced instrumentals.


Terry S. What does the "S." stand for? Well quite simply its ambiguous, meaning many meanings. It began with being the first initial in my middle name, Steven. Next, it went on to mean Student when I began my trek through all the years of schooling. Then, to Soldier, when I started with military boarding school at age 14, and then, to the United States Army Infantry at age 19. In combination with those reasons, and the fact that I am a Star, and sometimes a Schizophrenic, but always a Scorpio, and always Sexual. The S. will never end. I began rapping aloud at age 12 after the influence of Bone Thugs -n-Harmony, but I had always written since as far back as age 5. I think my first live show was at age 6 when I wrote a poem for my grandfathers funeral, and read it at the funeral to the family. As I was reading, I began to notice people crying hysterically. I remember thinking, wow, I made this emotion come out? Hence, the saying I provoke more emotions than a therapist. From then on, it was a wrap for writing, rhyming, performing, and perfecting. Guys at military school used to pay me to interview them about their relationship with their girlfriends and then write a personalized poem to their girlfriends. I also held spoken word sessions in my quarters to 9 or 10 teenage guys who were feeling what I had to say even back then. Years passed and I decided after being homeless, long story, but, fuck it, why not be homeless in Los Angeles, CA. I mean shit its warmer than DC, and I wanted to try to get my entertainment industry thing going so it seemed right. So with a 1000 dollars, and a poem i wrote with the intention of reading it, no, scremaing it, on the hollywood mountain out to the city below, which I did, I boarded a plane for CA but stopped in vegas for the adult porn convention. Wild! Then, I got a ride from Vegas to Venice Beach where I stayed for a while before moving to Marina Del Ray and finally to West Hollywood off Sunset Blvd. I waited tables in Beverly Hills, and there I met Little Richard. I am sure now that he is gay. He tried to hit on me in the restaurant. He also asked me what I was doing in Los Angeles. I told him I came to be famous and make music. He said, "I dont know you Terry, but I know your going to make it." Who knows maybe he just wanted to meet my meat. A week later I was signed to an indie label named Royal Records. Well, I didnt get famous that fast, but I learned and grew. Things didnt work out in CA so I came back to DC and went in the Army. I spent 5 years in and now I have just recently seperated to pursue my music hard in Miami with more knowledge, more resources, and more financially stable to support the mission I'm pursuing aptly. But, In early February, after only a month of recording for the album, I was hit by an SUV traveling at 60 mph while on my Z1000 sportbike. Life went from 100 mph to zero, in 20 seconds. I almost died, had blood transfusions, and I almost lost my leg. Thank god for the helmet right. The smartest thing I ever did was wear that helmet or I would be dead. The final outcome of the accident was broken fingers, broken tibia and fibula, which resulted in a metal rod and screws in my leg, some muscle ripped out of my thigh, relearning to walk, a month and a week in Jackson Memorial Hospital and thats about it, not too bad right? Things are moving for me musically and I hope they continue to do so. I mean when females start fighting at your show to get to touch you and your not even famous keeps me motivated to put in work every day. I am here for a reason. The difference between myself and those who make that statement is that I know what that reason is and how to make it happen step-by-step. TS-


November 81' released in 2005
Raise the Bar released in 2006

Set List

My set list can be arranged to fit whatever the venues desired format may be. I have 10 minute sets. 3 ten minute sets. 5 minute sets. 30 minute sets. I also have a complete album mix totalling at around 1 hour. I do not do covers.