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So the music and lyrics in "Awake in the Dream" by Tes come from a space so beautifully
profound that they enliven and enrich humanity . By profound, I mean here conveying the depth and range of the human experience: caring; sensual; ebullient, comic or philosophical .

Out of the Matrix perhaps is the one that catches my breath the most... both for its political commentary and its lyric artistry.

TES brings a rare gift to our world... a seldom seen merging of sensitivity and strength, expressed in words as well as music.

No need for more ..Just please listen and decide for yourselves.

Blessings ,

Evolutionary Agent
- Conscious Evolution Network


AWAKE IN THE DREAM (CD) www. yes2tes.com

Review in Lotus Guide: Holistic Directory for Healthy Living (Chico, CA)
July-Sep. 09, Issue No. 31

On Awake in the Dream, acclaimed musical prophet and inspirational /new thought
pop star, TES, delightfully takes the listener beyond political, religiuous, physical, mental and geographic boundariies to a place of oneness. Joined by an all-star cast of conscious music luminaries, including Human, Peter Temple's, Jazz virtuoso Dave Millard, and members of the Human Revolution, this deliciously eclectic collection of songs delivers its promise of "Stimulation, Provocation, Liberation and Celebration! "Pop music flavors, rocking rhythyms, jazz overtones, world-music flavors and inspirational lyrical wizardry by TES result in a contemporary pop/world-music ministry that is uplifting and exuberant, intuitive and spiritual. Produced at Temple Studios in Mendocino and the Universal Temple of Higher Consciousness in Escondido.

For more info, on ordering go to the website and/or call the UTHC at 760\-749-9749 - Lotus Guide

"New Paradigm of Healing"

I have listened to Tes since she first began composing and recording her songs some years ago...Her writing and singing styles have evolved into a glorious rhythm and blues, pop danceable sound that provides strong evidence and support for the emergence of the New Paradigm of Healing and Prosperity for All Beings on Earth. Listen to this artist of the heartsoul sing her songs for you on the miraculous waves of cyberspace and dance your worries away...You will discover how to celebrate your weaknesses and sufferings in this fantastic way to transform your personal darkness into light...in a few moments of hearing the ecstatic voice of Tes Kempner... Enjoy some songs to lift you higher than you thought imaginable in the face of your despair!

Healing the World one song at a time,
Loriel Sequoia in TIMELESS SOUND Firesong@sonic.net - Loriel Sequoia

"Awake In The Dream (review)"

Awake In The Dream is a highly satisfying and refreshing blend of adult contemporary conscious pop, blues, spiritual, torch, folk, jazz and world soul. Laser-sharp lyrics and mesmirizing sound make this brand new, first time cd for inspirational artist/musical minister, TES.(yes2tes.com) a timeless, modern classic and transformational turning-point for every listener. Produced by brilliant collaboration with cutting edge music makers Human (thehumanrevolution.org) and Peter Temple (petertemplestudio.com), Awake in the Dream is at once familiar, haunting, uplifting and playfully provocative, as it's resonant messages pleasurably infiltrate you,
psyche and soul. - CDFreedom


is available for digital download at:
www.yes2tes.com www.myspace.com/tesandthegodsquad
produced by TES. / HUMAN
Temple Studios, Mendocino California

Peace... in the Middle East



TES. sings songs of Stimulation, Provocation, Liberation & Celebration. A charismatic speaker, healer and visionary on a path of Destiny, She has written over eighty heart-opening songs, and was honored to have been invited to perform her original trance-hymn Peace... In the Middle East for 6000 Israeli and Palestinian women in Jerusalem. Deeply influenced by her heritage mandate to add beauty to the world, TES has emerged as a provocative Emissary for global peace, demonstrating the choice of living in blissful harmony here and now mesmerizing audiences with her captivating sound and powerful words.

TES. a musical prophet and international singing star recognized for her hit single "Peace in the Middle East" has emerged as one of the top shamanic performance artists and spiritual teachers on the world sacred music scene. She has performed on television, stage and film for over 20 years. Her merry band of shamanic performance ministers known as The God Squad has ignited audiences from some of the top alternative stages on the west coast. They tickle and transform audiences with their creative satire and irreverent spiritual playfulness. The angelic vocal resonance of TES. attracts the creme in world class musicians as well as cosmic presence from the other side. Watch out for an AMAZING line up of Stars from all dimensions. www.yes2tes.com www.myspace.com/tesandthegodsquad

TES. & The God Squad host a regular
Friday Nights LIVE! at the Temple of
Higher Consciousness featuring the
top music stars of the world stage.

TES has also performed at:
2004 Jerusalem Park (Jerusalem Israel)
2005 Global Mind Change Forum (Santa Barbara)
2005 World Peace Conference (Harbin Hot Springs)
2005 Marilyn Monroe Mansion (Fairfax)
2005 International Environmental Film Festival (Santa Cruz)
2005 Trance-Ending Jealousy Forum (Berkley)
2005 EarthDance (Laytonville)
2005- World Beat Cultural Center with Omar Faruk(San Diego)
2006 Pre-Emmy Ultimate Greenroom (Hollywood)
2006-07 EarthFair - Balboa Park (San Diego)
2007 Mendocino Living Cultural Festival (Casper)
2007 Museum of Tolerance / State House (Boston)
2007 Common Vision's GreenFest-After Party (San Fransisco)
2007 World Beat Cultural Center with Omar Faruk (San Diego)
2008 Evolution Lounge (San Diego)
2008 Sacred World Music Camp (Escondido)

Available for Booking.
Contact Information
Kennedy ~ President
Sarva Dharma World Music Collective
"Featuring the Best in Enlightainment"