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Terry Winchell

Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1998 | INDIE

Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1998
Solo Americana Singer/Songwriter


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"Past reviews"

“Vice Versa” is an intriguing collection of songs from Long Island singer-songwriter Terry Winchell. At times poignant and at other time wistful, the CD features the impressive song-writing of Winchell, whose reliable vocals are tastefully punctuated with the mandolin of Mark McCarron and the cello of Suzanne Mueller. Think of Winchell as a bluesy Joni Mitchell, a reflective performer who writes about both personal experiences and social concerns with equal artistry and vigor."

- www.americanahomeplece.com

Terry Winchell is a phenomenal folk-country and rockabilly artist with a powerful voice. I felt she compared very favorably to classic performers like Bonnie Raitt or Joni Mitchell vocally, and also had a reminiscence of Patsy Cline or Loretta Lynn in her country rhythm and blues type songs. No matter what, you will definitely love this women for her powerful voice and musical ability. - Live Music View & Arts www.Hamptons.com Lon Cohen

VICE VERSA" is intimate, honest and true. Each song reveals soul depth with exquisite execution of voice, lyrics and music......a heart reaching combination!

- Film Maker /Screen / Writer K.Sullivan

Another great c.d. out of New York. Terry is a fantastic folk/Americana vocalist. All 15 tracks were written by Terry. I've listened to this c.d. several times and I don't get tired of listening to it. The arrangements and melodies are perfectly matched and I can tell a lot of work went into the release of this album. Tracks include "Vice Versa", " Waiting' Here For You", " Crazy Some" and "Bad Way". A unique album .


"One of Long Island’s most popular homegrown performers, Terry Winchell ’s original songs and beautiful voice complement her creative musicianship. Her vocal style blends the elegance of K .D. Lang with the soft honesty of Trisha Yearwood"

-Founding Director Long Island NY Music Hall Of Fame -Amy Tuttle - Assorted

"Radio quotes"

Terry’s CD release “Vice Versa’ is now being played on Americana Roots FM radio and Folk FM Radio across the US , Canada ,Australia, and in Europe, her Vice Versa album is recieving favorable reviews. Here’s just a few of the radio stations that are playing her and what they have to say.

At the moment your track “WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN”
is placed among the 10 most requested titles at our RTW program.
-Programme director: Christian Claesberg
DJ: Andrea Stolle/Radio Teutoburger Wald/Germany

We need more music like this PESTICIDE SONG: Terry Winchell, Water Mill NY USA www.terrywinchell.com 2:16--- music with a vision to heal our environmental mistakes on the planet, to steward the life mother earth has given us, music with an ecological and social conscience and awareness rather than “music” created by pop star drones that fuels corporate profits and keeps us looped into cycles of numbness. Songs For A Better Planet compilation CD.

-Seldom Heard Radio

It is sure that "When The Sun Goes Down" will rise on the charts."'Be Gentle With Your Heart'"or "Tears Fell On The Runway" will touch you. It's a nice folk atmosphere through-out the album. Take time to listen.

-Radio Waves Intl. Rueil Cedex France , Peter & Philippe Hills

It is my joy and privilege to hunt down great new music and introduce my listeners to it. To that end I discovered Terry Winchell via the latest Acoustic Rainbow Sampler CD Vol 31.

-Phil Young /Folk On The Fringe 97.1FM /Australia

Great song “When The Sun Goes Down” we would love to play more of your music !

-FM 98.5 CKWR Songs From The Wood Ontario Canada Doug Gibson

I really enjoyed your track ’When The Sun Goes Down” and it received a favorable response from our listeners while playing your track during my programs.

-CKHA 100.9 Canoe FM Ontario Canada Kris Kadwell

I recently programed 'When The Sun Goes Down" from the Acoustic Rainbow Vol 31 sampler and had a great response to it!

I look forward to hearing and programming Terry's 'Vice Versa" CD.

