Terry Scott Taylor

Terry Scott Taylor


Terry Scott Taylor is a man of many hats. Singer. Cowboy hat. Songwriter. Baseball cap. Father. Fedora. Producer. Prophet. Prankster. Pioneer. As chief songwriter for The Lost Dogs he brings modern maturity to the old forms and helps to make them relevant to new generations. As a composer for video games and cartoons he brings his quirky genius to bear in a field that has been rendered dull and void by electronic keyboards. As a solo artist he lays bare his personal lifeĀ—its triumphs and traged

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Angels Must Smile Like That

Written By: Terry Scott Taylor

Woke up lying in her garden bed
The sun came up behind her head
I touched her hair,
then brushed it back

Oh, angels must smile like that

She's a picture of the world
to come,
a beautiful and Holy one
I rest my head against her lap

Ah, angels must smile like that

Was she flesh and blood
breathing in
the juniper and the jasmine?
When the night fell
was that stardust in her eyes
and moonlight glistening
on her skin?
(Skin like porcelain)

Love and mercy graced the prayer
she'd said
that pulled me from the riverbed
Body heat flowed,
brought me back

Oh, angels must smile like that
Angels must smile like that
Angels must smile like that