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"Glowing from the epiphany..."

". . . Glowing from the epiphany of pursuing a purposeful life, One Afrika Record co-founders Ras Abel and Tensae Berhanu are adamant that the music of Meleket follow the standards set by the best of 'Roots and Culture' Reggae music while ensuring their mission which is expressed through the music. Their debut CD, aptly titled "HUMBLE BEGINNINGS" is not of humble quality. All tracks reveal that these young lions are under the influence of the masters of premium quality reggae. The lyrics are not shy about singing praises to His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, Pan African Development and progressive livity for mankind."
- Rastafaritoday.com

"So Many Good Things To Say..."

". . . There are so many good things to say about this CD. Let me begin by saying you will have to listen to it more than once. And when you do, take time to read the lyrics along with the songs. Ras Abel's voice is rich, with full range. The music on this CD ranges from Nyahbinghi rhythms, to ska, to Hard Roots, to some Ethiopian traditional music styling. Hard, real upbeat music and messages from a young lion making a 'Humble Beginning'. Respect!."
- Rootz Reviewz (WPFW 89.3 FM)


'Humble Beginnings' (2000)



Humble Beginnings' is the perfect phrase to describe Ras Abel's musical career..Born in Addis Ababa in 1972 of Eritrean parentage, Abel moved to the US in 1989. While attending college in Maryland in the early 90's Abel met a bredren by the name of Beltchew who encouraged the young Ras to express his lyrical ability. While away from school during the summers, Abel, Belatchew on Bass, and his younger brother Dula ..s, the three would satisfy their souls creating JAH music together. As their love for music grew, they decided to record a demo in 1994, in which they recorded two tracks, 'Love is n de air' as well as 'Forward to Zion'..Due to the hardships of living in Babylon, Ras Abel was unable to pursue a "full-time" musical career. However, Abel continued to work with Dula in his studio in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he spent 1996-1999 coordinating with both Dula as well as Tensae (Co-Producer of 'Humble Beginnings') to eventually produce 'Humble Beginnings' in 2000. While living in Washington DC, Ras Abel and Tensae formed MELEKET to try to forward the album and create JAH Music. Initially the band was named 'MAEBEL' or Tidal Wave in Amharic. Later they changed the name to MELEKET, the name for a native Ethiopian instrument used to make announcements in old times. MELEKET consisted of Solomon on drums, Tensae on bass, Nahom ..s, Hassan on lead guitar and Ras Abel on Vocals and rhythm guitar. Their complete sound was a unique blend of reggae and Ethiopian music. With their break up in early 2001, Ras Abel took a hiatus from JAH music soon after. Now in 2008, Ras Abel has returned to the music scene once again. Abel is in the process of recording his second album with long time friend and producer Nebyou from Chicago. He also appears as a guest regularly with his long time bredrens, "THE I*TERNALS". Ras Abel is also featured on SYR MAHBER, a compilation of songs with various artists put together by Soldiers of JAH Army. Ras Abel is also the father of three young Lions, Solomon 8, Tareek 5, and Noah 3. BLESSED LOVE