-KCSC Radio Oklahoma City OK USA Kent Anderson - USA & EUROPE

"***** Music Reveiws"

Best Albums Of Americana 2007
Terry Winchell - Vice Versa
Woodzilla Records (Released 2007)
Vice Versa is an intriguing collection of songs from Long Island singer-songwriter Terry Winchell. At times poignant and at other time wistful, the CD features the impressive songwriting of Winchell, whose reliable vocals are tastefully punctuated with the mandolin of Mark McCarron and the cello of Suzanne Mueller. Think of Winchell as a bluesy Joni Mitchell, a reflective performer who writes about both personal experiences and social concerns with equal artistry and vigor.www.americanahomeplace.com

2007 Terry Winchell Vice Versa

Another great cd out of New York. Terry is a fantastic folk/Americana vocalist. All 15 tracks were written by Terry. I've listened to this cd several times and I don't get tired of listening to it. The arrangements and melodies are perfectly matched and I can tell a lot of work went into the release of this album. Tracks include "Vice Versa", " Waitin' Here For You", " Crazy Some" and "Bad Way". A unique album.www.cashboxmagazine.com

www.myspace.com/swabraeken -

"****2007 Terry Winchell Lets Loose on Vice Versa"

Up this week for the Music Calendar is Terry Winchell. She is a phenomenal folk-country and rockabilly artist with a powerful voice. I felt she compared very favorably to classic performers like Carly Simon , Joni Mitchell vocally and also had a reminiscence of Patsy Cline or Loretta Lynn in her country rhythm and blues type songs. No matter what you will definitely love this woman for her powerful voice and musical ability. Remember to go to http://www.terrywinchell.com/ to buy her latest CD, Vice Versa.
by Lon Cohen

What comes through all the tracks on "Vice Vera" are Terry Winchell's vibrant vocals and a musical variety that vacillates in style but never in quality. With a rockabilly, country-folk sound, Terry's 2007 album gives a straight up folk rock performance of wholly original recordings.

On her website Terry says that she was focused on the sound of this CD when she entered the studio. "I never wanted to rush this project so I started out with a go-easy and see-where-it-ends-up approach," Terry explains. "It was important to create a relaxed feel in the music and also take time to explore the best way to convey my music in its purest form."

The first track, "Waiting Here For You," is an upbeat, jumpy tune that reminds me of the folksy, country style of years gone by. It's full of upbeat vocals and swinging music but the subject of the song is a woman who cheerfully waits as her lover chases down a dream.

She follows that with "Crazy Some." This is a great song that I refer to as a "little ditty" about a woman who drives her man crazy because she just loves him so much but in the end he's gonna shout from the roof tops how much he loves her. There's fast mandolin solo in the middle to keep up the pace with this crazy chick.

She does slow down for a few pretty ballads like, "When The Sun Goes Down." "Be Gentle With Your Heart," is a haunting song on which Terry whispers and croons about how this vital organ "touches everything" in your life.

About "Be Gentle with Your Heart" she says, "I usually go deep and give every ounce of my inner self on my songs. I went a bit deeper on that one. When I finished playing I awoke as if under a spell. That's a healing moment in making music. Recording the album offered me many healing moments, and I wanted to bring some of that to others."

She comes back around real strong on "Bad Way" delivering a rocking, angst-ridden track. Then she gets political in a very unusual way with the "Pesticide Song."

Terry's vocals are the thing that keeps her album from falling apart among all the different angles and styles. She has a mature, full voice reminiscent of Joni Mitchell or even Carly Simon. She also has a quirky country style that veils her lyrical drama like a Patsy Cline song or Loretta Lynn tune.

Terry and her band (guitarist and mandolin player Mark McCarron, cellist Suzanne Mueller, bass guitarist Paul Page, and drummer Phil Cimino) have been playing together live for six years. Their casual, cozy relationship shows through on all of the fifteen tracks.

Terry and I spent some time talking and she was very revealing about the way this album came to life and her working habits.

Lon Cohen: Vice Versa is the culmination of what you describe as a "two-year labor of love." Can you explain why that is and what you mean by that?

Terry Winchell: I set a time frame for making this album and I pretty much knew how I wanted things to sound. I had the songs already written, I had a stable of professional musicians who had been playing with me for a while, so they knew my style and songs.

LC: It seems you had a vision for this project. What was the major influence on how you wanted or intended this to turn out when you went into the studio to record?
TW: Making an album is a page in my life. This project was in a good time in my life and I wanted the music to have that energy. And, it had been awhile since my last CD was released. I had written great songs in the meantime, and I had a killer bunch of musicians. I wanted to record these songs in a more acoustic and natural sounding way, to capture the way I really sing and sound. I knew I could bring this all together in the studio.

I also felt these songs belonged together, in style and feel. I wanted an upbeat album that was colorful, with innovative music and meaningful lyrics, with up-front lead vocals and the rich warm sound of acoustic guitars and cello. And I feel I accomplished that.

LC: Your voice is very full, strong and mature sounding. Can you tell me a little about your voice training and background in singing?
TW: I'm self-taught, and I've always felt my voice is my forte. As for my style and sound and how I developed it, I sing from my gut and soul.

I grew up in a household where several family members played saxophone. I figure that full, airy sound may have made an impression on me early on. I played with my brother in a heavy rock 'n roll band so I learned to project my voice above some pretty loud music. It might just be genetic too. It probably came from my mother - she had a beautiful voice.

LC: Who are the major influences on your music in the popular (or not so popular) music scene?
TW: The Beatles' music had an early profound influence on my songwriting and singing. Then later on Van Morrison, Otis Redding, Tom Petty, Graham Parsons, Bob Dylan, The Band, Bonnie Raitt, Tom Waits, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Paul Sibel, James Taylor, Eric Clapton, and Neil Young.

LC: I like that the songs on this album are as short or as long as they need to be. Did you write them that way or how much did your band have to do with that?
TW: I wrote all of the songs on "Vice Versa," except for "Life Is For Living," which I co-wrote with Mark McCarron. As for length, I don't think about that in the beginning of writing a song. If it would sound better shorter, it will dawn on me at some point and I'll rework it.

LC: Even on "Waiting Here For You" and other songs where they could have been done as slower ballads, you've make them great fun and really very upbeat tunes. Why did you choose this style for this album?
TW: I wrote these songs and then decided to make this album. Some of these songs were written a while ago and some right before the recording started. I recorded even more songs for this project, but I choose these 15 songs, and that's quite a few songs to have on a CD. I just really liked the way they flowed together and they had elements of country, folk and rockabilly that give the album a more cohesive sound.

LC: Tell me a little bit about the musicians that you play with and recorded with on this album.
TW: The musicians that played on "Vice Versa" are people I've been playing with for the past 9 years. Most of them live in or near NYC. From time to time we come together to play live shows or record.

Mark McCarron was the engineer on "Vice Versa." He also played lead acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin and bass, and he sings backup vocals. Suzanne Mueller, cello, is a Julliard Graduate currently being mentored by Eugene Firesen, of the Paul Winter Consort. Paul Page played bass and sang back up vocals on "Vice Versa." Paul has toured coast to coast in the US, Canada, and abroad with many great artists. His live appearances include prestigious venues such as Radio City Music Hall, The Bottom Line, Boston's Symphony Hall, and The Fillmore in San Francisco. Phil Cimino Drums is a graduate of Five Towns College, one of the busiest touring and session drummers in NYC.

I mixed and mastered it at Dubway studios with Al Houghton and Mike Crehore, and I can't say enough about how great it was working with them. Initially, years ago, I hired the musicians who played on Vice Versa CD and over the years we became friends from playing together, so we had a lot of fun on each session. Making an album is involved, it takes time, it's work - but I was making music, and that's what I love to do.

LC: Can you describe your feelings about living and making music on the East End of Long Island, and does it influence you and your music in a particular way?
TW: When I first started writing songs at 15 years of age, my influences were mostly local. But, since my 20s I have traveled and lived in many other places, so my influences are now much more far-ranging, but I do still draw inspiration from out east here - it's where I grew up and went to school. Sometimes I reflect back to the days when I was a kid riding my bike with my dog down the truck paths in potato fields, when there were few houses and quiet streets. It was far more rural and agricultural then.

LC: How is the album doing?
TW: I'm happy to say I'm getting a consistent and considerable amount of airplay with the Vice Versa CD. Every week more and more stations are giving it a spin, some more then others. It's been a lot of work pushing this independent release and I've got a lot more work ahead.

- www.hamptonsonline.com

"Quotes & Music Reviews"

July 05, 2006

“Terry brings a great blend of polish, spontaneity and energy. Her eclectic style and her searching lyrics will add a distinctive flavor to the six-day-long musical stew we’re cooking up!” remarked Scortino. “When I heard her CD Under the Veil of Wilderness, it was clear that she would be perfect for this festival — precisely because she breaks the mold.”
-Marc Scortino Founder of The Block Island Music Festival

Songs for a Better Planet- compilation
Dianne Wells
©2005 by Dianne Wells, independent music journalist

This subtly engaging collection of songs gives new meaning to the term, “global warming”.

Mainstream music listeners won’t find anything musically or politically offensive here and may even be encouraged to join the movement.

Environmentally-friendly producer Brian Gladstone, Director of The Association for a Better World, a non-profit organization...has a knack for selecting the cream of the crop... All proceeds from CD sales are donated to Earth Day Canada.

Songs for a Better Planet is not entirely comprised of offerings from the fairer sex, but there is a better-than-average representation, both Canadian and American. Their voices are diverse in their songwriting and instrumental expression, but they are united in their dedication to resolving their environmental and humanitarian concerns.

There were a number of songs here that I was particularly pleased with – the opening track, “Our World”, performed by Kate MacDonald, of Miramichi, New Brunswick, “Global Warming Blues” by Lenny Solomon, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, “Earth Mother” by Beliss (a.k.a. Melissa Underwood), of Portland, Oregon, “Pesticide” by (Ms.) Terry Winchell, of Water Mill, New York.

Local singer/songwriter Terry Winchell wrote and performed some powerful and tender songs for the show “Channeling Angela Everybody” including “Songs of Time, “ “Pesticide,” and “Life is for the Living” (written with Mark McCarron)
-Jan Silver Dans Papers

My deepest thanks to Terry Winchell for making this morning's show so special.
One of the best aspects about my avocation as radio programmer & assistant
music director is getting to meet so many fine and truly talented people --
Meeting Terry has been a real highlight. --
-Rosanne Hoffman Assistant Director Radio Programmer WUSB

Winchell’s connection to the Matt McGinn 75th Anniversary Tribute dates back to September, when she performed in the 2003 SpiritAid Peace Festival, the annual humanitarian relief concert in Glasgow, Scotland. There she met Scottish producer, Phil Ferns, the organizer of the McGinn tribute.
“In addition to her wonderful voice and provocative songs, I was struck by Terry’s energy and sense of purpose,” Ferns remarked. “She is a captivating individual with a rich inner life to share. Her curiosity and concern give her a universal appeal.”
-Phil Ferns singersongwriter/producer/promoter

She co-produced an album with her brother titled "Winchell" and was number 17 on the C.M.J radio playlist, also a citic at a rock music weekly called it one of the best independents I'd heard in a while, one of the more interesting voices I've heard.
- Good Times, NY

Musicainship was in evidence.Terry Winchell has a beautiful voice one of the few singers around who does more then just memorize lyrics, she evokes meaning from words with tonality and an obvious belief in what shes singing!
- East Hampton Star, NY

Innovative compositions,appealing lyrics, first rate instrumentals,and skillful vocals!
- Sag Harbor Herald, NY

If you believe in something it's up to you to carry on!
- New York Times (from interveiw)

Her powerful, distinctive voice capable of great depth and pain, puts her a notch above almost every singer around.
- East Hampton Star, NY

Thought -provoking and up beat,Winchells extremely well crafted folk/pop songs take on a punchy rock edge!
- Cash Box Magazine

The Southampton native opened with "You And I" a moving ballad that allowed the breathy singer to show her talent in short order. "Dream State Line"was another mellow number, which she followed "RunninOut Of Space" a fast folksy rock song that speaks of the influx of vacation-hungry tourists into the private little paradise here in the hamptons,but really addresses the problems of the entire planet is facing.Ending her set with the up-beat "All Of A Sudden"
- East Hampton Star, NY - From Numerous Articles

"****Islip Arts Council Concerts Series"

"One of Long Island’s most popular homegrown performers, Terry Winchell ’s original songs and beautiful voice complement her creative musicianship. Her vocal style blends the elegance of K .D. Lang with the soft honesty of Trisha Yearwood"
-Founding Member of The Long Island Music Hall Of Fame/Islip Arts Council NY / A.Tuttle - Newsday

"****Terry Winchell"

Genre: acoustic
Catchy, engaging tunes make up the lastest release from Terry Winchell, “Vice Versa”. Its beautfully crafted songs capture her wonderful songwriting and brings it all home in this great package.

Reviewed by Madalyn Sklar - GO GIRLS MUSIC

"Online interview 2008"

Interview with Terry Winchell online Go Girls Music this Sept 2008. On Madalyns blog www.gogirlsmusic.com featured artist.<br>[a href='http://www.gogirlsmusic.com/' target='_blank']www.gogirlsmusic.com[/a]<br><br><br><br>

What drives your music?

The need to express how I feel and to understand more clearly my thoughts, desires, and reactions. The whole process (writing lyrics and music, performing and recording) leads to helpful, and sometimes surprising, insight about myself and about life in general.

When did you first know you had to do this thing called music or bust?

When I started playing live shows at around 17 years old. You could hear a pin drop in the audience. I knew I was connecting with people on a meaningful level. But , I’ve never thought about the bust part.

What kind of advice would you offer up and coming artists that get discouraged other than don’t give up?&#8232;

Never forget why you started playing music in the first place: because you enjoy it. Remember to have fun.
Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself if you feel stuck creatively.
Surround yourself with supportive and positive people.
Circulate your music to the public either by playing live or making CD’s (submitting music for film and TV is a good way to get on the map these days).
Don’t be hard on yourself. Life’s too short.

Describe your ideal venue.

One that has a sound person who is passionate about his job and who works well with artists. A creative lighting person is important also. I prefer amphitheaters and festivals -- playing outdoors under a starry summer’s night sky, which provides fresh air to sing in. I like to be in nature whenever I can, even when I’m playing music.

Describe your music's evolvement since your first release, compared to your latest release?

My solo debut CD release “Under The Veil Of Wilderness” was recorded in 1998 in Nashville. It was co-produced with Clay Mills, a very talented songwriter in his own right. There was more production on this CD then my latest. Everything sounded killer on it, but my voice should not have been set so far in the mix on a lot of the songs.

On my latest CD, “Vice Versa,” I wanted a warm acoustic sound, with a laid-back feel. I made sure my vocals were up front in the mix this time. I wanted it to sound the way my band sounds live, and I feel we captured that. The basic tracks were recorded in the small home studio of guitar player Mark McCarron; he also plays on “Vice Versa.” I then mixed it analog and mastered it , at Dubway Studios in NYC. This enhanced the warm natural acoustic sound I was trying to achieve.

Tell us about the inspiration for its tracks. &#8232;

There are 15 songs on "Vice Versa." Each song has its own point of inspiration, but collectively they come from my thoughts and experiences. I felt these songs belonged together on an album.
They range from songs that are up beat to ballads , songs about love, happiness, heartbreak, spiritual , to environmental awareness.

What do you think is number one for a musician to think about before recording a CD - and do you have any tips on saving time in the studio?

Get your budget together, and discuss your project with the people you will be working with in the studio. Work with an engineer or producer you feel comfortable with -- someone who’s on the same page with you, someone you can share your ideas with, someone who is supportive, creative, professional, and has a good track record in the business. It’s important that the engineer understands how much this means to you. Take your time picking out your best tunes before you go into the studio. Rehearse the songs with your band so everyone knows their parts. Make sure all your instruments are working and sounding great. Make notes about your songs, before and during your recording sessions. Having a good outline of what you want, before you start, helps tremendously.

What makes or breaks a musician just starting out in your opinion? &#8232;

Talent, confidence, passion.

Describe your toughest moment in your music career so far?&#8232;

I recorded and released an album when I had some health problems, and then my mother passed away.

Are you planning a tour and if so…where do you plan to take your music outside of NY?&#8232;

My latest CD “Vice Versa” got a considerable amount of radio play the last year and half, so I’m planning on setting up a tour to coincide with areas in which radio stations are playing me. In Europe I’ve been in the top ten most requested songs. Radio stations in Canada, USA and Australia have been playing my music enough to get me charted also.
I’ve decided to focus on a European tour first.

Along with making another album for a 2009 release, this tour is about keeping my music on the radio map and reaching people with my music with live performances.

Tell us something you want the independent music world to know about you.

The only thing I want people to now about me is my music.

What can your fans expect at a show?

Someone who sings and plays from the deepest part of her soul.
I’ll be enjoying the hell out of myself, and very conscious that sharing the music with others is a huge part of why I do what I do.

On GoGirlsMusic.com...

I have been a independent musician for many years, so I've learned a lot on my own. But I am always open to anything that can help my career. I'm constantly impressed by all the information that Madalyn/GoGirls sends me. From day one of becoming a member, I have felt it is a unique organization: on the pulse, and one that can guide and help musicians in many ways. Madalyn's upbeat enthusiasm, knowledge, professionalism, and most of all organizational skills, have impressed me the most. I 'm really glad to be a member of Go Girls Music. It's the real deal. It's hard enough doing it alone, and time is important . Being connected with other creative people is a huge plus, and any help is always appreciated -- especially coming from people who are on the level.
Learn more about Terry Winchell at


13 original songs   www.terrywinchell.com 
Terry’s songwriting and music opens vistas that draw from her personal life experience and reach out to the universal, she shares her steely-eyed enlightenment in her songs, her voice so penetrating it manages to touch the collective wound in all of us and heal it at the same time.

"Gotta A Red Dawg"
2010 Double CD
Terry's track: "CHUCK"
Thirty fantastic songs about dogs by killer musicians from all over !
Listen to and buy Various Artists music on CD Baby.

"VICE VERSA" 2007  

 1998 Debut  I-tunes  

not available



Bio: Terry Winchell grew up on he East End of Long Island, NY, surrounded by farmland and the ocean. From the beginning, her love of nature and her experience as a traveling balladeer have infused her music. Terry developed an eclectic style, early on and many influences still run through her music today.  Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Otis Redding,  Bonnie Raitt, Graham Parsons, Gordon Lightfoot, to name a few contributed to her growth as an artist. 

Terry brings the richness of her life experience to the recording studio, air waves and stage, she has performed at large and intimate venues, both as a headliner and opening act in the USA and abroad. She has opened for John Hammond, Taj Mahal, Hot Tuna, Pete Seeger, Doc Watson, Chip Taylor and many other artists. 

Terry’s three CD,s,"Vice Versa”, "Under the "Veil of Wilderness” and her most recent CD release “Blue Flower” reflect her dynamism as a writer, composer and musician. Terry’s live performances are no less compelling. Always playing original music, her music can be heard in the documentary "The Cusp”, and over the years she has written and performed live music for live theater productions.

2016 New Album :  "Blue Flower's" songs are based on true events in Terry's life , it's a deeply personal and honest album. It came out of a reflective challenging time of personal loss and the recent Great Recession. Terry's soaring and expressive voice and music bring the listener close to those experiences, along with distinct and beautifully balanced instrumentation that captures unique experiences and provocative reflections that we rediscover in ourselves as we listen. 

 Accompanying Terry on this album are NY sidemen, with whom she has recorded and played live with for many years, as well as musicians from Nashville TN and Austin TX.  Each has a heartfelt and supportive understanding of Terry's music, creating a natural chemistry. This is Terry's third self produced album  of  original songs . She sings (lead and background vocals, along with playing  acoustic and electric rhythm guitars).  Guitarist, engineer and co -producer Mark McCarron plays multiple instruments on the album, including (lead guitar, dobro, lap steel, baritone, nylon, mandolin, and arch top).  "Blue Flower" also features Tim Lauer (piano, accordion and organ), Suzanne Mueller (cello), Paul Page (bass), Russ Meissner (drums, percussion), Phil Cimino (drums), and Elizabeth Lee (background vocals). 

"Blue Flower” is a musical mélange that combines elements of folk, blues, country-rock, and at times ethereal, it's imagery guides you through magical moments in nature, as in the song “Slumberland.”  Terry’s song “(When I Know) I'm Not The Only One” shares a deep realization about how we are all connected, especially—and paradoxically—when we feel completely alone. The title song, “Blue Flower,” connects the world’s issues concerning suffering and lack of compassion with a part that each of us plays:  “Maybe someday we’ll trust ourselves and open our eyes…”  Counteracting the deeper undercurrents , the upbeat mood , such as “Loma Bonita” sung with love and appreciation , we enjoy along with her a time spent on a sun-bathed hill in a small town in Mexico. Terry's song  “That Good Feeling” is a compelling experience of reflection and exuberance, with it's catchy groove and Terry's sumptuous voice, it takes us on a journey under the stars through the freedom of the open road. Terry's wanderlust guides the way, and melodic guitar hooks ring out, stirring the free spirit in all of us . 

News: Terry's song "That Good Feeling” was just released world wide to 1300 radio stations on the Acoustic Rainbow Roots sampler Vol. 46 . Terry’s song “(When I Know) I'm Not The Only One” is on 150 American , Canadian , Japan radio stations Top 40 and climbing the Indie World Country radio charts. 

In addition to her career as a performing artist, Terry lends her talent to numerous charities to raise awareness and funds for humanitarian causes. 

 On the heels of finishing her latest release, “Blue Flower,” Terry moved to the Southwest and makes her home in Austin, Tx.

For more information visit www.terrywinchell.com